How To Make A Baby Diaper Wreath

Cornhuskers Diaper WreathPhoto Credit: Kate Elliot at Flickr

Baby diaper wreaths are so adorable. If you’ve never seen one, you’re in for a lovely surprise. When complete, a baby wreath is a circle of diapers with embellishments such as baby toys and pacifiers that serves as a door hanging or baby shower decoration. The mom can actually take it apart and use the diapers or just leave it up as a fun decoration. They’re so easy to make. Surprise a new mom with one as her next baby shower gift!

First, think about a theme. Then you can collect everything you need based on that theme. Some good ones are rubber duckies, Pooh, Hello Kitty, baby dolls, teddy bears, bunnies, monkeys, zoo animals, Mickey and Minnie, all rattles, trains, cars, puppies, and kittens. Think up your own theme and then plan to get ribbon and toys to coordinate with it. If there are twins coming, why not do two of everything on the wreath? It will look darling.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete one wreath:

  • About 20 disposable diapers. You can use cloth diapers but it really is easiest to make this wreath with disposables. The folds in them are easy to maneuver and secure.
  • A wire wreath form. You can find them at the craft or hobby store. An 18” frame works best but you can go smaller or larger if you like.
  • Ribbon in the color of the baby shower’s theme. Or choose any happy baby friendly color and style. Just make sure the ribbon is sturdy.
  • Toys such as rubber duckies, pacifiers, and rattles. You can also use small bottles of baby lotion or powder.
  • One bigger toy to serve as the top decoration on the wreath.
  • One big bow

To assemble the wreath, clear a space and lay the wreath form down on a table. Take a diaper and place it over the wreath form with the tab sides facing down. Secure it with a small length of ribbon around the middle. Do this for all the rest of the diapers around the form. Every bit of the form should be covered by diapers, so if you find you have gaps add a few more diapers.

Next, add the embellishments. Tie on the toys so that they are evenly spaced around the wreath. Use ribbon to secure them. Add the bow to either the top or the bottom of the wreath. Secure it using either a twist tie or a length of ribbon.

For the final touch, add the large toy. This will be the focal point of the wreath. Secure it to the wreath with ribbon. Stuffed toys and other cute animals look nice to complete the wreath.

The beauty of this gift is that the new mom can really use it. Every time she reaches for one of the diapers, she’ll thank you all over again. New moms go through at least seven or eight diapers a day, so don’t worry if someone else brings a diaper wreath to the shower too. It will definitely be appreciated. To really top it off, bring a baby diaper cake as well!

Diaper wreaths are perfect to bring to the hospital when visiting baby for the first time. They also make nice hanging decorations for the baby shower. Or, the new mom can hang it on her door as a nursery decoration.