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Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Last Minute Yet Crazy Cute Costumes

What's cuter than a baby dressed up for Halloween? This year if you're stumped for ideas, take inspiration from the 10 most popular baby Halloween costumes.

These winners have stood the test of time and have helped many a frantic mom make a costume at the last minute.

Photo courtesy of Juhansonin on Flickr

Cuter Than Cute - Babies Look Cute in Anything

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies
Photo courtesy of TedsBlog on Flickr
Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The Princess

Beautiful Babies

Every little lady wants to be a princess at some point in their lives. A baby dressed in a ballerina costume complete with a tutu and tiara is one of the most popular ways to go. Add a dime store magic wand with other little items you might use as fairy tale favors and you've got yourself a fairy princess.

Image by KcMacPhoto on Flickr

Have a particular princess in mind? Go for it! There are tons of Disney Princess costumes out there and you will never run out of princess-related items to add to the costume.

Popular Princesses:

Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Jasmine (Aladdin), Belle (Beauty & the Beast), Fiona (Shrek)

Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The M&M

Boo to Mmmm

The popular "melts in your mouth, not in your hand" costume is adorable! Every year you can find baby M&Ms being wheeled or carried around for Halloween treats. And it's no wonder - it's such a cute idea! You can either buy a pre-made M&M costume, or make it yourself by dressing baby in all one color and placing an M on her with felt.

Image by Kidscostumesandmore.com

This is one of the easiest costumes to make (or find), and you really don't need too much to throw it together. If you want to make a cute alteration to the costume, try using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for the "M" for nighttime trick-or-treating.

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The Puppy

Puppy Love

Everyone loves a dog and when it's a baby dog, it's even cuter! To make a puppy costume, take a hoodie and add floppy ears to it.

Image by Lifecreations on Flickr

You can also add spots and a tail all made in felt. It's up to you if you'll do the eyebrow pencil brown nose or not, as face paint doesn't really go over well with fussy babies.

Other optional details might include a puppy tail, a ball, or place a clean puppy bed in their stroller for a bonus accessory and a place to put Halloween treats!

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The Cat

Here Kitty, Kitty

Hand in hand with the puppy costume is the kitty costume. You can turn any outfit that's fuzzy into a kitty outfit. Put pointy felt ears on a headband and you've got yourself a cat.

Image by Edenpictures on Flickr

There are also some charming kitty costumes for baby that you can purchase ready-made.

Other items you might include are: a tail, a ball of yarn, and/or lasagna (if you want to go the Garfield theme).

There are numerous famous cats that you might be able to mock-up as well. Put your thinking cap on and see what you can come up with!


Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Saving the world, one bottle at a time

What adult wouldn't love to look back at pictures of them at Halloween dressed as mini-Superheroes? They just look so cute! Super Baby is a popular choice for baby Halloween costumes.

Photo by Midiman on Creative Commons

It's easily accomplished with a red onesie and a felt cape and a yellow "S". Babies look so adorable in this costume, and it's not uncomfortable for them to wear.

Other options include Flash, Spiderman, Batman (or woman), and other popular heroes.

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The Pumpkin

(Not just your little pumpkin)

Your little pumpkin needs a costume, and is it that easy? Yes! And a baby dressed in a pumpkin costume is a guaranteed photo opportunity.

The store bought costumes look best as they bulge out at all the right places to create a plump little pumpkin. Add some green tights for the legs and baby is pinchably cute!

Image by Phil Scoville on Flickr

Too late to get to the store? Borrow an older child's orange shirt and stuff it with kleenex or some other soft/plush filling. As long as it's not irritating to the baby for the night, it will be a great option for the little one!

Don't forget to bring a matching snack-o-lantern pumpkin to carry the goodies.

Mr. No-No Halloween Safety Tips - Trick-or-Treating

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

The Cowboy


Lasso up the kids, and round up the babies. This inspired costume goes way back to the olden days. If you have older children, this is another chance to pull together the whole theme. Dress them up as old-age town citizens and let your imagination run!

