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Summer Pool or Beach Party Ideas

Published September 22, 2011        by Nicole

Beach Party

When you have a birthday girl or boy with a summer birthday, you have a ready-made party! Summer lends itself to casual parties and you don’t have to do much to make it festive. The pool is always a fun place to host a party. Or have a party on the sand at the local beach. Your job is just to get the food and drinks there. The rest will take care of itself.

A beautiful backdrop like the ocean or a poolside deck is perfect for a party. If you’re at home by the pool, all you really need to do is bring out sandwiches, coolers full of icy cold drinks, some chips and dip, and watermelon. When the time comes, bring out a birthday cookie cake and sing Happy Birthday. Make it ultra casual so everyone feels they can just lounge around. Bring a stereo outside so you can play dance music and have extra towels on hand. Serve treats that are easy to grab on the go like Rice Krispy treats and cookies as well.

If you’re going beach side, have everyone join you at the beach at a certain time. Bring coolers of cold drinks and foods that don’t require much preparation and are easy to eat. You might make up individual boxes for each guest so they have a lunch all set to go. Get boxes for take out from a craft store and include an apple, a sandwich, chips, and cookies. Let guests grab their own drinks out of the coolers. Instead of having a messy cake at that beach, bring a tray of cupcakes which are easier to eat and don’t require any cutting. Have lots of extras on hand like extra bowls of chips, different types of cookies, and even a cheese and crackers tray if you like. The food should be simple as most of the party will be spent in the water or lounging on the sand. Have extra beach towels or spread out a big blanket or two.

Set up a beach volleyball net and bring a few balls. Get a friendly game going. Offer sunblock to those who may have forgotten it or give out little tubes of sunblock as favors at the beginning of the party. You can also do personalized water bottle labels that say “Happy Birthday Dave” or whatever you’d like. They are easy to print off your computer. Just glue them over existing water bottle labels.

If you plan on having a nighttime event, bring materials to build a camp fire. Check to make sure you’re allowed to have a fire on the beach first, of course. If your party is in July, bring some sparklers or other fireworks as a patriotic gift for your guests. Then toast up some s'mores and make it a real cookout. You can even do a clambake if you make a large enough fire. Many companies will deliver an entire clam bake to you in tins for cooking, so all you have to do is set it on the fire. You’ll need more durable plates and napkins. So set up a table that can house utensils, napkins, and plates. You can have each item in baskets so they are easy to transport and serve from on the table. Bring garbage bags so clean up is really easy.