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Healthy Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Healthy Gifts for Diabetics

There are so many holidays and celebrations that diabetics who have to watch their sugar simply miss out on.  Think about all the Valentine’s Day chocolate, the Easter candy or the Christmas cookies that many with diabetes simply have to pass on, not to mention the birthdays, graduations, retirement parties and other office celebrations where the sweet stuff comes out.  When watching your sugar matters, here are some thoughtful ways to give a gift or basket that counts to someone that's diabetic.

Perhaps you haven’t realized that people are actually passing up the gift baskets you are sending on.  If you work closely with a team of people, you likely know when someone has diabetes.  But what if you are gifting treats to a whole sales team, for instance?  What if you are sending something to a prospective client, only to discover later that the client cannot actually eat what you spent a lot of money on to impress him with?  That is a little more than a faux pas.  In situations where you aren’t actually clear as to whether people can eat sugary treats, it is probably better to go with a basket or an edible gift that is diabetic-friendly and sugar free.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Sugar-Free Brownies or Brownie Mix
  2. A gardening gift basket (to grow their own food! Of Course!)
  3. Sugar-free snack box or basket like that have a combination of savory and sweet and includes things like Pretzels, Popchips, Sugar-free candy, Peanuts and Sugar-free wafers.
  4. Olive Oil - Yep! Healthy Olive Oil!  Buy a bottle and fill it, or buy a speciality bottle from a store!
  5. Gift box full of nuts - Nuts can be delicious and healthy. Dad's love 'em!


But first, let’s just be very clear – diabetics are very tired of getting fruit in place of sweets!  It may seem like the obvious answer to helping someone with a sugar issue, but in fact, quite a few people with diabetes also have to be careful of the amount of natural sugars they are eating as well.  And fruit is loaded with natural sugars.  So before you shrug and order that fruit basket, consider that you may not actually be solving the problem.

But diabetics don't want to suffer through yet another tasteless sugar-free cookie.  After all, we have all had our share of those, and they are nothing to write home about!  The problem goes beyond the taste.  Sometimes even the packaging can turn people away from the gift-basket, because so many sugar-free treats are so unattractively packaged.

There is a stigma around sugar-free foods that has developed primarily because of packaging and taste.  So what is the solution for a gift basket?  A thoughtful mix of snacks and sweets that are deliciously friendly to folks with diabetes.

Who says that gift baskets have to just include candy or fruit?  There are plenty of delicious treats that can be arranged in an attractive basket that friendly – and tasty – to those with sugar issues.  Sugar-laden snack baskets can include popcorn, pretzels, fruit trail mix, veggies sticks, delicious apple butter and more.  Still, people will want candy.  But ensuring it is a high quality and attractive sweet treat means even people without diabetes will be dying to try it.

Imagine jelly beans and fudgy rolls – all sugar free.  There is no reason to feel left out!  And these are certainly not your grandfather’s sugar free treats.  A delicious mix of tasty, savory and sweet means everyone, including people with diabetes, can enjoy a great treat.

The next time you want to send a sugar-free gift basket, particularly if you aren’t sure about the needs of the people you are gifting, why not try a sugar-free basket?  There are lots of attractive options that are tasty and show people with diabetes how grateful you are!

Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

baby birthdayMaking a baby’s first birthday party extra special is nothing short of an absolute must. Of course, there are lots of ways to do this - ordering a beautiful cake, inviting friends and family, and most importantly, making sure that the guest of honor has a fabulous time - even if they aren’t going to remember it! If you’re looking to take your little one’s party to the next level though, try one of these ideas to elevate the party to a memorable milestone that everyone will love.

Ideas for your first birthday party


Many parents choose a theme for their child’s first birthday party, such as a favorite toy, character, or show. You can also choose color or pattern themes to guide the overall look of the party. Themed parties are great because they give you the opportunity to personalize the event and really make it about your baby, plus they take a lot of the guesswork out of planning. With a theme in place, you have a great starting point for your party planning, and choosing everything from the cake to the napkins to the decor becomes much simpler. Here are some cute themes to consider for your baby’s first birthday:

  • Peter Rabbit
  • Animals (barnyard, jungle, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Princesses
  • Cars, planes, boats
  • Butterflies and flowers

Happy Birthday CupcakeDecorations

Decorations will also play a big role in your baby’s party, because of course you’ll want to make the setting as festive as possible! With your theme as your guide, transform your space with fun and colorful banners, streamers, signs, confetti, and more. All of this will help give your just the right ambiance for your little one’s milestone party!

Cake for Baby

A cake is another must-have for any birthday party, but a first birthday calls for something a little different - a personal cake just for your baby. With a smaller, personal cake, your baby can dig right in to get his or her very first taste of this annual treat. There’s nothing cuter than a curious baby grabbing a fistful of birthday cake, so plan on ordering this smaller treat in addition to the larger cake that you’ll serve to guests.

