Baby Food - Is Organic the Way to Go?

Baby Eating

Every generation of mothers has wanted to feed their babies the very best quality for everything. Whether it's all about organic baby blankets, organic baby clothes or maybe you want to offer your baby organic food. It’s only natural, and today more than ever moms want to feed their baby food that is free of pesticides and chemicals. So what are your options for when baby starts eating baby food? Do you just grab something off your plate and mash it up? Do you run into the grocery store and grab what you can find? Relax knowing your choices are many and there are also modern conveniences designed to help you feed your baby the best foods with the least additives.

Make it Yourself

If you are concerned about your baby eating only organic produce, you’re in luck. Today it’s easy to shop at food stores that sell purely organic produce. Where before organically grown food was hard to find and extremely expensive, you can now find organic marketplaces inside just about every grocery store. There are also stores like Whole Foods or the local health food store that sell certified organic products. The best source is from local farm markets. Most neighborhoods now have them. Stock up on what’s in season and preserve for later.

You can ease your fears of what may have been sprayed on your baby’s food by grinding organic produce yourself. After you’ve brought home carrots, peas, corn and other healthy organic choices, simply wash them and put them in a food processor to mince. You can also purchase a hand-turn food mill designed for making baby food. It’s best to serve the food right away, but if you want to store it up for later, you can easily freeze it. Get a clean ice cube tray and pour individual slots full of the minced veggies. When you need to feed baby, pop one out and defrost it in the microwave. It’s cheaper and healthier than processed foods. And you know exactly what’s in it. You can also do the same with organic meats that you cook yourself and grind. They’ll freeze up too in ice cube trays. Just be sure that after they are solidified in the trays that you place them in freezer bags so they won’t discolor and pick up freezer odors and tastes.


Buy Organic

Again, today’s moms have it good. You can now purchase a line of fully organic baby food at just about any grocery store. In fact, there are many brands that specialize in 100% certified organic baby foods. It may be slightly more expensive than traditional jarred baby food, but if that’s what’s important to you, go for it. You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety offered.

Do you have to go organic?

Today’s baby foods are under strict guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration. So, you can rest assured that the pre-pack baby food you see on the shelves is healthy for your baby. So, no, you do not have to go organic unless you want to. Your family’s lifestyle will dictate how you feed your baby. Do you all eat nothing but organic? Then get baby started on it early. It’s never too early to get baby interested in healthy food choices. It will make it easier for her later on to choose wisely when you’re not there to assist her.

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