Image by Phil Scoville on Flickr

Have a dog? Dress him up too and bring him along for the fun. Put together a horse and buggy contraption or just dress the dog as a horse and most people will get the point.

The little man in the family will be so charming in a rodeo getup! Pint sized chaps, a red bandana and cowboy hat make this an easy costume to do. Optional items might involve a cowboy hat, a beard/mustache, a toy gun, a lasso, or even a flannel article of baby clothing. Include a stuffed pony and you've got a real winner!


 Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Cute as a Bug

A costume that won't make you bug out

Variations of the bug include the red and black ladybug and the yellow and black bee. Crafty moms have been creating these insect costumes forever.

It's easy to do yourself with a plain yellow or red onesie and some black felt. Figure in antennae with black pipe cleaners and dyed cotton balls on a headband.

Image courtesy of Madgerly on Flickr

Or if you'd rather go to the store you can find darling versions and save yourself the work.

Buggy Babies - Costumes on Amazon

The Pea Pod

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Or Peas in a Pod (Twins)

Green is the color of the day, so why not dress baby in the color head to toe? A pea costume is easily accomplished with an all green outfit with some felt circles glued on, but the store bought version of this costume is out of this world adorable.

Image by Invisible Hour on Flickr

Got twins? The options are endless. Dress the stroller as a pod and your babies as peas for the legendary 'two peas in a pod'! Another idea is to dress them both in light green and a dark green hat for each.

The Lion

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Oh Cute!

A mop head and some food coloring will easily create the mane for a baby lion. An alternative to this might be brown yarn, which might be more accessible depending on the household.

Photo by Valentinapowers on Flickr

A set of feet pajamas in tan or brown will make a cute body. If you'd like to add ears, you can attach felt or pipe cleaners to a headband, you can also temporarily stitch them onto a hood. You can also easily make a tail with felt or fabric.

But when it comes down to it, the baby lion costumes in the store are even cuter and don't cost much for such a darling effect.


Boss Day Gift Basket Ideas

Boss Day Gift Basket Ideas

Why a Gift Basket?

A good boss is worth celebrating. A bad boss is worth buttering up. Either way, Boss's Day ought to be remembered with a token of your appreciation and thanks.

One of the best ways to do this is with a gift basket. You can customize it for your boss and your budget; you can make it small for an individual gift or large for a group gift. Here are some Boss's Day gift basket ideas to get you started.

Boss's Day Candy Bouquets



The Healthy Sweet Tooth

If your boss is more health-conscious, satisfy the sweet tooth with fruit. While you can opt to include a range of old favorites: apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, etc., why not make it an exotic fruit basket? Try mangoes, ugly fruit, star fruit, and pomegranate, all of which should be available at your local supermarket. Shop a specialty/ethnic store for other choices or look online.

Happy Boss's Day! - Way too cute...

Spicy Gourmet Salsa & Chips Gift BasketSpices.

Some Like It Hot

If your boss likes it hot, include a selection of different hot sauces. Tabasco, for instance, makes gift packs with several flavors. If he/she enjoys Indian, Mexican, Italian, or other cultural foods, include a selection of spices and herbs commonly used in cooking.

Image by Sudhamshu on Flickr

Some popular Indian spices, for instance, include cumin, curry, cilantro, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, coriander, saffron, and turmeric. Include these, and perhaps a few gourmet recipes for him/her to try.


Treat Your Boss to Goodies

Top Dog Boss's Day Cookie Bouquet

Cater the Sweets

While there is the rare person who hates sweets and treats, most of us like to indulge from time to time. If you know your boss has a weakness for chocolate chip or peanut butter, be sure to include these treats.

If you are not sure of a favorite, include a selection of classics: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, brownies, and blondies. Either make them yourself or get them from a bakery. Regardless, they will absolutely love any type of boss's day cookies.

Alternatively, you could consider some of fresh-baked brownies or cookie bouquets to satisfy his or her sweet tooth.


Local Products.

