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How To Make Paper Fortune Cookies

Published June 15, 2011        by Sarah

Origami Fortune Cookies
Photo Credit: Simona at Flickr

Origami, or paper folding, has always been an art form in Asian cultures. Some of the loveliest and most intricate paper sculptures have come out of Asia. If you’d like to try your hand at paper folding by making your own paper fortune cookies, you can easily do it. It might seem a little daunting at first, but it’s actually quite simple.

If you’re having an Asian themed party or just a night in with Chinese take out, you can create pretty custom fortune cookies from decorative paper.

All you really need is paper and glue and some ribbon if you choose to use it. What could be simpler? It’s just as easy as reading a few simple directions or watching the video toward the bottom of this page!

First, gather up some decorative paper. Chinatowns are great places to find ornate rice papers that you can use to make large fortune cookies. If you live near one, you’re fortunate. If not, you can find attractive papers at a craft store in the origami section. Or just use wrapping paper or anything you have at home. And don’t feel like you have to stick to beige. Go wild and make red, yellow, green, or printed paper cookies.

Cut out a circle the size of the cookie you want to make. Take a bowl and trace around it for a perfect circle. The plastic lid off a Chinese soup container also works well.

Once you have traced your circle and cut it out, you’ll begin the simple folding. Turn the paper so the pretty side is facing down against the table. This will ensure it is on the outer side of your cookie, the one that shows. Take one side of the circle and bring it over to the other side. Make a light crease. There’s no need to fold it down with a hard crease. In fact, that will ruin the shape of your cookie. A gentle fold is all you need. Put a dab of glue there along the edge of the circle where they meet.

Next, fold down the two sides of the circle so they meet in a crescent shape. Place a dab of glue there where they meet. Glue dots (available in craft or stationery stores) are perfect for this job because they stick instantly on the exact spot you want with no drying time.

Voila! You have created a fortune cookie. Now the fun is putting your fortune in. You can cut another piece of the same paper in a strip for the fortune, or use ribbon or another type of paper in a contrasting color.

Search the web for fortune cookie sayings or make up your own. Write a happy birthday message or add in a surprise fortune. Write your fortune in ink on the strip. Stick the strip inside one end of the cookie so it appears to be coming out. You can glue it in, or you can leave it as is.

What took you about one minute to make will look like you spent all night making. Impress your guests and make fun take-home favors for your next party. Light up some Chinese lanterns and set out a table of Chinese food and you’ve got an instant good time!

How to Make Your Own:

Want to make your own but not from paper? Try this recipe for how to make your own fortune cookies.