How To Make A Baby Bib

Baby bibs are a necessity in any mom’s life. If you want to surprise a mom you know, or if you are a mom yourself, you can make bibs that are lovely and personal in just a few quick steps. They’ll save money over store bought bibs and they’ll be personal and long-lasting. Even if you do not have extensive sewing skills, you can still create bibs like a pro. You can do it with or without a sewing machine. These also make for great 1st birthday gifts. Babies need bibs all the time!

First, choose two kinds of fabric. One fabric should be absorbent, like a terrycloth. Think washcloth fabric. The softer the better. The second fabric should be a cotton in a fun baby print for the back. This can be as silly and outrageous or colorful as you like. As long as it’s cotton and washable, it’s perfectly fine.

Now, you’ll need to create your own pattern or download one from online. You can type “baby bib pattern” into any search engine and you’ll find a pattern or two that you can print out. If you prefer to create your own pattern, you can simply draw a bib shape on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. Or you can trace a bib you already have.

Next, pin your pattern to a layer of terrycloth on top of a layer of cotton. Cut around the pattern edges. You’re going to sew the two layers together next. If you have a sewing machine, sew a basic stitch around the edges with the wrong sides of the fabric together. Leave an unsewn part so you can turn the bib right side out and hand stitch the gap. Or, for a more rustic, handmade look, just go ahead and sew with right sides out. Your finished bib will have nice stitches along the edges. If your sewing machine does fancy dog stitches or other designs, use one of those.

If you have never sewn a day in your life, you can still do this project. Simply use fusible webbing which you can find in any craft or sewing store. This miracle product allows you to use an iron to secure two pieces of fabric together. With the wrong sides of the fabric facing out, place a layer of the fusible webbing along the edges. Iron on leaving a small space so you can turn it right side out. When finished turn the bib so right sides of the fabric are out.

Next, you’re ready to add trim. If you’d like, use a binding in a cute baby print or check. Or, leave plain. As a closure you will need to add a snap or ties. If you are choosing the snap, hand-stitch each side of the snap to the bib. If you are using ties, sew on soft cording or string. Any washable string will work. Or choose a thick ribbon like grosgrain that will wear well.

Baby will have a whole new wardrobe of bibs when you realize how easy it is to make them. Personalize with baby’s name in iron on letters or fabric paint. Or use decals. Don’t, however, use sequins or beads as they can come loose if baby chews on the bib, or in the washing machine. Stick to soft, simple decals or embellishments.

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