How to Make the Perfect Baby Shower Centerpiece

Yellow Duck Baby CakeThere is no one single “perfect” baby shower centerpiece, just as there is no one single perfect mother.  Mothers are unique, and what makes them perfect is how well they know their babies and their ability to take care of their needs.  If you are having trouble deciding on a baby shower centerpiece for a friend or family member, take a cue from all the great mothers out there.  Know her, and try to take care of her needs.  Luckily, it is fairly easy to anticipate the needs of an expecting mother!  Here are some ideas so your centerpiece will be perfect.

  • Dig into a diaper cake.  It’s cuter than it sounds.  Instead of flour and sugar, this cake is made from rolled up diapers (cloth is excellent, but disposable works too). These are formed into tiers, and then adorned with baby care items, such as small toys, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, socks, hats, mitts, and more.  You can find instructions all over the internet to help you make the diaper cake.  The best part is that it is easy and practical.  Mom can use everything on the cake.  And no calories either.
  • Along similar lines, you could make a baby sock rose bouquet.  Again, you can find the easy instructions online, but really, it is very similar to just folding socks as you would after doing laundry.  You place them on floral wire, and wind green floral tape around the wire to make it look like a stem.  You can place these in a bouquet with other flowers for a very cute, usable, centerpiece.
  • String a clothesline across the room where you wish the focal point to be.  From here, hang little onesies, shirts, dresses, pajamas, hats, and other baby clothing with wooden clothespins.  Use diapers to spell out “Baby Shower,” “Baby,” or the baby’s name if possible, and hang these in the center or in an alternating pattern with the clothes.
  • Find a small galvanized steel tub, which are available at Amazon and other vendors, and fill it about one-third to half full with water.  Add cute rubber duckies, and maybe a pink, blue, yellow, or light green ribbon around the tub, and you have a very simple, thoroughly adorable, centerpiece.  And mom can use the duckies again.

So far, these have all been budget-friendly, usable baby shower centerpiece ideas.  These are great for practical moms, as well as those who haven’t had time to shop yet!  But if the mother whom you are honoring already has most of her essentials, it is time to move away from the practical.  And what better place to move on to than food?

An edible flower cookie bouquet is a gorgeous – and delicious – centerpiece.  You can order one or you can make your own using pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and melon.  Add some chocolate, and you have a stunning centerpiece that will be a huge hit with all of the guests.

Even if mom is watching what she eats, every woman needs to indulge every once in a while, and what better time than at her baby shower?  If you want to win her heart, get a chocolate fountain.  These make incredible centerpieces because not only do they offer warm, flowing chocolate, they are actually very attractive.  You can make the presentation even prettier by arranging strawberries, cherries, pretzels, marshmallows, pineapple, biscotti, cake squares, and other goodies around the fountain.  You can purchase a fountain or rent one.

The centerpiece can set the tone for the baby shower.  Know what the guest of honor likes and you'll make the perfect decision every time.

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