Games and Activities

Planning a few fun games or other activities is another important party consideration. You’ll want to keep your guests baby in a ball roomentertained, and one way to do this is by keeping them busy and having fun. Try one of these age-appropriate activities to keep small guests happy:

  • Parade - Have the kiddos participate in their very own birthday party parade! Gather some dress-up clothes and some simple instruments like kazoos and tambourines, and let the kids have their choice of outfit and prop. Then it’s time to march!
  • Bubbles - Bubbles are fun for all ages, so grab enough bottles that each child can have their own. All you have to do next is release them into the backyard and let the fun begin.
  • Dance party - What’s a party without any dancing? Crank up the tunes and let the kids (and the adults!) bust a move! Or, turn it into a game by adding a few seats and playing Musical Chairs.

Goodie Bags

Once the games are played, the cake is eaten, and the presents have been opened, it’ll be time for everyone to start heading home. But you don’t want them to go home empty-handed, do you? Of course not! Send them off with a fun goodie bag that they can enjoy long after the party has ended. Fill it with yummy treats, stickers, or little toys, and add an extra-special touch by including a picture of your baby with a card thanking them for coming to celebrate.

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Question: How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

Answer: Enough to break the ice!

Oh, the pain of hosting a party where no one is mingling. The last thing you want is to throw a baby shower where everyone sits around silently sipping their punch. It can really drag on and you'll start getting anxious. Instead, include some ice breakers in the form of fun games that everyone can play. Here's some ideas to get you started.

Set the Stage with Fun Decor

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking
Image by godutchbaby on Flickr

Start With Name Tags

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

First and Foremost

Often people at the shower come from different times in the guest of honor's life. She may have friends from college, work and family and they may never have met.

Image by vociferous. on Flickr

The first thing to do is give everyone a marker and let them write their own name tag when they come in. Or you could have all the name tags written out in advance. But it's more fun, and gives girls something to do upon entering, if you let them write out their own tags. And you'll be sure that everyone's name is spelled correctly.

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Activity 1 - Scrapbook!

And Let Scrapbook

Start out with some very basic ice breakers. One good idea is to have guests create a scrapbook page for the mom to be. You can have scrapbooking materials out at a table and each guest can come and make a page that will go in a scrapbook you'll give to the guest of honor. Have at least four seats so that guests can sit and mingle with each other while making their pages.

Image by brungrrl on Flickr

Have your table set up in an area where others can drag up a chair and participate too. Once the action gets going, everyone will want to be involved. When you've collected all the pages, you can adhere them to the actual scrap book. Send the mom home with it or work on it later when guests have gone.

Baby Scrapbooking

Activity 2 - Introductions

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Touch on Hobbies, Interests, and Their Relationships

Another easy idea is to have everyone go around in a circle and say how they know the guest of honor. It will bring up memories, break the ice and also give everyone and idea of where they fit into the overall picture.

Image by Dain Sandoval on Flickr

You can also ask guests to share a little something about themselves like where they live, how many kids they have, where they grew up, or a hobby that they enjoy.

The guests may share an interest or talent that others want to ask more about later.

After Games, Celebrate With Dessert

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking
Image by smcgee on Flickr

Free Baby Games! - Check These Out!

  • Free Baby Shower Games
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Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Activity 3 - Mom & Baby Trivia

How well do they know them?

Don't feel you have to hover over guests and make them talk to each other. Provide areas where there are fun things to do and eat, and you'll get people up.

Image by aftab. on Flickr

Have every guest fill out a questionnaire as to how well they know the guest of honor, guesses on the baby's birth date and time, and other trivia about the family. This can get really fun.

 Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking

Activity 4 - Take Some Yarn

As Much As They Want

You will also want to have games that are easy to play. One fun one is to have each person unwind a length of yarn from a ball as they come in. Don't tell them what it's for. Then, when the time comes, have the mom to be stand up. Each person has to circle their thread around mom's belly. The person who chose a length that's the closest to mom's actual belly size wins a prize.

Pop the (Fake) Bubbly & Get the Party Started

Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice and Get Guests Talking
Image by MrsLimestone on Flickr

Activity 5 - Have Fun and Take the Lead

Show Them How to Have Fun

There are all sorts of things that you can do to break the ice at a baby shower. The most important thing is for you to be organized, plan well and then show that you're having fun yourself the day of the party. Every guest will be taking their cue from you, so if you're relaxed, they will be too.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Pick and Choose

There's nothing more cheerful than a baby shower. It's a happy occasion that everyone's delighted to celebrate. So when the baby shower arrives you want to show up with a baby gift that's going to be both useful and adorable. What should you choose? Here are some ideas.

There's a lot out there!

What does she need?

New moms are usually overwhelmed with the amount of preparation that goes into planning for a new baby. So you want to show up with a present that will make her life easier.

Many new moms will register and you can easily choose something off her registry, but if the mom in your life did not register or if you'd rather choose something on your own, there's an enormous selection to choose from. Step into any baby store and you may be shocked at the amount of gear and baby baskets that are available for the modern baby. Some are cute amusements and some are necessities. Here are some of the most common things a new mom will need!

