How to Create a Digital Baby Photo Album

Now that we are fully immersed in the digital age, it’s only natural that new parents will want to create online photo albums of their baby’s life. It’s so much easier to share photos with family and friends when you go digital. Here are some tips for creating a great digital baby photo album that you’ll want to look at again and again.

What is a Digital Album?

First, we should define what a digital album is. There are really two ways you can think about digital photo albums.

OPTION 1: One is a printed album you create from digital photos. You can have this made online for you through a company like or You simply upload your photos and design the book using the website’s templates. The printed book then gets mailed to you at home. This would be done instead of the traditional photos in baby picture frames.

OPTION 2: The second way to think about digital photo albums is an online group of photos that are available for family and friends to browse online. You can add to it and remove pictures at any time. It’s actually a virtual album. You send out an email and let friends know where to go to access your album.

Gather Your Photos

You can create your digital album with existing printed photos that you scan into your computer, or you can use photos from your digital camera that are uploaded into your computer. You can also use a combination of these options to create your album just how you want it.  Be sure that the photos you use are clear and in focus. What you upload is what you get, so select only the best images. You can often crop your photos online, but you won’t be able to remedy an out of focus or imperfect image.

For Option 1: The Printed Album

It’s easy to have a digital photo album created and printed for you. You simply log into your preferred website, like or, and upload your photos. There are backgrounds to choose from and templates in which to place your digital photos. You can add captions to your pictures, and you also will choose the size of your finished album. Add as many photos as you like. The template you’ve chosen will show you where to click and drag your photos. Once you are satisfied with your online preview of the layout of the book, you’ll want to go to the checkout area and order it. Book prices can run anywhere from $5 on up, depending on the site and the size of your album. You may get a quantity discount for ordering multiple copies at the same time. Once your order is placed, you simply enter your credit card information and wait for your album to arrive in the mail.

For Option 2: The Online Album

Sharing your photos with family and friends online is also very easy. You do many of the same things as for a printed album, but there’s no printed product. You upload your photos onto the same type of photo-sharing sites, like or Then, you go to a special area called “Share” that allows you to place all your photos together, along with different backgrounds. It’s much like a digital scrapbook. Or you can just display them all without using any backgrounds. The sharing comes in when you enter the email addresses of your family and friends. They’ll receive an email invitation to view your photos, and they can also leave comments on your pictures.  It’s an easy and fun way to share photos with your loved ones, and it’s free!

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