How To Make Baby Christening Invitations

When your baby is being christened, you want to tell the whole world! When you realize that you’ll have to cut that number down to just your closest friends and family, you’ll still need a way to get the word out.

Christening invitations can be purchased online or in party stores. But you can also make them yourself. All you need is a little time when you won’t be interrupted and a little creativity. Start off by thinking of a theme. Start off with something white since white is the color of christening gowns and attire. Then think about an accent color. You can choose blue in any shade for a boy or pink in any shade for a girl. But you can also choose orange polka dots or brown stripes. It’s totally up to you. It's a good idea to have the same thing on your invitations as your christening party favors.

One cute thing you can do is purchase a rubber stamp with some sort of baby theme on it. The larger the stamp, the less you’ll have to stamp. Try to find a stamp that will take up most of the card for the invitation and you’ve got just about everything you need. Good stamps to look for are a vintage baby, a baby rattle, a baby buggy or pram, a cradle, a cross, or a dove. These will each work well.

Choose an ink color that matches with your card stock accent color. This can be brown ink for a brown polka dot card or just about any color you like. Ink now comes in just about every shade and even metallic. Find them at craft and hobby shops in the rubber stamping aisle. It may be best to stamp on white or cream-colored card stock, cut the image out and then place the image on top of your accent paper. Use scrapbooking paper with a cute baby theme or use any paper you like-- even wallpaper will work.

Just be sure that the whole thing fits on a sturdy piece of card stock so that you can place it in an envelope and it won’t tear going in or out. The sturdier, the better in this case.

As for the information you’ll need, print out several copies of the info on your computer printer and you won’t have to write at all. Print on white paper and then cut out the words and paste them on a colorful border paper. It’s a great way to use up scrap paper, but also a fun way to paste and go. There’s not much work involved, but the result is an adorable handmade invite that you did yourself. Everyone will ask, “How did you find time to do this with a new baby?” They’ll think it took forever to make, but actually, it’s really easy.

Add a bow or a little bell for a final embellishment, or glue on a piece of baby confetti or two that you can find in a craft sore. Typically, these confetti pieces are cut in the shape of rattles, rubber duckies, and baby bottles. Very cute! Or you can sprinkle the confetti inside the envelope for a nice added touch.

Buying christening invitations online is fine. But if you find that you do have the time and the inclination, making them yourself can be great fun. Be sure to also purchase or make matching thank you cards as well for all those christening gifts!

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