How To Capture Baby's Footprint or Handprint

When a newborn comes into your life, you’re going to marvel at its tiny feet and hands. Before those hands and feet grow too big, it’s a lovely idea to make an imprint of them to keep as a memory. There are many ways to do this.

3D Kits

Many online and crafting stores sell kits that allow you to cast baby’s handprint or footprint in plaster of Paris. The basic idea is that you place baby’s hand into the gel that comes with the kit, make an impression, then remove baby’s hand. Now you’ve created a mold. Fill the mold with plaster of Paris and allow to dry. When dry, remove the gel mold and you’ll have a perfectly formed 3-dimensional handprint. You can do the same with footprints. The process itself is very easy. However, you may have a challenge getting baby to stay still long enough for you to make the impression in the gel. It may be a good idea to wait until baby is asleep, then gently place their hand or foot into the mold. Be sure to wash all residue from the gel off baby’s delicate skin.

Flat Impressions

Many companies sell kits that allow you to place baby’s hand or foot in clay or plaster of Paris to make an impression. These kits come with a tin and you usually pour the plaster mixture in and then gently press baby’s hand or foot in. These can be fun and quick to do. They also make nice thank you gifts to people who’ve given baby gifts or attended your baby shower. If you don’t want to purchase a kit, you can easily create the impression yourself.

Mix up some powdered plaster of Paris yourself and pour into a decorative tin. Dip baby’s hand or foot in and allow to dry. The whole process takes just a few minutes and you can save a considerable amount doing it on your own. If you do decide to purchase a kit, you can choose from many options for the final product from teddy bear frames to decorative flowers. Some kits also come with several imprint tins so you can keep a record of baby’s growing prints over a year or two years.

Ink Prints

Another nice way to take an impression of baby’s hands and feet is to use a non-toxic ink pad and some nice paper. Wait until baby is calm, then place her hand or foot onto the ink pad. When you are sure the ink covers the entire surface, gently place the foot or hand on the paper. You can create greeting cards or frame the images. You can even copy the prints onto iron on paper and make t-shirts or bags with the images. You can give them as very special holiday or birthday gifts to aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Etched Glass

Many stores sell kits that will allow you to have baby’s footprint or handprint etched onto glass to create a memorable frame or other decorative item. For this type of product you would make an ink stamped impression of baby’s hands or feet and mail the print to the company doing the etching. They will mail you back a frame with your baby’s prints etched into glass.