A Taste of Texas Gift Basket

Territorial Treats

Create a gift basket that showcases local businesses and products. There is a specialty item for practically every state/region/city. If your state is known for its peaches, include them.  We sell some great Virginia and Texas themed gift baskets that would be perfect for this occasion.  They are filled with all kinds of tasty local products that he or she is sure to enjoy.

If there is a local brewer in town who makes great beer, include that as well. What is created locally in your area? Wine, cheese, breads, preserves, syrup, chocolates, produce? Make an arrangement of these special products.


A Little R&R.

Rest & Relaxation

Relax & Rejuvenate Spa Tote

It is always good to give the gift of relaxation to your hard-working boss. Create a spa gift basket and include home spa items such as bath salts, lotions, candles, scents, etc., are a fine choice, particularly for women bosses.

If "relaxation" means working out, include some gym supplies, like a water bottle, athletic socks, new laces, ear buds, or an iTunes card.

If relaxing is gardening, hiking, walking, traveling, include items that will help them enjoy their hobby even more.


More Boss Ideas

  • Boss Day Gift
    Offers Boss's Day gifts & Bosses Day gift baskets featuring gourmet foods, golf items and cookie bouquets. Give your boss a gift that he or she will love!

A Mug Says It All

Boss Day Gift Basket Ideas
Image by HarshPatel;Photographer on Flickr

Party Starter Gift Tub

Wine, Spirits, or Beer.

Bottoms Up!

Create a wine gift basket (centered around a nice bottle of wine) or instead of wine, how about centering your gift around the mixings for a favorite drink? Perhaps they would rather enjoy several varieties of locally brewed or international beer.

Whatever their drink preference, start with that and then round out the basket with cheeses, crackers, pretzels, nuts, and gourmet popcorn.


Movie Night.

If your boss is a film buff, or just likes to get their weekly CSI fix, give them the goodies to make it a great night.

Flix Movie Night Gift BoxMake them a movie gift basket and include items like movie tickets, a Blockbuster gift card, or just a few DVD's they might enjoy. Some business-related movies might include:

  • Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Goodfellas
  • Wall Street
  • Citizen Kane
  • Boiler Room

With that being the main focus, then include popcorn, nuts, pretzels, chips, dips, cheese and crackers, soda or iced tea, and perhaps a sweet treat for dessert.


Mid-Day Survival Kit.

Keep Them Awake!

Starbucks Take A Break Basket

Everyone knows about the post-lunch lull. It's when your body begs for a nap. To help your boss pull through until the afternoon meeting, give a mid-day survival kit which includes a selection of gourmet coffees and/or teas, roasted nuts for energy, chocolates or baked goods, fruit, fun stress ball, and maybe an eye mask so no one knows they're asleep. They'll love this coffee gift basket!

Make it fun! You could even include a little pill bottle filled with quarters for when the afternoon lull requires a trip to the vending machine!


Presenting the Gifts

October 16th!

Bosses' Day - Don't Forget!

A Bosses' Day gift does not need to be expensive or large; it should, however, show that you appreciate the work that your boss does for you every day and acknowledge his/her contributions to the team and company.

Make this October 16 a great Bosses' Day!

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Make Kids Happy

It may have been a while since you yourself have gone trick-or-treating. If this is the case, you may be out of the loop when it comes to the types of candy that kids love to receive now days. So in case you're lost on what to stock up on this year, read these ideas and maybe you might have some new friends in your neighborhood this year.


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Hungry? Why wait.

Snickers is one of the most popular pieces of Halloween treats every year. Right next to the Tootsie Roll, naturally. Then of course for Snickers there are the mini-bites and the bite-size. You can go with the regular size, but usually it's a bit overwhelming when you can't exactly just grab a handful of large candy bars.

Image courtesy of Leonid Mamchenkov on Flickr

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Taste the Goodness

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are some of the most delicious Halloween candy to find in your stash, at least they're the big hit at our house! These involve peanut butter covered in chocolate and are so very addicting.

Kids love eating them almost as much as adults do, so of course if you end up with a few extra - trust me, it won't be a bad thing.

