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When Did Nuts Get Introduced to Cookies?

An increasing number of cookie recipes contain nuts. These days, you’ll find chocolate chip cookies with nuts as well as decadent treats like macadamia nut cookies in the top ten of almost every major cookbook. While nut cookies certainly aren’t a new addition to the world of cooking, they’re more popular than ever. Wondering how they got their in the first place? Here’s a quick overview. Cookies 101 Cookies that even resemble those treats we have today didn’t appear until the 7th century. Sugar had become fairly common throughout Persia, and they were creating a wafer that could be used

All About Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

Those who grew up in the 1970s know Cookie Monster from the children’s show Sesame Street very well. This loveable fuzzy blue puppet monster made eating cookies an art form. Now, another generation of kids has come to know and love Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster, affectionately known as Cookie, was born on November 2, 1966, and loves eating cookies. But since 2006, he has also come to love crunchy fruits and vegetables like eggplant (so children don’t think they can eat only cookies like the Cookie does). Due to high rates of childhood obesity, Cookie has now been heard saying,

The Most Valuable Cookie Jars

Photo Credit: Victor Nightengale's collection by Jay Cox, on Flickr Starting a cookie jar collection can be fun, and it might take you on a trip through America’s most wonderful times. Cookie jars of the past are now highly sought after collectibles - they're no longer just for holding cookies! You should know what you’re looking for if you intend to collect for top dollar, but you can also just have a good time picking up cookie jars that appeal to you for their color, style, or size. If it is a birthday gift for a family member or friend,

Must Have Cookie Baking Tools

If you’ve always wanted to become an expert home baker - the one that everyone requests cookies from, or the one who is known for their cookie gifts - then you need to stock up on a few tools. It’s not hard to learn to bake delicious sweets that come out perfect every time. Having the right equipment can certainly help. You’ll need good baking sheets. These are a requirement if you’re going to bake anything at all. If you want the best pans, you need to know about the different types. There are aluminum pans that are light in

AirBake Versus Non Stick Cookie Sheets

Confused by all the names out there for what we used to call cookie sheets? There’s AirBake, non stick, French steel and more. If you just want to bake a great batch of cookies, you don’t really care about fancy names, but you should know which sheets will get you the best results. Take a look at the differences between AirBake and non stick cookie sheets. These two are the ones you’ll most likely encounter in the stores and will want to have some idea about. AirBake AirBake cookie sheets are a relatively new invention. These cookie sheets work wonders