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Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Published October 06, 2011        by Nicole

Halloween is one of those times of year when you can forget you’re an adult. You can have fun being someone – or something else. If you have children, it is fun to dress them up and see them happily trick-or-treating, and if you don’t have children, you can indulge in some trick-or-treating of your own. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party for children or for friends, you’ll need some scary, fun invitations. Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember, it’s halloween: go wild, be crazy, and above all, have fun.  We LOVE these toe tag Halloween party invites that we found from Julochka via Flickr Creative Commons.

Toe Tag Halloween Invitations

If you need to get invitations out in a rush and don’t want to spend money on pre-made ones, you can pop online and find plenty of free templates. These come in various themes and for various ages. If you are inviting older friends, for instance, a vintage invitation can be a fabulous idea. One example, available at has a creepy black cat and a skull on either side of a giant pumpkin. On the pumpkin is written:

Timid? No. Then on Halloween

At _________ of the clock

Let your highness be seen at:

(your address goes here).

It is fun in that melodramatic old horror movie way. Simply copy these for your guests, write in your party info, and send.

Another great idea that is perfect for children or adults is the Moonlit Halloween card. For this, you will need black cardstock, white or cream cardstock, glue, and foam cat shapes. Onto the folded black sheet of cardstock, glue a circle of white for the moon. Simply glue the foam bats (available at craft stores) so they look like they are flying in the moonlight. Inside, write with silver gel pens to give guests the party information. You can do similar cards using a witch or a black cat in front of the moon.

Purchase a package of brown paper lunch bags at the grocery store. For a very cute children’s invitation, fold the bag in half firmly. Trim a white piece of paper or cardstock so it will be about a half inch to one inch smaller than the paper bag on which it will be glued or stapled.

Write the party information on the white paper, either using your computer or printing it yourself. Adorn with Halloween scrapbooking stickers and staple or glue it to the inside of the folded bag. Cut out five or so orange construction paper pumpkins, writing “Boo” or another Halloween message on one of them. Glue three to the front of the bag and two on the inside cover. On the pumpkin with the message, use a length of green ribbon as a stem and staple or glue into place. Tie a length of black ribbon down the spine of the card, which creates a nice border look. Put the party information inside, and you’re done.Custom Halloween Invitation

Buy blank cards or cut cardstock in half to make your own for this chic web and spider invitation. Around the edge of the front, draw a thin border and outline it with black felt tip marker. Draw a swirl, either with pencil first or just your felt tip marker, starting at a central point and looping further away from the center. From the center of your swirl, use a ruler to draw straight edges that extend all the way to the edges of the card. These will be like spokes from a wheel. Draw a little dot at the intersection of each point with your black marker. From a point in the swirl, draw a thin line straight down with a spider dangling down. A simple circle for the body, smaller circle for the head, and creepy legs will do it. Color the spider’s body red for contrast – and for blood, of course. On one of the web’s strands, write “Happy Halloween,” in very subtle handwriting. Inside goes your party information.

Alternatively you can purchase custom invites with many fun designs online.

Happy Halloween!