Image courtesy of mary_thompson on Creative Commons

Worst Halloween Candy

Blow Pops

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Or Tootsie Pops

Suckers are great for any age group, and naturally these candies last the longest so they are typically savored. Not to mention, Blow Pops have the gum inside so it's like two treats in one package.

Another great thing about giving out suckers is that they can't melt like gourmet chocolate can, so parents might be more thankful when they find that a sucker got stuck in their car seat, next summer.

Image by iandeth on Flickr

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Air Heads or Laffy Taffy

That'll Keep 'em Quiet

Some of the candy that kids really love are ones that parents also love: chewy ones. Laffy Taffy and Air Heads typically take kids a while to eat, and because of this, it keeps them quiet and busy for a few extra minutes.

Not to mention that these things taste like sugar heaven and naturally kids love that kind of stuff.

Photo by oskay on Flickr

Jaw Breakers

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Don't Take It Literally

Jaw Breakers are excellent candies that are tasty and very easy. A few in each bag and you are set per trick-or-treater. The best part about Jaw Breakers is that they take the longest time to eat, so you can get by with just giving each kid a few.

Image by pgh_shutter on Creative Commons

Were the kids extra-rowdy this year? Opt for the atomic fireballs, they taste like red hots and make for a nice surprise.

Popular Choices


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Melts in Your Mouth

These delicious Halloween treats are so good to make it look like you're giving out a lot of candy at your front door. The tasty bites make for addicting little snacks, but since they get a whole bag of them, it's a nice gesture.

It might be good to just go with plain M&M's because you never know who has peanut allergies and you don't want to be responsible for an allergic reaction.

Photo courtesy of Cameron Cassan on Flickr

Just Remember

You don't have to pick just one candy. Mix in a variety of candy and give each child a handful. Oh, and don't give them the option to choose because it will take all night.

Hershey Bars

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Big or Small, They Like 'em All

Hershey bars are one of the best candies to throw in Halloween gift baskets, and most simple Halloween candy to give. They make them in so many different sizes, that you can really tailor it to your budget and what you're willing to give away. When I was young, and we didn't have many neighbors, my elderly neighbor would give us the jumbo-Hershey bars. We thought it was awesome - and it lasted forever!

Of course, there are tiny mini ones too, if you've got a crowd to keep.

Image by slgckgc on Flickr


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

The Next in Line Contenders

I can't end this post leaving you thinking that these are the only popular candies that children like to get while trick-or-treating. So of course, I had to provide you with a list of runner-ups that kids also love to receive. Of course, every child is different, so there is a wide variety of candy that you can pick and still have success!

Some of these other favorite contenders include: Milky Way, Dots, Fun Dip, Gum, 3 Muskateers, and Jaw Breakers.

Image by Timothy Tolle on Flickr

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Plan The Best Halloween Baby Shower Ever!

If you are lucky enough to be planning a baby shower this fall, then you can consider a fun Halloween theme. Whether you choose to go with a simple black and orange color scheme or a Little Pumpkin theme, the Mummy-to-be and the guests will be impressed with your creativity.

The great news is that many online and local party shops have started making decorations, invitations, cheap favors, and tableware that is specifically suited for a Halloween baby shower.

In this post, I've tried to give you ideas and tips for every aspect of the shower and I've included lots of resource links so that you can plan the Best Halloween Baby Shower Ever!

Photo from Parents.com

Halloween Themed Shower Invitations

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

When it comes to the baby shower invitations, you have lots of options. Many online companies sell fully personalized invites that arrive at your door fully printed so you simply address the envelopes and send them out. The invites shown to the right are available from Lil' Duck Duck. The other main option for those of you that want to purchase invites is to buy fill-in invitations that coordinate with your tableware and Halloween theme. You must fill in the date, event details, location, and time which can make for a busy schedule, but these invites are cheaper than fully personalized ones.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or the crafty type, making your own Halloween invites can be fun (although time-consuming). One option is to buy Halloween themed letterhead paper to make and print the invites on your own personal computer. Another option is to use orange construction paper to create pumpkin shaped invitations. Find a pumpkin pattern online if you aren't a great artist. Use some green ribbon to dress up the pumpkin and hand-write the shower details on the invite before sending them out to guests.

