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The Health Benefits of Tea

Published September 26, 2011        by Nicole

It’s no secret that tea has been called a golden elixir of health. The Asian cultures drink it to the exclusion of other beverages. And they are among the healthiest populations on the globe. What is the magical power of tea? What are some of its benefits to your health?flickr photo credit: rieh

Besides tasting good, tea has many benefits that can boost your health. First, it’s has no calories. You can drink it all day and you’ll be adding precious and necessary fluids to your body. This can help in weight loss efforts. It helps you fulfill that recommended eight glasses of water a day quota. And it tastes better than pure water. Because some teas contain no caffeine, it does not draw water out of your system like a diuretic. So it counts towards your daily fluids.

Tea contains antioxidants. Antioxidants protect you from harmful free radicals in the atmosphere and from pollutants. They can help in the fight against cancer. Polyphenols are the substances that are contained in tea that up your body’s own cancer-fighting abilities.

As if all that weren’t enough, tea may also help blood clots from forming in your arteries. When a blood clot happens, the result could be a deadly stroke or heart attack. Now drinking one cup of tea isn’t going to prevent you from getting a blood clot. And you should always take your medications as your doctor recommends. But tea that you drink over a lifetime can help keep your arteries running smoothly.

Everyone always thinks of coffee and tea as the two worst culprits for staining teeth. But actually, tea contains tannins that can keep your teeth from being attacked by plaque. It also contains fluoride. So, yes, tea can stain, but it also can protect. Brush and use a whitener and you’ll be protected and stain-free at the same time.

flickr photo credit: muffetTea can actually help speed up a sluggish metabolism. Green tea is thought to be the best for getting a boost for your body. You can’t add sugars and creams to your tea, however, and hope to see a weight loss based on tea-drinking alone, but you can see an increase in your body’s ability to burn calories when you start incorporating pure green tea into your diet.

Many people have started to take green tea supplements. But why would you when you can sit and relax and have a nice cup of tea? The benefits of the beverage are now famous. So why not create a little ritual for yourself where you step out of your busy day with your teapot, tea infusers and favorite cup, and enjoy a freshly brewed pot of healthy tea? It’s more fun than downing a pill.

Tea has been studied for its health benefits for thousands of years. Cultures that drink mainly tea are known for their longevity and overall good health. If you want to start adding tea to your diet, it’s one of the best habits you can start. Don't forget to share those health benefits with your loved ones with a tea gift basket!

You may want to swap out one cup of coffee each day for tea. You won’t even miss the reduced caffeine and soon your body will adjust to a life without caffeine. Just do it slowly if you decide to wean yourself off caffeine. Abruptly stopping caffeine intake may cause headaches and that’s the last thing you want.