All About Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

Flickr photo credit: nickstone333Those who grew up in the 1970s know Cookie Monster from the children’s show Sesame Street very well. This loveable fuzzy blue puppet monster made eating cookies an art form. Now, another generation of kids has come to know and love Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster, affectionately known as Cookie, was born on November 2, 1966, and loves eating cookies. But since 2006, he has also come to love crunchy fruits and vegetables like eggplant (so children don’t think they can eat only cookies like the Cookie does). Due to high rates of childhood obesity, Cookie has now been heard saying, “Cookies are a sometimes food.”

Jim Henson, who created The Muppets also created Cookie. His voice was the work of Frank Oz until 2002. From 2002 to 2010 Cookie’s voice has been performed by David Rudman. Cookie’s favorite saying is still, “Me want cookie!” and is recited by every preschooler around the country regularly.

Cookie Monster sings, dances and eats just about anything he wants including daisies and furniture and even a computer in an IBM training video. But most of all, he is in love with cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite but oatmeal cookies run a close second.

Children all over the world recognize the bright blue fur and the googley eyed loveable monster. They wear his image on t-shirt and pjs. It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t love the Cookie Monster. Kids of all ages still enjoy receiving cookie monster gifts as well!

Cookie originally started out as a character in a General Mills commercial for snack foods. The commercials never went on the air, but the character was added to the Sesame Street cast much to the delight of children everywhere.

Cookie is known for his growl when munching cookies as well as his penchant for singing. He has made “C is for Cookie” into an iconic classic. He first performed it on the 1971-1972 season of Sesame Street.

Helping children learn to recognize letters and read on their own has been a cause that Cookie has always championed. He has been the subject of many children’s books including Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster's Kitchen, A Cookie Gone Wrong - Monster's Story, Monster and the Surprise Cookie and Sesame Street: Wanted, the Great Cookie Thief. Children relate to the monster’s silly voice and wacky ways to learn letters. Especially if he eats the letter after he teaches it.

Sesame Street is the longest continuously running children’s television show in history. Audiences who were toddlers when it first aired are now parents themselves. Perhaps due to a nostalgia for the silly childhood friend, sales of Cookie Monster merchandise are still at an all time high. Collectible Cookie toys and books sell for enormous amounts on auctions sites such as eBay. For your next children's party why not surprise them with cookie party favors?

Today’s generation of Cookie Monster lovers can go online to and play games with Cookie and the other Sesame Street friends. They can watch clips of episodes of the show that feature Cookie (something the past generation would have loved to be able to do!).

Cookie Monster will hold a place in America’s heart as the cookie-gobbling, letter eating muppet with the bright blue coat. Generations to come will still think his antics are funny. He’s a timeless classic for good reason. He’s wholesome fun and inspired learning all in one.