Further down in this post, you can find the adorable Little Pumpkin baby shower personalized invitations that are available from All About Gifts & Baskets. I love these invites because they have a motif where a little Caucasian or African American baby is sitting inside a pumpkin. They are sooooo cute! Be sure to check out their baby shower themes page for lots of great ideas for a little pumpkin shower and more.

Halloween Shower Invites from Amazon

Halloween & Pumpkin Themed Decorations

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

When it comes to decorating for a Halloween baby shower, think black, orange, and pumpkins. At both online and at local retailers, you can find strings of pumpkin lights as well as black and orange streamers this time of year. I also love using large orange paper lanterns or tissue balls to hang from the ceiling. You can even add jack o'lantern faces to the paper lanterns to make them more festive for a pumpkin themed shower. Additionally, I suggest using various sized pumpkins all over the venue as decorations.

As for the baby shower tableware (napkins, plates, beverage cups), I always think that it is best to choose something that coordinates perfectly with your overall shower theme. That may lead you to choose a simple array of black and orange plates, napkins, etc. or you may choose to go with a pumpkin themed party kit. Either way, the tableware and decorations should have the same overall theme and color scheme.

If you check out the Polaroid photo below, you'll see one of my favorite baby shower centerpiece ideas for a Halloween or pumpkin themed baby shower. Basically, a couple of pumpkins were painted and embellished with pacifiers to create adorable pumpkin babies. How cute would that be on the buffet table!!

Cute Baby Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

Cute Baby Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

Halloween Themed Tableware from Amazon

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Cake Central Halloween Cake

When it comes to food for a Halloween themed baby shower, think pumpkin! There are so many great recipes available online that incorporate pumpkins. If you are planning on serving a main course or appetizers, consider things like sage and pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin soup, spinach stuffed pumpkins, and of course, roasted pumpkin seeds. You can find lots of tasty pumpkin recipes at AllRecipes.com.

Image: Cake Central

When it comes to the desserts, the options for a Halloween shower are endless. You could set up a veritable buffet of pumpkin desserts featuring one of my favorites - pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and walnuts, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin rolls. Additionally, you can use pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters to turn ordinary cookies and brownies into fun jack o' lanterns.

NOTE - cookie cutters are a great way to make pumpkin shaped finger sandwiches or orange jello-jigglers for the party as well. Of course, most traditional shower guests will be expecting a baby shower cake so check out the the step-by-step video shown below for instructions on making a jack o' lantern cake. You can always order up a Halloween themed cake like the one shown in the photo to the right from a local bakery.

How To Make A Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Halloween Cake Decoration Accessories & Pans

Make the expectant Mummy some Mummy cupcakes!

Halloween Shower Games & Activities

One of my favorite shower games for a younger crowd is to have a Halloween tummy painting contest. It is a great way to get the expectant "mummy" to show off her baby bump and to get the other guests involved. You'll need to buy a bunch of hypo-allergenic face or body paint for this activity and be sure to have lots of brushes and painting materials on hand. Have the guests pair up and then give each group 10 to 15 minutes to paint the tummies of one another with a Halloween motif. At the end of the timed period, have everyone vote on which person has the best looking tummy to determine the winner. This game can be hilarious with the right crowd. You'll get a wide variety of paintings from sweet and cute pumpkin babies to scary and ghoulish jack o' lanterns to witches.

Another interactive Halloween activity is painting pumpkin themed onesies for the Mommy-to-be. You need to buy each guest a onesie to paint and of course lots of fabric paint. Ask guests to paint a pumpkin or Halloween theme on their onesie. Some cute sayings that can be incorporated are "Princess Pumpkin", Mommy's Lil' Pumpkin, Daddy's Little Pumpkin Pie, Happy Halloween, Mummy's Boy, Nana's Little Pumpkin, etc.

