Great Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Image by imorpheus on FlickrThe holidays are nearing and usually that means one of many things - but ultimately it's time to give gifts. When buying gifts for your family and friends, you usually have a good idea of what you want to give them. It's catered to their tastes and hobbies. So why should giving gifts to your employees be any different? It shouldn't be. Giving gifts to your employees is almost just as important as giving a holiday gift to your family. You see them or work with them every day.

When digging a little deeper on the subject, I took to Twitter. I wanted to know, what are employers giving to their employees to make them feel appreciated? There were a couple bad ideas, but quite a few great ideas. Does the fact that they tweeted about their gifts also stand out to you? It should. Employees were so grateful that their hard work was recognized, so much that they took to tweeting about it. That's pretty impressive, don't you think?

Great ideas that were discovered amongst the tweets:

@cdowell2 - Finally got to use my Starbucks gift card from my boss for the first time. #sleepdeprived #grateful

@Ryanh02 - Boss gave me a @Quiznos gift card for being awesome free lunch today!!!

@robyn_cook - I'm so lucky to have such a fabulous boss @MariaLocacciato! Thank you for my @DavidsTea gift card :)

@mattperry90 - Gift from my boss at work! Definitely brightened my day :) She knows how much I love my Starbucks

@RebeccaW2269 - Woo hoo! Got a $25 gift card from my boss today. Love it :) #workflow

@kRiSSY_kG - My boss is GREAT they bought me a gift set from Bath & Body works and gave me $50 in card for my B-Day Whoo - Hoo !!!!!!

@Facciabella14 - Got such a great bday ipad! From my boss! Loooooove my job :)

@garciadiana1 - Got an early birthday card and gift card from my boss and coworkers! How nice and sweet! :))

@itcrashed - Surprised by a gift from my boss! (I was helping him out with his computer problems while on vacation). And yes, this is actual Champagne from Champagne :)

@GaltsGirl - Ribeyes as a belated birthday gift from the boss! Yay!

@Mdb1710 - Just got the book by Deepak Malhotra called I Moved Your Cheese. A gift from the boss and it's even signed.

@whatmybossdid - Boss back from vaca and Paris trip. Got me an LV pouch as a gift for being so good to her :p

Here's what not to do:

@Manicornn - My boss gave me a $50 gift card to Milestones. Went to pay and only $2.50 was on it. Thanks *thumbs up*

@Bill_Baconhill - I remember when I got fired from my last job and my boss made a "Why Bill Got Fired" montage.

Moving On

With all this aside, it might also be important to also note that Boss's Day is coming up on October 17th when the tables will turn. Were you a good manager this year? Time will tell!

Do you have any ideas to add? Or maybe an idea that employers should stay away from? Leave your comments below!

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