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Category: Feeding

Food Babies Should Not Eat

Published September 25, 2012        by Sarah

damir me1 150x150 Food Babies Should Not EatParents have a lot on their plates; they are charged with raising these precious little babies into healthy kids and adults. The eating habits we learn as children follow us throughout life, and it is important we teach our children to eat the right foods.  When they are babies, it is also important that we know which are the wrong foods.  Many choices that are healthy for adults and older children are not good for babies. Say you get a new baby gift basket with lots of little snacks and foods, should you share with baby? Probably not. What about every other day? What should you avoid? First, why can’t babies eat certain foods?  One reason is that they may be allergic.  Most food allergies (80 percent) are caused by these “culprits”: Milk. Eggs. Peanuts. Tree nuts Read more

Ways to Get Toddlers to Eat More

Published July 18, 2012        by Sarah

ben.ramirez1 150x150 Ways to Get Toddlers to Eat MoreDoes your toddler remind you of the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes?  Kids at this age are incredibly active and full of energy; it can make their parents tired just watching them play, run, jump, roll, and dance.  And it might make many parents wonder where they are getting the fuel to burn.  Toddlers, as well as being energetic, are notoriously picky eaters.  If your child will eat any kind of vegetable, whole grain, or protein without fuss, you’re having a good day.  How can you get your busy toddler to eat a balanced diet?  Here are some practical and some creative ways to get toddlers to eat more. Play with your food.  Thank goodness for celery!  While this isn’t the most nutritionally dense vegetable, it does count toward their daily allotment – and it is one of the Read more

Baby Food - Is Organic the Way to Go?

Published August 30, 2011        by Sarah

shutterstock 71313004 1000 150x150 Baby Food   Is Organic the Way to Go? Every generation of mothers has wanted to feed their babies the very best quality for everything. Whether it's all about organic baby blankets, organic baby clothes or maybe you want to offer your baby organic food. It’s only natural, and today more than ever moms want to feed their baby food that is free of pesticides and chemicals. So what are your options for when baby starts eating baby food? Do you just grab something off your plate and mash it up? Do you run into the grocery store and grab what you can find? Relax knowing your choices are many and there are also modern conveniences designed to help you feed your baby the best foods with the least additives. Make it Yourself If you are concerned about your baby eating only organic produce, you’re in luck. Today it’s easy to Read more

Baby Feeding 101

Published August 09, 2011        by Sarah

andrewmalone1 150x150 Baby Feeding 101You have endured the nine months of excess weight, bloating, uncomfortable sleep, and over-sized clothing…oh yeah, and the “glow.”  Now it is time to care for that little angel that has captured your heart and made those months of misery worth it.  So, where do you begin?  Feeding a baby is something that brings stress to many mothers.  How do you know how much?  Do you really have to breastfeed for a whole year? Which formula should you use?  What kind of food should they eat first?  This article seeks to address many of those concerns, so you can rest easier, knowing that your little love is well nourished. Breastfeeding Pros and Cons There is still much controversy about this topic, but it is generally believed, even known, that breastfeeding offers a number of superior health Read more

How To Make Baby Finger Foods

Published August 03, 2011        by Sarah

Joelk751 150x150 How To Make Baby Finger FoodsIt is so exciting when your baby reaches the stage where he’s interested in finger foods. By the time most babies are six to nine months old, they’ll be reaching for the food off your plate or otherwise showing you that they are interested in what other folks are eating. But all babies are different. If yours shows little interest in finger foods, give him time. Eventually, at his own pace, he will show you he wants a taste of something more than rice cereal, formula, and liquefied baby foods. Many parents wonder how baby will eat finger foods if she has no teeth. Contrary to what parents might think, baby does not need teeth to eat her first softer foods. Those gums are powerhouses when they clamp down. Once your baby starts to develop the motion of pinching, she’ll have enough power Read more