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Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New Neighbor

Published September 01, 2016        by Sarah

building 48916 640 150x150 Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New NeighborThere's someone new on the block, will you welcome them with a creative housewarming gift? At some point in your life, you’re going to want to welcome a new neighbor to your block or even to the home next door. Wondering what the best housewarming gift might be? Here are a few ideas that may help. Baked Treats This is easily one of the most classic new neighbor gifts. Whether you’re famous for your chocolate cake, your delicious gooey brownies, or your spicy snickerdoodles, head to the kitchen and do some baking for those new neighbors. Package your cookie gift in a pretty way, for the ultimate presentation. Spend a bit of time at it, and you’ll get the reward you want – a connection to the neighbors you’re likely to value again and again. Breakfast in a Box No one wants to cook Read more

Healthy Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Published April 12, 2016        by Matt

There are so many holidays and celebrations that diabetics who have to watch their sugar simply miss out on.  Think about all the Valentine’s Day chocolate, the Easter candy or the Christmas cookies that many with diabetes simply have to pass on, not to mention the birthdays, graduations, retirement parties and other office celebrations where the sweet stuff comes out.  When watching your sugar matters, here are some thoughtful ways to give a gift or basket that counts to someone that's diabetic. Perhaps you haven’t realized that people are actually passing up the gift baskets you are sending on.  If you work closely with a team of people, you likely know when someone has diabetes.  But what if you are gifting treats to a whole sales team, for instance?  What if you are sending Read more

70's Retro Candy

Published January 14, 2016        by Matt

shutterstock 211581586 small 150x150 70s Retro CandyThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Nostalgic Candies from the 1970's Since I was born in 1970 with the same sweet tooth that I have today, you could say that I am an expert on the candies of the 70's. Some of my fondest memories are going to the roller rink and eating packs of Sixlets and sporting a red ring pop. Aaah, those were the days! In this post, I'll share just a few of my favorite candies from that decade along with some great candy gift ideas for the sweet tooth in your life. These nostalgic candies make great birthday surprises and holiday gifts too! Photo Credit: Groovy Candies 1970's Retro Candy from Amazon Amazon has a fantastic collection of retro candy gifts Read more

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Published January 08, 2016        by Matt

shutterstock 140419939 small 150x150 Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice You're so excited about welcoming a new little girl into the world! There are so many happy feelings passing through your mind, looking forward to meeting her, congratulating the parents, and - wait a minute, you'll need a present! You can't just show up empty-handed, that wouldn't be good. So what should you bring? Well I've put together a select of beautiful baby girl gift baskets to get the ball rolling! Hopefully these ideas will spark some inspiration inside of you to give a gift that everyone will love! Image by Edgar Barany on Flickr Why Little Girls? Behind the Scenes Growing up in a family of four sisters, you could say I'm most familiar with what is given to baby girls, what's useful for them and then of Read more

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Published December 04, 2015        by Matt

shutterstock 111393296 small 150x150 Christmas Baby Shower Ideas A Christmas Baby Shower can be a great idea for many reasons! First, it gives people another reason to gather at the already festive season. Second, it makes good sense since many of your guests may already be traveling home for the holidays. Plus, the mom-to-be gets to take a break during the hectic holiday season and celebrate the coming birth of her little one. Manger Theme There are so many ways you can incorporate Christmas into your baby shower theme. If you have Christians in your family or on the guest list, they'll be familiar with the baby Jesus in the manger. Even if guests are not religious, they'll still know the story. You can do a lot with a baby in the manger theme like have a North Star and you can put gifts around the manger. Christmas Read more