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Wedding Time Capsule

Published September 06, 2011        by Nicole

So much goes into the planning of your wedding and then the day goes by in a flash. To preserve your memories forever, why not create a wedding time capsule? It will be fun to take a walk down Memory Lane after several years have passed.time capsule Wedding Time Capsule

First off, don’t plan on hiding your wedding capsule in the ground. Chances are if you do, you’ll not only forget where you put it, but the contents will fade or corrode due to the conditions underground. Instead, plan to place your time capsule in a closet or dresser drawer to be opened in years to come.

How do you make a wedding time capsule? You can now purchase kits online with complete instructions and everything you will need. But it’s also just as much fun to make one yourself. First, find a tube or box that is watertight and sturdy. Metal is a good choice. A tube, such as expensive gourmet cookies often come in, is a nice idea. Decorate the outside with wrapping paper or contact paper. Write a date on the lid when you and your spouse decide you will open it together.

Next, fill the tube or box with several mementos of your wedding day. You’ll of course want photos of your dress and you and your husband at the altar. Include photos of the cake, the guests, the wedding gifts, the band, and the flowers. Toss in printed cocktail napkins or a table favor. Anything you include should be mildew resistant to avoid decomposure.

Write a note to your new husband and he can write a note to you. Add wishes from others like mom and dad if you like. Ask people to predict how many children you will have, what kind of home or car you will have, what new inventions will be around, what kind of jobs you’ll have, etc. The more you include, the better. You might include a newspaper from the day you were married or other snippets of the day. Print a page from Facebook or Twitter with the well-wishes you receive.

tin can Wedding Time CapsuleAdd in any other items you think will be significant. A DVD of your entire wedding, a copy of your marriage vows or license, and pictures or souvenirs from your honeymoon are also nice additions.

Seal your tube or box with stickers so that no one can take a peek before the intended date. Store your capsule where it won’t be disturbed but where you can easily find it. The last thing you want is to leave it behind if you move. That’s why dresser drawers or closets make good storage places. Agree that no one is allowed to move or open the capsule before the date on the lid.

Now, forget about your capsule. After a while, it will be a surprise when you come upon it. Every so often you will see it. Check the date to see how far off you are from opening time. When the big day arrives, whether it be ten years, twenty years or more, have a little ceremony before you open it. You could create an anniversary basket and include the time capsule in it. Invite the kids (or grandkids) to be involved. You will marvel at how much you have changed and how different things were when you placed all your items inside.