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Sweetest Day Gift Ideas 

Published August 25, 2011        by Nicole

In the heart of Cleveland, there were some very loving souls who conceived an idea to pay tribute to those who were less fortunate and those who worked the hardest just to survive, and so the Sweetest Day holiday was born. Though this holiday is set to take place each and every October third, those who were responsible for founding it would be strong supporters in giving Sweetest Day gifts any time of year. After all, it is meant to be a joyous tribute, giving thanks, and, therefore, applicable any time of year.Flickr Photo Credit: vmiramontes

Today, the concept has taken a slightly different spin and couples enjoy another reason to exchange little gifts of love and appreciation. There are many gifts that are now manufactured and sold that relate specifically to the Sweetest Day holiday; however, one can also feel free to purchase whatever little token seems appropriate.

The idea is to express love, appreciation, or gratitude; therefore, a large, expensive gift is not required. Instead, Sweetest Day gifts are typically small and meaningful. Games with a love theme, lockets and photo pins, candies that offer romantic or loving messages, and, of course, picture frames are often favorites of those seeking the ideal gift for someone they love and care for. However, this holiday was intended to honor those who often went without, who didn’t have money to throw about, so it would be more than acceptable (even more true to the holiday) to make your own gifts. Those who can draw can illustrate their love; those who are gifted with words can write a poem or a greeting card to express their love and appreciation; and those who enjoy crafting can create a myriad of different objects and tokens of affection. Perhaps a pillow with a cross-stitched message or a sculpture featuring a heart-shaped rock would be to your liking. You could also make a batch of the recipient’s favorite cookies, a pie, or cheesecake with strawberries. Make a basket of cookies as a volunteer gift to your child's school PTA volunteers.Flickr Photo Credit: Fast Forward Event Productions

For those who wish to give the gift of relaxation or a night out, spas, hotels, dinner at a favorite restaurant, or even a live band performance are all excellent options for ways to express your feelings for another. Spas offer a chance to get away and to receive the treatment that makes the stresses of a hard way fade away. This speaks quite well to the history of the holiday. A night away in a hotel, where one can enjoy a swimming pool, a few drinks in the onsite pub, or even a meal in bed, is also a great way to repay a person for the hard work they do each day. You might even give the gift of your time and volunteer to help those who are less fortunate. Bring your sweetie with and make it a meaningful contribution to your community.

The most important thing to remember as Sweetest Day approaches is that this holiday is meant to show love and appreciation for all those who have had a beneficial impact on your life, or those who simply need a little pick-me-up when life is bringing them down. So open your heart and make the day special for those who need it most.