Car Seat

Safety First

A car seat that converts from infant to toddler. Most infant car seats have this capability. But check with the store clerk if you're not sure. This is one item that you want purchase in the very best quality, brand new, with all the latest safety features. Ask ahead of time if she's already got one. And often, with two or more cars in the family, she may need another one.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Creative & Fun!


Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Essentials

A stroller that's sturdy. A jogging stroller makes the ideal present both for a city and a country mom as they are rugged and the wheels move easily across all kinds of terrain.

Image by Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr

If a jogging stroller doesn't seem to fit the new mom's lifestyle, then a walking stroller for malls or travel makes a good gift instead.

And, the easier it is to fold up and transport, the better.

A Crib

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Comfy Cozy

Most moms either have their heart set on a specific crib or have been handed down a crib already. Check with those closes to the guest of honor before buying this important piece of furniture.

Image by jencu on Flickr

If you do end up shopping for a crib, there are wonderful convertible cribs that go from crib to toddler bed to daybed to twin bed. So it's a purchase that baby will have until college!

More Helpful Links - Oh my baby!

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Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper Bag

That's hip & modern, of course

A hip diaper bag. Moms are no longer lugging bulky bags with pink and blue teddy bears printed all over them. Now, there are diaper bags that rival the chicest handbags. It's often hard to even identify it as a diaper bag it's so gorgeous.

Image by

Shop online or in specialty stores that are likely to carry a wide array of trendy bags. Then, fill it with all sorts of pampering products for baby and mom like sweet smelling baby wash and cozy slippers for mom at the hospital.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Image by Keith Williamson on Flickr


Cloth or Disposable

While they aren't the most adorable gifts that will be on the table, you will be thanked profusely for your gift. New moms go through about eight diapers a day. And diapers get expensive.

First, find out if she's going to use cloth or disposable diapers. Then, provide her with not only a package of newborn diapers, but also the next size up. Babies grow so quickly that newborn diapers are only used for a very short span of time. The next biggest size is a good idea. And get plenty of them.

There is a way to give diapers in a cute way. You can now buy "diaper cakes". These charming little cakes are actually composed of rolled up diapers and secured with ribbon. The result is a multi-tiered cake that's actually made entirely of diapers.

Nursery Decor

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Fit their theme

Ask in advance what the nursery decor is. If she's going with a zoo animals theme, buy items that coordinate. You can buy books about zoo animals to help start baby's first library or a giant stuffed zebra for baby to cherish as she grows up. Get creative.

Image by 4Neus on Flickr

Avoid buying anything that can't be returned. Often, moms receive lots of duplicates. While she may want to keep four Diaper Genies, she's going to have to return a few of them. Always give a gift receipt (that doesn't show the price) along with your gift. You can attach it to the box or place it inside a card, whichever you want.

70's Retro Candy

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70s Retro Candy

70's Retro Candy

Nostalgic Candies from the 1970's

Since I was born in 1970 with the same sweet tooth that I have today, you could say that I am an expert on the candies of the 70's. Some of my fondest memories are going to the roller rink and eating packs of Sixlets and sporting a red ring pop. Aaah, those were the days!

In this post, I'll share just a few of my favorite candies from that decade along with some great candy gift ideas for the sweet tooth in your life. These nostalgic candies make great birthday surprises and holiday gifts too!

Photo Credit: Groovy Candies

1970's Retro Candy from Amazon

Amazon has a fantastic collection of retro candy gifts from the 1950s through the 1980's. You can find grab bags full of classic favorites of yesteryear.

Retro Candy Trend

70's Retro Candy

Over the past several years, there has been a resurgence in the retro candy market. As the U.S. population ages, it appears that they become a bit nostalgic yearning for days of old. And what better way to get whisked back to one's childhood, than by eating some of the same candies that you enjoyed as a kid.

Although those "penny" candies cost more than a penny now, customers are elated to find childhood favorites both online and in local candy shoppes. Consider sending someone special a classic candy gift today!

The any occasion retro candy basket shown in the image to the right is available at All About Gifts & Baskets. You can get it with several different balloons including Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon and of course, the smiley one shown.

Places To Buy Retro Candy Online

Check out these great candy companies to find all kinds of cool candies from the 70's. You can buy them as individual pieces or in gift baskets or boxes. What a great 40th birthday gift!

  • Retro 70's Happy Candy Grab Bag - $3.75
    The 70s Happy Candy Grab Bag contains approx. 14 fabulous candies that were popular in the 70s.
  • Retro 70s Happy Candy Sampler - $18.95
    This 70's Happy Candies sampler box contains over 30 pieces of nostalgia candy. The box size is 9.5" x 5.5" x 2.5" and the weight is about 1.75 lbs.
  • Candy Warehouse
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  • Candy Gift
    Find retro and today's candies arranged in bouquets, edible bases, baskets and more. These make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just about any occasion!

Funny Candy Commercials from the 70's

My Top 10 Favorite Candies from the 1970's

1) Sixlets

2) Sugar Daddy Pops

3) Necco Wafers

4) Pop Rocks

5) Candy Necklace

6) Bazooka

7) Atomic Fireballs

8) Bit-O-Honey

9) Razzle

10) Nerds