Gift Ideas To Thank NICU Nurses

If you had a newborn who required special care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, chances are the nurses there became very important to you. You may have become close to a few of them who gave your infant extra attention. Now that your baby is on her way home, be sure to send a gift of appreciation to the nurses. How can you thank someone who meant so much to you and your family?

Here are some ideas on how you can say thank you for their kindness:

Flowers: Flowers are always a nice gift for anyone, but especially so for workers who may not always receive thanks for serving the public. Choose a free-standing bouquet over fresh-cut flowers that will require a vase. Make sure you address the card to the whole staff if there are too many people to thank. Deliver them yourself if you can.

Gourmet Candy: If you want to really say thank you in a special way, bring in gourmet candy gifts for the whole unit. Include a card thanking everyone for their efforts. If there was one nurse in particular who really made an impact, give her a special box of her own. Just do it privately so others don’t feel left out. Choices can include high end gourmet chocolates, chocolate covered nuts or fruit, specialty nut mixes covered in caramel and more.

A Gift Certificate: If you want to personally thank one or more nurses, consider a gift certificate to a spa or restaurant in the area. Choose one that’s not too far away or even accessible at lunch time so they can really get some use out of their thank you gift. Be sure to include a heartfelt note of thanks.

Photo of Baby: Nurses see a lot of babies on the job, but they will always remember your special little one if you include a photo with your gift. You might even want to take a photo of the nurse holding your baby and then present her later with a silver engraved baby photo frame with baby’s photo in it. It will touch her heart that she made such an impact on you.

Long-Stemmed Cookies: Many bakeries now offer cookies on sticks designed to look like a bouquet of flowers. These cookie bouquets make nice gifts if you want to thank a whole unit of nurses. They can grab one and eat it on a break or take one home. Choose a wide variety so that you hit on everyone’s favorites.

A Special Letter: If you were really touched by the professionalism and care your baby received in NICU, tell the boss. Write a letter to the head of the department or hospital stating how your favorite nurse when above and beyond to help you out. This recommendation will often be more valuable to her than if you had given her a jewel. She’ll be so happy to be recognized for her efforts. Be sure that she gets a copy of it as well as her boss.

Did you know that every year there are Nurses Week Celebrations Around the World?