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Sweet Treat Ideas for Sweetest Day

Published July 25, 2011        by Nicole

When Sweetest Day hits on the third Saturday in October, will you be ready? This lesser-known holiday actually has a very sweet history. It was started in the early 20th century by candy manufacturers to entice the public to eat more sweets. What may have started out as a marketing ploy has actually become an endearing part of American history. So, what can you do for the sweetest people in your life on Sweetest Day?Flickr credit: MzScarlett

Think Big

Don’t just think of your wife or boyfriend on Sweetest Day. Think of all the people who have been especially important to you over the last year. That could be everyone from your boss to your kids to your coworkers or your neighbor. Make a list of all the people in your life who you’d like to remember on this lovely holiday. Remember doctors and caretakers who help you out as well.

Think Sweetly Handmade

All diets are off on Sweetest Day. It’s a day to indulge in sugary creations. So think sweet when you are planning your gift-giving. You need not break the bank to show someone they are special on this day. You can make treats in your own kitchen that will put a smile on the recipients’ faces. Try making gourmet caramel apples covered in nuts or candy pieces. Wrap them up in cellophane with pretty bows. Or, why not hand-dip Oreos or other favorite cookies in dark chocolate? Strawberries are also great for dipping. Create a basket or display of goodies and bring them around the neighborhood or office. You could also bring in a basket to cheer up folks at a nursing home or the staff at a local hospital.

Go for Broke

If budget is no issue, why not take your special sweetie out on the town? Plan an all-chocolate evening. Go out for dessert first. Find a fancy restaurant and order the most decadent thing on the menu. Or, go out for a chocolate fondue. You can find a restaurant that specializes in fondues of all types. They’ll usually have decadent cakes and fruits to dip into the melting pot of chocolate. Then, have some sweet wine or sweet champagne. End with a movie that involves chocolate such as Like Water for Chocolate or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you really want to spoil your sweetie, give her a piece of jewelry encrusted with chocolate diamonds. It will be one holiday no one will forget.

Family Time

Maybe your sweeties are little ones and you’d like to create a fun new tradition with the family. Why not have a card-making party where even the little ones can join in? Have heart shaped papers and candies available for decorating. Glue on sparkly glitter and lace. Have everyone write one thing they love about their family inside. Read the cards aloud. Since it will be October and often the days are shorter, why not have a pajama party where everyone wears their fuzzy slippers and eats ice cream sundaes and plays Candy Land? Think of things that your family enjoys doing and give them a sweet twist. Put out bowls of candy and allow children to hand them out to the adults instead of the adults always doling them out. Kids will feel special.

Involve the NeighborhoodFlickr credit: Jerry

When there’s not too much going on in October, why not invent another reason to celebrate? Start a town-wide Sweetest Day Celebration where everyone brings cakes and cupcakes and cookies to the town hall or to a common gathering place. A park works well too. You can set up stations to bob for apples, hand out sweets to the kids, offer a Make Your Own Sundae station and really do it up. You can ask local bakeries if they will donate goods. You could print up t-shirts and sell them at the festival as a fundraiser for the local school or a worthy organization. Elect a Sweetest Princess and Prince and have them wear a chocolate banner announcing their titles. Invite the local Brownies troops to come in uniform. Have fun with it! Who knows, you may just start a new annual town tradition.