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How to Make a Baby Shower Corsage for Mom

Published July 19, 2011        by Sarah

Photo Credit: Sherlene @ Flickr
Photo Credit: Sherlene @ Flickr

Baby showers are a time-honored tradition, and they remain a much-anticipated event by many expectant moms.  Not only does the guest of honor receive the gifts that will make caring for her baby much easier – as when she receives the tiny baby nail clippers she never thought to get or an extra package of diapers or a stack of bibs – but it is a time to celebrate the hard work she is doing growing a beautiful baby.  When planning the baby shower, it is a nice idea to make mom a corsage so she feels as appreciated as she really is.

Whether the guest of honor is traditional and formal or silly and fun, you can find the right corsage to make her shower an occasion to remember.  You can buy a corsage at any florist, but making your own is a very personal way to celebrate the expectant mother.  It is also an excellent way to make the most of your baby shower budget, or lack thereof!

      • The classic, elegant mom will love a simple flower corsage.  This is great for those moms who don't want to play baby name games or give out baby shower favors – or for those who just love simplicity.  To make, get a large white lily or calla lily and some baby ivy or baby's breath. You will also need a length of ribbon (pink or blue is great, as is the mother's favorite color), florist's wire, and a pin.  Cut the lily's stem to about 2 inches and twine the ivy or baby's breath with the lily using the wire.  Tie with a bow, and then pin on mom's shirt.  It is very, very easy to make and simply gorgeous.  Remember to keep it in the fridge until you're ready to use it. Roses are another great flower to use, or you could opt for mom's favorite flower and get creative.
      • There are also fun and practical corsages that you can make easily, such as the rattle corsage.  You will need a rattle with loops (pacifiers with loops and virtually any toy made to hang from car seats or strollers will work beautifully), curling ribbon, large diaper pin or safety pin, scissors, real or fake flowers, and green floral tape.  Cut your flowers to about 3-4 inches and use floral tape to bind the stems together.  Tape this onto the side of the pin that does not open, and adorn on either side with curling ribbon.  Attach looped pacifiers to the ribbons, and voila! A cute corsage for mom.  And it has the added benefit of being usable: she simply has to take off the rattle, pacifier, or toys off the ribbon, and they're ready for baby.
      • You can also make a baby sock corsage that will appeal to elegant mom, practical mom, and silly mom. Choose a few pairs of nylon baby socks with ruffles: pink or blue work well, or you could always go with classic yellow or green.  Turn the socks inside out and start rolling the sock from the toe.  If you do this at an angle, you will have a flower bud shape.  Turn the ruffled part over the roll; this will form the petals.  Use a large safety pin or diaper pin to secure it and pin it to the guest of honor.  You can also add a ribbon to the bottom of the sock bud above the pin for a nice decorative effect.

You can make a bouquet of these baby sock flowers and make the “stems” from floral wire and green floral tape.  Put these in a vase as a centerpiece, and after, mom can use the socks for baby.

Most moms will appreciate these useful corsages, but if you just want to indulge mom for a day, opt for a gorgeous, fragrant flower to make her feel like queen for a day.