Second or Third Baby Shower Tips

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If you are about to have your second or third baby shower, you may not know what to expect. After all, these same people most likely gave you your first baby shower. Do they give baby gifts again? What if you already have everything you need?

What if you’re the one thinking about throwing a baby shower for a second- or third-time mom? What should you know?

You can relax if you are in one of these positions. There are no set rules that you have to worry about. Just keep some general ideas in mind.

It is not required that anyone throw a baby shower for a mom who is not having her first child. The thought behind that is not to be cruel, but the idea that she probably has all the equipment she needs from the first shower. That being said, most people involved in the life of an expectant mom want to throw a shower. If you’re the new mom, don’t expect to get a second or third shower. But if you’re the one who wants to throw one, go ahead! It’s perfectly wonderful if you want to throw another shower. Especially if you did not host the first shower, you’ll have a great time planning the foods, baby shower favors, and theme of this one!

If you are a second- or third-time mom, you’ll definitely want to register, but you should only announce your registry if someone asks you. In other words, don’t go making a formal announcement to friends and family saying where you’re registered and what you’re asking for. They may feel awkward if there is no shower planned. They can still choose to buy you a gift off the registry, but you are not required to.

Target baby registryThe reason you want to register is so that you don’t get three high chairs when you have a perfectly good one from your first child. Repeats of expensive items can be a sticky situation. The person who gave it to you will want to see it in your home and may feel badly if you returned it because it was a duplicate. If this does happen, just be honest. If you’re returning it, tell them so and maybe even ask if they’d like to come and pick out something else for you.

If you’re hosting a shower, go right ahead and do everything you would for a first-time mom. You will find that games involving how naïve a first-time mom is won’t really work, but other games will. You can still have a lot of fun with it, and if the first child is old enough to come, often you’ll want to include them so they can get excited about the new baby too.

All rules are out these days, and with blended step-families, there may be a second time mom who didn’t get a shower (at least from your family) the first time at all. So you may be throwing a first time shower for a second time mom!

When in doubt, ask the new mom what she’d like. She may not want any attention drawn to her, especially if she’s an older mom, or she may be up for anything. Plan your party around her wishes, and if you’re very close to her, don’t feel you have to make it a surprise.