Maple Ridge Farms – The Ultimate Corporate Gourmet Gifts!

Regal Sample TowerCorporations often go to great lengths to convey the message to customers and clients that they are not nameless, faceless entities; that there are real people behind the logos and brands. This message should also extend to those who have everyday dealings with the corporation: employees, suppliers, vendors, associates, and clients can also benefit from a more personal approach. This is what makes corporate gift giving such an extraordinary opportunity. When you give the best gifts, your appreciation of the people who make your business a success are becoming more involved and engaged. Who better to trust with your corporate gifts than maple ridge farms?

Maple Ridge Farms is one of the best gift food companies in the world; founded in 1979, they have built an incredible reputation for quality and excellence. They guarantee “that every gift is one that you will be proud to give (and would be happy to receive).” Maple Ridge specializes in corporate and business gifts, so not only are their products exceptional, they handle the details – ordering, processing, and shipping – very quickly and efficiently. This allows you to choose your gift and let Maple Ridge take care of the rest with confidence.

Because Maple Ridge Farms deals exclusively in corporate and business gifts, there is a wide variety of products that will be appropriate for every occasion, from a promotion to a holiday. Some of their most popular items include:

Gift Towers

Gourmet gift towers make excellent centerpieces for office parties or gifts for employees, associates, and customers. The Ultimate Office Party Tower, for instance, features 23 wonderful gourmet treats, including: Ghirardelli Squares, honey roasted cashews, Starbucks Coffee, seasoned pretzels, English butter toffee, gourmet chocolate mints, dark chocolate almonds, five-alarm spicy peanuts, cashews au chocolate, praline pecans, chocolate covered raisins, milk chocolate almonds, chocolate mint melt-aways, peppermint bark, extra fancy jumbo cashews, pecan turtles, keylime snaps, chocolate truffles, cranberry delight, Bremmer wafers, private stock pepper cheese, beef summer sausage, and almost pecan honey corn.

These premium gifts have something for everyone to enjoy.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

These are classic gifts, and like the gourmet towers, they come with a wide variety of wonderful treats. The Deluxe Epicurean Feast, for instance, contains treats from Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares and popcorn on the cob to Cabernet Sauvignon cheese and Alaskan smoked salmon. These come in different containers, such as reusable tubs and woven baskets. You can choose savory treats, like the salmon and cheese, or sweet treats, like gourmet brownies and cookies.

Just Great! Meat & Cheese GiftHoliday Meat and Cheese Gift

These are perfect for individuals or as part of an office party. Again, a wide variety is available. The Smorgasbord, for instance, features half pound blocks of medium and mild cheddar, butcher-wrapped five ounce sticks of beef summer sausage, cashews, gourmet mints, and Bremner wafers.

Dessert Gifts

These are also perfect for individuals or as part of an office arrangement. The Home-Style Cookie and Brownie Basket offers a wonderful array of mouth-watering treats, such as chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia, apple cinnamon, snickerdoodles, double chocolate, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate pecan, and chocolate butterscotch coconut brownies. Even those without a sweet tooth can’t resist this tempting package.

Maple Ridge Farms also provides desk gifts, such as coasters and photo frames, and smoked gifts, such as spiral cut hams or applewood smoked turkeys. Any time of year, any occasion, and any recipient calls for a gift from Maple Ridge Farms.

You can order their products through Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets.

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