Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Pumpkin Baby CostumeDoes a mom-to-be have a little pumpkin on the way? You can celebrate with a Halloween or little pumpkin baby shower. There’s so much color and décor readily available at the Halloween season that all you have to do is bring it in.

First off, have pumpkins galore. You can bring in little pumpkin gourds and set them at everyone’s place or make a cornucopia of pumpkins, gourds, and dried corn. To make it baby-themed, place it all in a baby doll carriage or a toy wooden crib as the centerpiece.

Decorate little pumpkins with baby bonnets. Get a bunch of bonnets either as doll clothes or for real babies. You can find these cheaply at discount stores or thrift stores. Place them on top of pumpkins and decorate with baby faces. You can do this with markers or paint.

Another idea is to send out baby shower invitations that have a pumpkin theme. You can make adorable pumpkins out of orange felt and print out your details on the back using computer paper. You can write the theme, “Help welcome Jane’s little pumpkin” or something like that.

Ask everyone to bring a pumpkin themed food for the little pumpkin-to-be. You can have guests bring pumpkin pie, little pumpkin muffins, or decorated cupcakes that look like pumpkins. If you’d rather handle all the food yourself, ask everyone to bring baby food jars of orange foods like carrots and squash. They’ll look cute all stacked together in a big plastic pumpkin.

You can get as spooky or as cute as you want with this theme. You can go with spiders and witches and ghoulish foods, or you can just use Halloween as a jumping off point for color schemes and ideas.


Go with pumpkin orange and black streamers and table toppers and then decide how funky you want to get with the rest of the décor. You can do a cauldron with punch in it and fun “baby finger” appetizers made of bread dough.

Really, the Halloween theme can be anything you would like it to be. You can create a baby shower towel cake with all orange towels tied with black ribbon. You can burn harvest candles and have cinnamon cider mulling.Image by chicks57 on Flickr

For baby shower favors, you could do little scented pumpkin candles, lotions, or soaps. You could also bake each guest a plate of pumpkin muffins or bread.

You can sit around telling “scary” baby stories…like how mom will be up all night, never get a chance to shower, and never be able to just run into the grocery store alone again. Ask seasoned mothers to come up with advice to combat these “terrifying” things. It will be really fun and amusing.

Everyone can also come in costume and that will add to the merriment. If you’re having your shower on Halloween, it’s even more fun. If you want, you can hand out masks or costume hats when guests arrive if you don’t want to ask them to invest in their own costumes. Or ask everyone to dress up as a pregnant woman just for fun. It will add to the levity of the festivities.

Make your Halloween shower a day to remember for the mom-to-be by adding lovely touches she won’t soon be likely to forget.