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How To Make A Baby Shower Boutinniere For Dad

Published July 26, 2011        by Sarah

Baby showers have traditionally been exclusively female affairs where moms and expectant moms and girlfriends get to talk about the upcoming event, ask questions, get advice, and ooh and aww over cute baby items.  Today, though, more men are being invited to showers, and why not?  It's great for dads to get involved – and they don't even have to play silly baby shower games or wear curly ribbon corsages.  This is a time to celebrate dad too, and you can do it with a homemade baby shower boutonniere.

There are boutonnieres that you can make for dad that will match the mom's corsage:  the baby sock flower works well here, as does a simple boutonniere made from a single flower, such as a lily.  A single stem with an elegant green leaf very elegant as well.  While in keeping with the baby theme, they are not so girly that he will feel uncomfortable!

For the baby sock boutonniere, you will need:

  • A pair of baby socks. White is great, as is pink or blue
  • Cloth-covered floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Small artificial flowers (silk is a good choice)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Large safety pin or diaper pin

Etsy seller, Rachiessweetstuff sells these baby boutonnieres

Lay the socks perfectly flat and begin rolling firmly from the toe.  When you get to the leg part of the sock, unfurl the top and fold it over the body of the “rose.”  Use a length of your floral wire and bend it in half.  Twist the ends together, while leaving the closed end in a U shape.  Push the closed end into the socks.  With floral tape, wrap the steam and the bottom third of the sock rose.  Arrange the artificial flowers around the rose and hot glue the boutonniere onto a safety or diaper pin.

If you have a baby shower theme – such as garden, teddy bears, zoo animals, or something of the like – you can find a simple pin for dad that matches the theme.  Wearing a cute elephant or bumblebee pin isn't so bad!  And he can pin it on the diaper bag when the shower is over.

You can find sites that make lapel ribbons (such as those that are worn by those supporting a particular cause).  You can find these in baby blue, pink, mint green, lilac, and other baby colors, and you can choose to have them printed.  You can write the date of the shower, the parents' names, and/or the baby's name or a cute message for the family.  Men can wear these on their lapels or pockets, and it gives them a nice – and not too feminine – reminder of his child's shower.  These typically cost less than $1 each and will also make nice favors for the guests.

Another idea is to find a large safety pin or diaper pink and affix a ribbon to it – similar to those that children win at science fairs and the link. Write “Dad” or a cute saying on the ribbon with a gold fabric pen, and pin it on dad. It is completely simple – so simple, he won't mind a bit.  Another idea is to make or buy a miniature fabric tie and hot glue it to a safety pin. Use blue fabric for a boy and pink for a girl.  Again, you could use a fabric pen to write “Daddy.”

You could also help dad embrace the silly fun that is a baby shower.  Get him a “manly” baby toy that is designed to hang on a car seat or stroller.  Infantino's Dice, Dice Baby includes two fuzzy, multi-colored, multi-textural dice tied to a loop.  You can simply slip a safety pin through the loop and pin to dad's shirt.  The baby can use them, and who doesn't like fuzzy dice?

Many men still feel like they are invading when it comes to baby showers, so go easy on them.  If they aren't up to a ribbon and rattle boutonniere, be kind and give them a simple ribbon printed with their child's name on it or a cute lion button.  If they're willing, though, go all out and get out the curling ribbon and your imagination.

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