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Save Time – Get Corporate Gifts Delivered Right to Their Front Doors

Published September 29, 2011        by Nicole

corp box Save Time – Get Corporate Gifts Delivered Right to Their Front DoorsTime is money – and when you are arranging corporate holiday gifts, you are typically dealing with a lot of both! When you can make the entire process much more streamlined and convenient, you can save money and time and still make your recipients’ day. One of the best ways to do this is to make the delivery process more efficient: opt to have corporate gifts delivered right to the recipients’ front door.

Direct delivery of a corporate gift has a host of benefits, not the least of which is freeing up the time of whoever coordinates them. The internet has made the process faster, and delivery makes it easier still. Other benefits:

  • If you are ordering products, you will likely have to pay shipping. Why not just pay for it to be shipped to the recipient, instead of handling it yourself and then packaging it up again for transport? And if the vendor offers corporate gifts on sale or free shipping, even better. You can increase savings here.

  • Whether or not the products are to be shipped in from a merchant or vendor, they still have to be transported from the work place to the home. Skip this step and just send them to their front door.

  • This eliminates the “What did you get?” question that will inevitably surface around the office if you are giving employees or associates gifts. Comparing gifts is not great for morale – but getting a great gift at home certainly is.

Here are some tips for making your gift and its delivery smooth and thoughtful:

  • Think about the recipient. Sending a “blanket” gift can backfire. Say you want to send fresh steaks to your clients and employees. This is wonderful! It has a high value and can be enjoyed by the entire family. But there are sure to be vegetarians and vegans on your recipient list. This gift is not only inappropriate, it shows a lack of interest or knowledge about the recipient. You can choose more general gift baskets, such as those with gourmet foods, fruit, or teas and coffees.corp truffle Save Time – Get Corporate Gifts Delivered Right to Their Front Doors

  • Think about cost. Fruit baskets are wonderful – but they’re heavy! They will cost more to ship. You can either choose a vendor that offers reasonable or free shipping, especially with bulk orders, or you can choose a smaller, lighter object, such as a box of exotic holiday chocolate truffles.

  • Think about freshness. There’s a reason why coffee and biscotti baskets are popular; they stay fresh for a long time. When you opt for things like fruit, you have to worry about the speed of delivery and hope the vendor is prompt and the products arrive in top condition.

  • Choose a vendor that you trust and which has a reputation for excellence. Choosing a no-name company may seem like a cost-saving measure, but it can backfire if arrangements are poorly done or shipping is slow.

  • If you are assembling your own corporate gift bags or baskets, look into flat rate shipping, which can save you money and time.

  • Include a personalized note in your package. This is important in helping the recipient feel more valued and appreciated.

Corporate gift giving can become much more efficient when you have the shipping and delivery taken care of outside the office. Choose a trustworthy vendor who, in turn, uses a trustworthy carrier, and your gifts will arrive in tact and much appreciated.