One of my other favorite games is pumpkin bowling where you set up a "bowling" lane and use empty 2 liter bottles or plastic pins as the target. Guests then roll small pumpkins to see who can get a strike. The mis-shapenness of the pumpkins make this game unpredictable.

And free printable baby shower games like word scrambles, trivia, baby bingo, and more are always a big hit at showers so be sure to check those out!

Halloween Baby Shower Favors

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower favors are a detail that sometimes fall through the cracks when planning a shower so I wanted to include some suggestions on ways to thank the guests at a Halloween baby shower. The great thing about this shower theme is that you have tons of options based both on the holiday and the season. Fall is a great time to hand out small pumpkin or maple scented candles, small jars or maple syrup, or autumn leaf-shaped soaps as favors to your guests.

In addition, I love giving home-baked goodies out to guests as favors. You can use cookie cutters shaped like pumpkins, bats, or ghosts to make cut-out cookies or brownies. Simply wrap them up in plastic wrap or a clear cellophane bag and tie with black or orange curling ribbon. To make the party favors extra special, add a personalized hang tag that features the Mom's name along with the shower or due date of the baby. You can make these yourself or purchase them online.

Another great option is to buy personalized baby shower favors that feature Mom's name and the shower date online. Candy bar wrappers, jars of lip balm or hand lotion, and pumpkin-shaped soaps are all available at Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. They feature the little pumpkin African American or Caucasian baby design shown further up in this lens.

Halloween Themed Favors & Bags

Halloween Themed Baby Giftshalloween baby diaper cake

One of my all time favorite baby shower Halloween gifts is a themed diaper cake like the one shown in the Polaroid photo (courtesy of Lil Baby Cakes). The reason I love diaper cakes so much is because they do double duty as the shower centerpiece and as a gift for the expectant Mom. And you know this is one baby gift that she'll definitely use - after all, what Mom couldn't use a few more diapers.

I particularly like the baby's first Halloween bear, the jack o' lantern bell ornament and the beautiful black and white polka dot ribbon used to create this fun Halloween cake!

Other fun baby gifts for a Halloween themed shower include onesies (e.g. Grandma's Little Pumpkin), bibs (e.g. I Luv Mummy), and rompers (e.g. Little Monster) embellished with all things Halloween like those shown from CafePress below. Additional ideas are ghost booties, large ghost-shaped pillows, and bat-shaped rattles!

Top 10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

 	 Top 10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

Top 10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

Fun & Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Children

Halloween is a great time to try your hand at some new decorative crafts. Whether you're a seasoned crafter looking for some new ideas or a first time crafter, you'll find these quick and easy ideas will help liven up the Halloween decor at your house or at a school party. Involve the kids in these easy crafts for lots of family fun time.

Photo credit - Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House Decorating from Amanda at Flickr

#1) Styrofoam Pumpkin Garland

Styrofoam Pumpkin Garland

Pick up some Styrofoam balls in different sizes. You can find them at the craft store. Paint them orange. Once dry, you can add black triangle eyes and a spooky mouth. A splash of green paint on top will make a stem. When all the pumpkins have been decorated, hot glue a loop on top of each one for hanging. You can make it with wire, string or felt. String the pumpkins on a length of black yarn. Hang them in the hallway or weave them around a chandelier for a festive touch. These will also look fun if you just fill a bowl on the table with them.

If you want them to look a bit more elegant, you can buy silk leaves and decorate them like the ones shown in the photo that is courtesy of All Free Crafts.

I love this craft idea for decorations at a pumpkin baby shower. If you are hosting a shower in the fall, this theme is a great way to welcome Mom's little pumpkin to the world.

Kids Handprint Ghosts

#2) Kids Handprint Ghosts

Use black construction paper and white prints to make ghosts. Dip the child's hand in white paint and have them place it down with fingers together on the black paper. Cut around the handprint to make a ghost shape. Add eyes and a mouth and you've got an easy ghost to hang on the fridge.

You can get detailed step-by-step instructions and see the final product at The Crafting Chicks blog.

