August is Family Fun Month: How to Celebrate

Did you know that August has become Family Fun Month? As if you really needed an excuse to celebrate, you can now go out and have some good, clean family time without feeling even the least bit bad about it. But what types of activities might a family do during this fun month? Here are a few ideas for your family to enjoy:

1. Visit a State Park. With all of the state parks out there, there has to be one that you've always thought was cool or wanted to visit. Pick one with a fun body of water, or a supply of unique wildlife. Not only will this option be cost effective, but it'll be an experience for the kids to remember and it's certainly something out of the ordinary!

2. Have a Book Night! Who said that you have to leave your house to have fun? Why not have a lock-in night and snuggle up with your family's favorite books? It might include a longer novel where you read a chapter or two, then have a snack, read a couple more, then play a game. Mix it up a little bit and just enjoy each other's company.

3. Pack a Picnic. If you're home on the weekends, or even during the weekday since the kids don't have school, get everyone together to pack a big homestyle family picnic basket! Research as a family a great place to visit for your picnic, and pack your food basket and go! Don't forget to bring a frisbee, the family dog, or a football. You don't just have to eat there, you can enjoy the park when you're done as well!

4. Take a Mystery Road Trip. Pack up your tent, sleeping bags, and canteens because August is the perfect month to hit the dusty trail and find fun new places that you would have never discovered. Wing it and try random campgrounds each night on a surprise journey for your kids. Pick an end destination and have fun on the journey.

Image by DiscoverDuPage on Flickr5. Visit an Amusement Park. Of course this is the trip that any child wants to go on during the summer. Make a special day to take the family and go enjoy the rides, the water park, or the games. You can usually score discounts on admission at a local grocery store, or in the newspaper. Another resource is the internet, never underestimate the value of Google!

6. Stay in and Bake! Kids love to help out in the kitchen when sweets are involved. Teach them your famous recipe that's been passed down, or try something new altogether! After the work has been done, enjoy your treats together as a family.

7. Visit a Farm or Orchard. Usually around this time of year, the crops are starting to roll in or are ready to be picked. If you look around, you may be able to find a farm that allows you to go in and pick your own foods. Not only is this a healthy alternative to junk food, but the kids will love the new experience and learning about farming. Plus, there's something to be said about harvesting your own food.

8. Family Game Night. Every kid loves to play games. Allow them each to pick out their favorite board or card game and have the whole family join in on the fun. Make some kids gift baskets by adding some popcorn, get some special snacks, and maybe even a soda! Make it extra special and fun, they'll feel elated that they have such cool parents!

Enjoy your family during this month, and every month. After all, who needs a declared holiday to make their family feel special? Let loose and have fun!

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