Why Buy a Convertible Baby Crib?

When you’re shopping for baby’s crib, you want the very best. You also want to make a smart choice that will make the most of your money. That’s where the genius of the convertible crib comes in. It’s the perfect choice for stretching your dollar beautifully. Why by a single function crib when you can have a convertible?

What is a convertible crib? It’s a crib that is able to grow with your child. It starts out as a standard crib, often with a trundle storage drawer underneath. Then, as your child grows, it converts to a toddler bed. Anyone who has shopped for a toddler bed knows that they are usually poor quality plastic with very few choices available. With the convertible crib, you change a few screws, move a few bars and you’ve got yourself a brand new toddler bed that perfectly matches the decor you already had. And you don’t have to outlay any more cash or spend time shopping for a toddler bed.

But that’s not all a convertible crib does. After your toddler has lovingly used the toddler bed configuration, it converts to a day bed. All with a few quick switches. This allows you to keep the same room decor and have a place for your growing preschooler to sleep. She’ll love holding her baby blanket watching her toddler bed turn into a big girl bed. And you’ve not only gotten another bed out of your investment, but you’re also taking up the same amount of space the crib and toddler bed did. No need to rearrange the room or figure out how to get a bed into the existing layout. Just reconfigure with all the same pieces and you’re ready to go.

Because you’re using the existing parts and pieces, most convertible cribs reconfigure to include a safety rail for your toddler. Then, when the daybed configuration comes into play, the mattress is low enough for your growing youngster to climb in and out of by herself.

Some models of convertible cribs offer a fourth configuration. The headboard and footboard are existing pieces of the set and you add a single mattress. Now you’ve really got a bed that can grow with your child from birth to college.

The convertible crib is an ingenious invention. It saves resources, money, shopping time, and room. It’s a new parent’s dream come true. Your child will love watching as her bed magically takes shape to a new and fascinating piece of furniture. You can use your existing linens and mattress too.

You may invest a little more for a convertible crib than for a standard one-use-only crib. But it’s very little at that. For the quality construction and amazing reuse of the parts, you’re getting a good 20 or so years out of one piece of baby furniture. When the standard crib has had to be moved out of the nursery in other households to bring in a new bed, you’ll still be using your old favorite piece of furniture quite happily.

Modern parents have many more choices than parents of even just one generation back. Now, parents can spend their money on other baby necessities or sock it away for a rainy day. The convertible crib makes baby’s bed from newborn to first or second grader a delightful part of the decor.