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10 Creative Gifts For The Sports Lover

Published June 27, 2011        by Sarah

Image by terren in Virginia on FlickrSports nuts are a special breed. They live, sleep, and breathe their favorite teams. Nothing is too extreme when it comes to the sport they’re cheering for. So think like a sport fanatic and give a gift this year that he’ll really love.

Here are ten gift ideas to get you started thinking:

1.      Tickets to his Team’s Games: The best gift you can give a sportsman is tickets to his favorite season’s games. If you can swing season tickets, great. If not, plan a big day where he goes with you and his best buddies for a big game in person.

2.      Memorabilia of Old: Look on auction sites and at flea markets for memorabilia of his favorite team. You may be surprised at what you find. You might unearth a Super Bowl ring or a vintage jacket. It’s worth looking into.

3.      Team Colors: He’s probably already got t-shirts, caps, and every item ever made with his team’s logo. Why not surprise him and let him decorate an entire room of the house in his team’s colors? He will be utterly dumbfounded that he gets a whole room to decorate as a man cave.

4.      Bar Stools: Get him bar stools with his team’s logo on the seat. There are many companies from which you can purchase these on the Internet. They’re fun and whimsical, especially in his man cave.

5.      A Camp Experience: If you can swing it, send him off to a day at professional sports camp. Many teams offer the opportunity to train for a day with their favorite players. It’s a once in a lifetime experience he will never forget.

6.      Signed Items: Check out pawn shops, flea markets, and online for signed baseballs, jerseys, and other sports memorabilia. You’ll be sure to buy one thing he doesn’t already have.

7.      Baseball Cards: The baseball cards he traded as a kid are now worth big bucks. Try to find a card that he’s searching for online or get him a few from his favorite team that later may go up in value.

Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket8.      Tailgating Merchandise: If he’s a sports lover, he must love tailgating. Buy him a few pieces of equipment to trick out his rig. You might get a portable grill or smoker, coolers, grilling tools, or even tables and chairs that fold for easy storage.

9.      Binoculars: If he doesn’t already have a set of first class binoculars, get him one. Today’s binoculars also come in night vision for those night games. And you can even get binoculars that have cameras built in so he can take shots of what he sees.

10.  A Huge TV: When it all comes down to it, the sports fan loves his TV. Surprise him with a High Definition LCD TV that’s equipped for 3D. 3D is about to be the wave of the future in TV viewing, so get him set up now. The bigger, the better when it comes to TVs, so get the best deal you can on the biggest TV you can.

It’s not really hard to buy for a sports fan. If you think like him, you’ll be sure to show up with the best birthday gift he has ever had. If you don't think you can swing something quite as expensive as the above ideas, you can always surprise him with a sports gift basket this year that he won’t soon forget.

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