Pillowcase Trick or Treat Bags

#3) Pillowcase Trick or Treat Bags

This is a fun craft to do with smaller children as well as older ones. Take some white pillowcases and some Halloween rubber stamps. Using fabric paint, stamp on designs.

You can stencil each child's name on their bag or write it with glitter glue. Use rhinestones and other decorative embellishments to make each bag unique. Children will love using their very own hand made bags when they Trick or Treat.

For the more upscale looking option, you can always make the Martha Stewart version of the trick or treat candy bags like the ones shown to the right.

#4) Painted Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Painted Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Since most children are not able to carve their own pumpkins (and it's no fun just watching the adults do it), have a Pumpkin Decorating night. Instead of carving with sharp knives, children can use all kinds of supplies to decorate the most fantastic pumpkin ever.

Use paint, stamps, googley eyes, felt, pom poms and any other embellishments you have around. Children can get creative and you can relax knowing they won't get hurt. If you have several children or want to invite neighborhood friends, you can award Halloween gifts or prizes for the best pumpkins.

Photo courtesy of Lizard888 at Flickr

#5) PlayDoh or Foam Cookie Cutter Creatures

PlayDoh or Foam Cookie Cutter Creatures

Set up a table with an array of Halloween or Fall themed discount cookie cutters. Let children roll out and cut "cookies" from PlayDoh or lightweight craft modeling foam. Poke holes in the top and run a string through each one. Hang them as Halloween decorations on a Halloween tree. You can make one from branches from the yard that you place in a galvanized bucket. Start a new tradition with the decorating of the Halloween tree. (Make sure you designate any rolling pins or cookie cutters that you use on clay as craft only and don't reuse on food.)

To make the Halloween cookie salt dough creatures shown in the photo, go to All Free Crafts to get the recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Black Pom Pom Cats or Spiders#6) Black Pom Pom Cats or Spiders

With a bunch of black pom poms young kids will love making black cats or spiders. Get glue dots at a craft store (small dots of glue that come on a roll). They're easy for little hands to use and don't drip.

To make a cat, glue one pom pom on to a larger one for a head and body. Add tiny pom poms for feet. You can make tails out of black felt. Google eyes complete the Halloween kitties.

To make the spider shown in the photo to the right, visit Inna's Creations for instructions.

#7) Black Halloween Bats

Pick up the following supplies at a craft supply shop:

  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • Googly Eyes

Print out the template and follow the instructions on the video to make these fun bats that you can hang all over the house for Halloween!

top 10 halloween crafts for kids 8 260x238 Top 10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

#8) Mummy Candy Holder Craft

A fun idea from Parents.com

An inexpensive and easy craft that all kids can do this Halloween. You'll need some supplies that you likely have lying around the house such as disposable plastic drinking cups, plastic water bottles, plastic milk jugs, or whatever kind of plastic container you want to mummify.

Then you just use some cotton balls and googly eyes to create the face and use long pieces of cheesecloth to get the mummy effect.

Don't forget you can get step-by-step instructions and photos at Parents.com!

top 10 halloween crafts for kids 9 260x260 Top 10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

#9) Spooky Spider Craft

I love this idea because we always decorate the front porch of our house for Halloween (as well as the interior). You likely have many of the objects you need to create this giant spider on hand.

The body is formed using a milk jug that you either paint black or cover in black electrical tape.

The legs you can make from pool noodles or black pipe insulation tubes and the yellow eyes are made from those plastic Easter eggs that you probably hide on your lawn for the annual Easter egg hunt. You can get step-by-step instructions with photos at FamilyFun.com.

#10) Any Pumpkin/Jack o' Lantern Craft - Presented by Lifestyle Editor from Parents Magazine

This fantastic video shows how to create pumpkin decorations out of just about anything. Classic plastic ornaments are filled with orange things like crinkle paper or pom poms and then a Sharpie is used to create a jack o-lantern face on the ornament. Throw pillows are covered in orange fabric and then decorated with black buttons to make a jack o'lantern. Little photo frames that you may have or can buy at the dollar store are made using orange craft paper, orange ribbon and glitter. Check out the video for all kinds of inspiration!

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