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How to Make Cookie Gift Baskets

Published September 14, 2011        by Nicole

So you want to prepare a homemade basket that is filled with luscious goodies? It couldn’t be easier if you plan on making cookies the center of your basket. Bake a few batches and you’re on your way.cookie basket How to Make Cookie Gift Baskets

Find a basket that is sturdy and attractive. You can certainly reuse baskets that you have. Just make sure that you’re using something that looks elegant and can pass for brand new. Any misshapen basket or one that is obviously on its last leg is a bad choice.

Once you have your chosen basket, get ready to fill your basket with a liner. This can be a pretty cloth napkin, a piece of fabric, or even a decorative piece of wrapping paper that will hold up well. Brown packing paper can also be used to give your basket a rustic feel and look.

Basket in place, lined and ready to go, you’re on to the fun part. Decide which recipes you will use to fill your basket. Think about classics and family favorites alike. If you have a standby chocolate chip cookie or sugar free cookie recipe that everyone seems to love, be sure to include it.

Once all your cookies are baked, think about the packaging. You can wrap several types of cookies, each in their own cellophane bags for individual treats. Or you can wrap the same type of cookies in one plastic bag, another in another. Just don’t combine different types of cookies in the same bag or leave them all loose as all the cookies will take on the flavor of each other and you’ll have one tasteless mess.

Now, arrange the cookies into lovely little parcels. You might choose to wrap each plastic bag in a pretty paper or even stand them inside a paper cone. It’s up to you. You can also just place layers of cookies into the basket flat, but inside bags.

cookie tin How to Make Cookie Gift BasketsIf you’ve got all the same type of cookie, you can go ahead and leave them all out in the open in the basket. Start layering them like shingles on a house so that they look decorative and well-placed. If you want to include cookie pops, you’ll need to insert sticks into the cookies before you bake them. And then individually wrap them and add to the basket. It’s nice to have some elements standing and others flat at the bottom of the basket. Vary the heights, too. Some cookie pops can be sticking out while others are lying off to the side.

Tie it all up with a pretty ribbon and your gift is ready to go. One nice thing you can add to your basket is the recipe for the cookie you’ve included. If you’ve included several varieties, be sure to write out the recipe for each. You can hand write or type onto recipe cards or other decorative card stock. Punch a hole through the card and tie on with ribbon.

Don’t forget about a gift card. You’ll want your recipient to know who it’s from after all your hard work. Take the few extra minutes to make a decorative card that shows your recipient’s name in fine penmanship or even glitter. The more decorative your gift basket becomes, the more it looks like a fine, well-intentioned thinking of you gift to a dear friend or relative.