Where did Fireworks on Independence Day Start?

4th of July Fireworks

Independence Day, celebrated in July 4th in America, is a day of festivity like no other. Americans honor their status as an independent nation. Although today England is a friendly country to Americans and vice versa, it wasn’t always so. There used to be a great rivalry between the colonies and their mother country, England. In 1776, America signed the now famous document, the Declaration of Independence, to assert their separate status from the British monarchy. And the rest is history.

The actual document was signed on July 4, 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and a host of men who would later go on to become some of the most powerful and highest ranking officials in the United States government.

Tradition has it that the fireworks we enjoy today on the Fourth of July actually had their start as gunshots back in 1776. As the colonies cheered and shouted, banged pots and pans and made all sorts of joyful noise in celebration, there was also a salute by gunfire. After people realized this might not be the safest way to ring in the holiday, gunfire became less prevalent. Noisemakers and confetti replaced the frightening gun shots.

Fireworks have been around for over 2000 years. The Chinese are credited with inventing them. Legend has it that a Chinese chef accidentally mixed together some ingredients with sulfur and the result was a colorful explosion we now know as fireworks.

Fireworks are illegal in some counties in various states around the U.S. Due to the harmful nature of fireworks if they fall into the wrong hands unsupervised; various state governments have passed legislation banning the sale of fireworks within their borders. Other states have more relaxed rules.

Those wishing to see Fourth of July fireworks need only go out to their own town’s festivals. Most communities in the U.S. host their own supervised community blast off. Parks departments and other organizations have an organized event where the public is welcome to bring their blankets and lawn chairs and watch the display.

Young and old love the colorful explosions and patterns that erupt during a fireworks display. Many communities compete for the best display with other cities and states around the country. Some even spend thousands of dollars toward putting on the best show around.

If you find yourself in Disney World or Disneyland, you can end your day every day like it’s the Fourth of July. Disney puts on a fireworks display every night of the year for park-goers. It’s only fitting that this magical place would have a magical sendoff to sleep for its visitors young and old.

Sparklers and other non-threatening fireworks are still available in many stores in most states of the country. And with supervision, fireworks are a great way to end a day that has been filled with food, fun, sunshine, and laughter.

Check out the various offerings in the cities near you this Fourth of July. If you’re on vacation, as so many are on this popular summer getaway date, be sure to look for displays in the town you’re visiting. There’s sure to be a rockin’ good time to be had watching the colors explode under the stars, enjoy some Fourth of July cookies and have a great holiday. It’s a fun time for everyone in the family.

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