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Italian Dinner Baskets – A Great Housewarming Gift!

Published September 12, 2011        by Nicole

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift? People who are moving into a new home have an endless list of things they need, but one housewarming basket Italian Dinner Baskets – A Great Housewarming Gift!thing that they could really use is relaxation. Moving is stressful, and a wonderful italian food gift basket can be just the right balm. It will also make their new house feel more like home to have a delicious, savory, aromatic meal. Here are some ideas for assembling an Italian dinner basket. Perfect as a house warming gift, or any occasion, this basket is certain to be appreciated.

As an appetizer, include fresh focaccia or you can add a jarred bruschetta, which will last longer in a basket. Focaccia crisps are also great additions; these are small Tuscan-style crackers that will be excellent on their own or with cheese and fresh tomato slices. If you can deliver the basket yourself, do put in fresh foods to make the foods that much tastier. Another idea is to just include a baguette, a small jar of olive oil, and some dipping herbs.

If you have ever eaten in Italy, you know that there is far more to this country’s cuisine than just pasta and pizza! There are so many wonderful tastes that it can be difficult to know where to start. Start at the beginning; pastas are very popular, and they make great, filling, and easy to cook meals.

Get some special gourmet or handmade pasta or try a variation like sun-dried tomato or spinach. Getting fresh ravioli or tortellini adds a nice, robust feel to the basket. You can add a good marinara sauce, or opt for a pesto sauce. You may want to get both as pesto does not always appeal to everyone – especially children.

You could also do pizza as the main course. Start by getting an Italian pizza mix or assembling your own. You can put the ingredients for the dough into a jar, along with recipes for making the dough. Italian pizza tends to differ from America’s pizza in that they are mostly “white.”wine basket1 Italian Dinner Baskets – A Great Housewarming Gift! This means that they don’t have marinara or red sauce. Instead, a light layer of olive oil is put onto the dough, followed by cheese, and toppings. Include a small jar of olive oil as well as the fixings, which can be very simple. For instance, you may add fresh mozzarella (or bagged shredded), tomatoes (or sun-dried tomatoes), and basil. Other toppings include mushroom, brie, pesto, artichoke, parmesan, gorgonzola, and percorino cheeses, and grilled onions.

Time for dessert! Choose biscotti, cannoli, amaretto truffles or cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, or just simple Italian cookies. You can pick these up at the bakery or just get a mix from the grocery store. If you want to give a homemade treat, biscotti are very easy to make, and it stores exceptionally well, so they can enjoy it after dinner or with their morning coffee.

Your meal is not complete without a wine gift to complement the food. Reds are a good choice, but try to go with the preference of the recipient. If they do not drink, include soda or sparkling water and some espresso to enjoy with dessert.

Italian food is among the most beloved cuisines in the world, and for good reason. Nothing will make you feel more at home than the smell of delicious food cooking.