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Category: Healthcare for Baby

Eco-Friendly Baby Tips

Published November 06, 2015        by Matt

shutterstock 152011316 small 150x150 Eco Friendly Baby Tips Going Green is the Movement of This Generation Many people are becoming more aware of the benefits of recycling, reducing and reusing these days. With so much waste piling up, we have the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and pass along the wisdom to our children. When eco-conscious living involves a new baby in the family, there are things you can do to improve baby's surroundings and to help them grow up in a green environment. Here are some tips to get you started. Green Nursery Keep your baby safe from toxins Of course you'll want baby's room to be free of chemicals and toxins. There are ways you can ensure a healthier place for the baby to rest their head. Choose paint that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. There are many brands on the market today that Read more

Baby Shots & Vaccination Schedule

Published October 08, 2013        by Sarah

5905028679 6836270a19 z 150x150 Baby Shots & Vaccination ScheduleVaccines are an important way to keep your child healthy in the years to come. Understanding what shots your child needs, though, and when he needs them can be a bit complicated. While you should always use your pediatrician as your guide, this quick overview may be helpful. Birth – Your baby should be administered the first dose of the Hepatitis B (or HepB) vaccine. Two Months – Your baby will need the second dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine, the first dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, the first dose of the Diptheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine, the first dose of the Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine, the Pneumococcal vaccine, and the Inactivated poliovirus vaccine. Four Months – Baby needs the second dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, the second dose of the Read more

Gift Ideas To Thank NICU Nurses

Published October 11, 2011        by Sarah

CO8 3071 150x150 Gift Ideas To Thank NICU NursesIf you had a newborn who required special care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, chances are the nurses there became very important to you. You may have become close to a few of them who gave your infant extra attention. Now that your baby is on her way home, be sure to send a gift of appreciation to the nurses. How can you thank someone who meant so much to you and your family? Here are some ideas on how you can say thank you for their kindness: Flowers: Flowers are always a nice gift for anyone, but especially so for workers who may not always receive thanks for serving the public. Choose a free-standing bouquet over fresh-cut flowers that will require a vase. Make sure you address the card to the whole staff if there are too many people to thank. Deliver them yourself if you can. Gourmet Read more

What To Do If Baby Has Acid Reflux Symptoms

Published September 09, 2010        by Sarah

peasap1 150x150 What To Do If Baby Has Acid Reflux SymptomsIf your baby is spitting up often (going through countless baby bibs and baby blankets)  and if they wake frequently during the night, you may want to find out more about acid reflux in infants. It is thought that nearly one quarter of all infants experience signs of acid reflux at one time or another, but you should definitely consult a qualified pediatrician if baby has any abdominal pain or reflux symptoms. Only a medical professional can diagnose and treat acid reflux in your baby. There are, however, some facts that will help you learn more about the often frustrating condition. Your baby won’t sleep through the night even though he’s clean and well-fed. Does he start screaming after feedings? Does he make wet burps and have sour breath? It may be that stomach acid is creeping up Read more

How to Swaddle Baby

Published August 17, 2010        by Sarah

shutterstock 140419939 1000 150x150 How to Swaddle Baby As a new parent, you are going to have lots of questions. You’re going to wonder how other parents make everything look so easy. One of the areas you or your husband may find yourself clueless about is just how the nurses at the hospital have the little ones wrapped up so nicely in their baby blankets. It’s called swaddling. And rest assured, other parents had to learn how to do it too. No one’s born knowing how to swaddle a baby. It’s actually a tradition that’s gotten passed down from ancient cultures. Grandmothers have been teaching new mothers how to wrap up their babies for security and warmth for ages. Picture a baby in a papoose on her mother’s back and you get the idea. Swaddling is simply wrapping your baby up in a blanket like a little burrito. It’s easy to do Read more