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Baby Shower Mocktail Ideas

shutterstock 150406793 600 150x150 Baby Shower Mocktail IdeasA baby shower isn’t exactly the place to start drinking, but nothing like a few cocktails can get the room relaxed and talking. The compromise, of course, is a few great mocktail ideas. Here are some to consider for your upcoming baby shower. The Mint Breezer: If you’re looking for a refreshing twist at your baby shower, this is certainly the mocktail you’ll want to consider. From the lime to the pomegranate juice, it’s likely to thrill and refresh at the same time. You’ll need two ounces of pomegranate juice, pineapple juice and club soda. You’ll also need ¾ of an ounce of lime juice, a pineapple slice, and some mint leaves. Mix the fruit juices together in a shaker. Add some ice and shake hard. Strain it into a highball glass, then top it off with soda. Use the pineapple Read more

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom Who Has Everything

Mom coupons 150x150 Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom Who Has Everything Mother’s Day is easily one of the most important holidays on the calendar. It’s the chance to celebrate the single most important women in your life. Not every mom, though, is easy to buy for. Finding the ideal gift for a woman who seems to have everything can be tough, but these suggestions can help. For Moms With Younger Kids A Day Off – Motherhood can be overwhelming when the kids are young. It seems there’s always so much to do with little ones in the house. A day off may be the perfect gift for the mom who seems to have absolutely everything else. Offer to take the kids out to lunch and to a movie, giving Mom the time and space she needs to relax. You may even want to offer to hold a sleepover so Mom can get a solid night away. Coupon Book – This is a great one to Read more

How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College Student

care package 150x150 How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College StudentCollege students can be under a lot of pressure to complete their courses. They are often so pressed for time that they forget to eat. Or sometimes it's the late night munchies that get them when they are pulling an all-nighter. Why not make a snack basket that is a delight for them to receive? A college care package from home is always a welcome sight. Be sure you pack it right so that when it arrives it's fresh, uncrushed, and ready to be torn into. The first thing you want to do is select a box that's big enough to hold the snacks you want to send. It sounds obvious, but select something sturdy that will last in the often harsh conditions of the mail. Don't send the items inside just a cardboard box. Instead, put them first in a metal tin like the ones cookies come in. The better the Read more

Having a Baby Shower for Grandma

grandma 150x150 Having a Baby Shower for GrandmaGrandparents are an essential part in baby’s life. Mom and Dad shouldn’t get all the fun of the baby shower. Grandma deserves something special too, especially if this is her first grandbaby. Planning a baby shower for Grandma is as easy as it is fun, and this quick guide can help. Who To Invite The best people to attend Grandma’s baby shower are her closest friends and family members. You generally want contemporaries at this baby shower, not the Mom-to-be who might compete for the attention. Friends and neighbors are great to invite, and if there are siblings here and there, they’re great invites too. Generally Grandma-showers aren’t co-ed, but there’s no reason you can’t make them that way if you choose. What To Do A shower for Grandma can be just as much fun as Read more

How to Make an Italian or Pasta Themed Gift Basket

GC 72002 WINE 150x150 How to Make an Italian or Pasta Themed Gift BasketThere’s more to Italy than its delicious food; this rich and dynamic culture has a great deal of complexity – but there is no denying that the food plays a big role in this beautiful country’s identity.  And there is no denying that an Italian themed gift basket will make the most welcome of gifts.  Perfect for virtually any occasion and any recipient, assembling a thoughtful, complete Italian or pasta gift basket is easy – and you’ll want to make at least two.  One for the gift recipient, and one for you! Let’s build a complete, multi-course Italian feast that your recipient can enjoy.  Begin with appetizers: this could be as simple as including a crusty baggett, a small jar of extra virgin olive oil, and dipping herbs.  Olives are a big part of the Mediterranean diet; Read more

The Origin of the Easter Bunny

shutterstock 123704848 1000 150x150 The Origin of the Easter Bunny While Easter has always been an intensely religious holiday, many of the celebrations that surround the holiday in today’s society are far more secular than religious. The brightly colored eggs, the bunny who hides them, and even the Easter baskets themselves have very little to do with the religious portion of the ceremony. Wondering how a big bunny fits into this holy day on the Christian calendar? The origins actually date back to Germany in the 1500s. Pre-Christian Germany Spring was long known as the season of rebirth, and one of the most fertile symbols of the season was a rabbit. It’s been said that one of Germany’s pagan goddesses named Ostara used the rabbit as a symbol. The story goes that she would turn birds into a rabbit to entertain the children. The rabbit would Read more

Funny Gag Gifts For Teens

Zombie gift 150x150 Funny Gag Gifts For Teens Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, the holidays, or another special occasion, there are few demographics that appreciate gag gifts quite as much as the teen audience does. As you search for the perfect gag gift for that teen in your life, you may want to keep a few rules in mind. Make sure your gift is appropriate. While there are always going to be gag gifts that border the inappropriate, some will be completely so for teens. What may be appropriate for a nineteen year old college freshman certainly won’t be so for a thirteen year old girl. The socially inappropriate is often perfect for a gag gift. The excessive generally isn’t. What’s more, though, is that you should keep the audience in mind as well. If parents and grandparents might be at the event, you may want to make Read more
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