Popular Oreo Dessert Offerings at US Restaurants

If you can’t get enough of Oreos, you’ll want to order an Oreo dessert while you’re dining out. Many restaurants now offer Oreo desserts that are pleasing crowds from coast to coast.

Try the Domino’s dessert pizza. You can now order a pizza from your favorite 30-minute pizza place in the flavor of the beloved Oreo. It’s a thin crust pizza made of sugary dough with a vanilla sauce with chunks of Oreos on top. The company originally came up with the dessert because they needed one that would cook as fast as a pizza and at the same temperature as their pizza ovens are set to for their savory pizzas. And so the dessert pizza was born.

McDonald’s offers an Oreo caramel sundae that you can savor while you’re out. Grab one next time you go through the drive-thru.

Dairy Queen, the walk-up ice cream parlor, offers an Oreo Mint Blizzard. It took off right away. But that’s nothing new for Dairy Queen. They’ve been serving ice cream with Oreo accents for two decades. At first, they offered knock-off Oreo cookies, but then they realized that nothing can take the place of a genuine Oreo. Now they use only brand name Oreos in their creations.

Baskin Robbins ice cream offers Oreos as a mix-in for their ice cream concoctions. They also offer Jamoca Oreo ice cream. Their widely popular cookies and cream flavor is made with crushed Oreo cookies.

Another great pairing of ice cream and Oreos happens at the Cold Stone Creamery. They offer an Oreo Overload dish on their menu.

Nabisco wasn’t eager to enter the dessert market. But when they noticed how the sales of their crushed up Oreos were booming, they decided to join in the fun. Now Nabisco offers grinds of Oreos to be used by restaurants in their desserts. Restaurant owners can choose from a thin grind for milkshakes or a coarser grind for mixing into ice cream. Larger chunks of Oreos can be used for items like the Domino’s dessert pizza. There’s an Oreo pie crust that home bakers and restaurants alike make use of for whipped Oreo pies and other decadent desserts.

Smaller restaurants also make up their own recipes using Oreo cookies. No dessert can be bad if it has Oreos in it. The popularity may be due to the cookie’s ability to mix well with creamy treats. The smaller granules of the cookie once it is ground down make a nice add in and have a pleasant texture.

Next time you’re in the mood for an Oreo dessert, check the menu where you’re dining. Most places have a version of the Oreo sundae or Oreo pie. And, of course, you can always create your own recipes at home. Try dipping Oreos in molten chocolate or crushing them up as a cake topping. Try whipping them into a frozen dessert topping such as Cool Whip and see what you come up with. Once you mix it in, layer it into a brownie pan and refreeze it. You’ll come up with a dessert that’s hard to resist. You can also add in pudding or other sweets. Experiment and devise your own Oreo cookie dessert.