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8 Child Birthday Theme Ideas

Published August 29, 2011        by Nicole

Girls Birthday

Themed parties are always so much fun. Everyone gets into the spirit when there’s one cohesive décor and everything works together. Before you select a theme for your child’s birthday party, read a few friendly suggestions.

  • Let your child guide the theme. If they love Hershey bars, who’s to say they can’t have a Hershey chocolate themed party including a Hershey's candy bar cake? Even if you had your heart set on Strawberry Shortcake, your little lady may want baseball or soccer as her theme. Your child will love her or his party if it goes along with their tastes and likes. Put your own suggestions to bed and let your child decide (within reason).

  • Suggest some ideas for your child to select from. If you know your child loves fish, ask if she wants a Nemo birthday party, a Mermaid birthday party, or a SpongeBob birthday party. She may surprise you and want a Starfish party, but guiding her along will help her to visualize what she sees as the perfect event.

  • Don’t go crazy with the theme. If your son loves monkeys, go with a jungle theme and include monkeys. Don’t feel you have to have a monkey on every napkin, cup and surface that isn’t nailed down. Suggest the theme with a monkey cake, some stuffed jungle animals and maybe some cake plates that feature monkeys.

  • Where you have the party will also have an impact on the theme. If you’re already having it at a kids’ place or themed restaurant, you don’t need to add much more. Maybe select a color for the plates and cups and napkins if you’re bringing them. Otherwise, just let the venue provide their normal birthday party fare and don’t step in.

  • Small children have no idea what a theme is. If you’ve got one under three, they probably won’t know the difference between a Star Wars party and a Lego party. You can do either and make him happy. It’s having family and friends around—and lots of cake—that matter at the younger ages.

  • Before planning a theme party for a tween or teen, ask them specifically what they want. There’s nothing more embarrassing to a young person than having a theme that’s too kiddie-like. Don’t have a Tweety birthday party for a 13 year old. Cars in general for a boy or flowers for a girl should work just fine. If they happen to love a character like Hello Kitty and are still happy to show it, then by all means, have a Hello Kitty party.

  • Don’t make kids come in costume to match your theme. They may not want to get dressed up, depending on how old they are. You can suggest to any moms that you are having a themed party and if they want to dress up, it will add to the fun. Or, give out cowboy hats for a Western party or masks for a Super Hero party. Limit the dressing up to a simple item that you provide.

  • No matter how good your theme is, the party needs a specific start and end time. Never leave a birthday party time open on the invitation. Writing “3:00 till ??” can mean you’ll have people there well through dinner time.