Monogrammed Layettes - A Great Baby Gift

If you know a mom to be and want to purchase a lovely and useful baby gift for the new little bundle of joy, look into buying a monogrammed layette.

What is a layette, you may wonder? If you haven’t had a baby yourself, you may never even have heard the term layette until now. A layette is nothing more than a set of clothing and items that a newborn baby needs when they first come home from the hospital. It used to be that new moms had to have lots of items in the nursery bureau drawers because fabrics didn’t wash as well and couldn’t be washed as easily. Now, with the convenience of the washing machine, moms don’t need to stockpile so many things. They can just run a load of laundry.

Busy moms, even with the washing machine at their disposal, still want lovely clothing for their newborn to wear. They may not have the time to do a load of laundry, or they may want to pack for traveling. So it’s still a good idea to gift a new mother with a wonderful array of items in a baby layette.

What should you include in a layette gift? Well, first consider making it unique and personal. If you can, order items that can be monogrammed. A good specialty retailer, online or in person, can offer you personalized baby baskets. You might not be able to get the baby’s entire name, since names these days are so unique, from a stocked item. You should be able to find pretty initials, or even sayings, on store brand bibs or onesies that create a monogrammed or personalized look.

Include in your layette gift some or all of these items:

  • Onesies with long and short sleeves
  • Baby booties or socks
  • Monogrammed baby bibs
  • Diaper covers (if mom is going to use cloth diapers)
  • Sleeping sacks or buntings (these are shirt dresses that have drawstring or elastic at the bottom to allow for easy midnight diaper changes)
  • Baby hats

These are the basic items to start with. You can always add more or less to your gift. Some layettes also include baby bath soap and lotion, crib bedding, baby spoons, blankets, etc. These are add-on items that you can certainly go in for with a group of friends or if you want to give a larger present.  Don’t feel you have to include every single item in a layette in order for it to be a lovely gift. Do what you can.

As for monogramming or personalizing, you may not even know the baby’s name until after the shower. Mom and dad may not have picked one out or don’t know if they are having a girl or a boy. In that case, you can pick up items that have cute sayings already printed on them, or you can do the family’s last name initial to make it more unique.

An embroidery shop will do monogramming on just about anything you bring in. So bring in a baby blanket or onesies or hats if you want them monogrammed. It’s a nice little touch and doesn’t cost much in money or time. It will make your layette gift that much more special to the new mom and dad.