Use A Cookie Basket To Say Congrats!

If you want to congratulate someone and don’t know what to give them, the ideal gift may be a cookie basket. Cookie baskets can be designed to convey your congratulations and well-wishes. And they’re a delight to receive.

For times when you want to send more than just a card, send a bright, happy cookie basket. It’s such a tasty idea. You can find two types of cookie baskets. One is made with decorated shortbread cookies that look realistic in their artistic icings. The other is more traditional. It includes fresh baked cookies like chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, and sometimes even brownies.

There is no shortage of suppliers of tempting cookie baskets. Mrs. Fields offers a line of cookie baskets that is so scrumptious you may end up ordering one for yourself, too. You can order a basket of nibblers that are bite sized cookies and brownies. OR you can order a mixed cookie basket that includes white macadamia nut cookies in a tin. There’s also the famous giant round cookie pie. It comes decorated with sweet icing and the word “Congratulations.”

Many other companies also offer cookie baskets that are unique and tasteful. There are, however, things you should ask before giving out your credit card number. When do they ship their cookies? Are they baked and shipped the same day? Are they individually wrapped? Are you charged extra for Saturday delivery? These are all things that will affect your decision to buy from an online cookie bakery.

Also ask what exactly you’re getting. The basket may be rattan and eight inches high in the photo but the one you get ends up looking nothing like it. Ask to see a photo of the actual basket you’re getting, not a placeholder photo. The same goes for ordering flowers online. Always ask to see the actual bouquet especially when they say “contents may vary.”

Your online shopping experience should be fine. But just expect that shipping costs will be more than you want to spend. It’s a choice you have to make if you want to congratulate someone with cookies. Of course, there is also the option of using a local bakery. You can have them make up a really nice basket for you of twice the size you could get online with no delivery charges. See if they will hand-deliver it, or if you can deliver it yourself.

Cookie baskets are always a good idea. Whether you order online, in person, or bake them yourself, they’re a spectacular way to express your congratulations in a fun way. Send them to college graduates, newlyweds, coworkers who get promoted, high school graduates, new parents and for anniversaries. Is there any wrong time to send a congratulations cookies? No. And you can even send one as a sympathy offering when someone has passed on. Pass on the shiny, brightly colored cookies and go for something mellower like chocolate chip or an assortment of home baked recipes. Leave the flash and bows for a more festive time.

Get your cookies on their way to someone special today. It will make their day and they will certainly remember your thoughtfulness long after all the other cards are filed away.

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