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Category: Food

All About Popcorn

Published March 02, 2015        by Matt

all about popcorn 150x150 All About PopcornThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Popcorn History, Tips, Recipes and Gift Tins! Popcorn is a snack staple in the lives of most Americans. People of all ages love popcorn and the statistics show it. In fact, the average American eats over 200 cups of popcorn each and every year! In this article, I give you a brief history of popcorn and tell you what makes popcorn pop - scientifically speaking. In addition, I've included some of my favorite popcorn recipes as well as my tips for choosing great popcorn gift baskets for friends, family, or corporate clients. Popcorn History 101 Popcorn has been grown and eaten as a snack in the United States for thousands of years. Archaeologists Read more

How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College Student

Published April 17, 2014        by Rae Ann

care package 150x150 How to Make a Snack Care Package for your College StudentCollege students can be under a lot of pressure to complete their courses. They are often so pressed for time that they forget to eat. Or sometimes it's the late night munchies that get them when they are pulling an all-nighter. Why not make a snack basket that is a delight for them to receive? A college care package from home is always a welcome sight. Be sure you pack it right so that when it arrives it's fresh, uncrushed, and ready to be torn into. The first thing you want to do is select a box that's big enough to hold the snacks you want to send. It sounds obvious, but select something sturdy that will last in the often harsh conditions of the mail. Don't send the items inside just a cardboard box. Instead, put them first in a metal tin like the ones cookies come in. The better the Read more

How to Make an Italian or Pasta Themed Gift Basket

Published March 20, 2014        by Rae Ann

GC 72002 WINE 150x150 How to Make an Italian or Pasta Themed Gift BasketThere’s more to Italy than its delicious food; this rich and dynamic culture has a great deal of complexity – but there is no denying that the food plays a big role in this beautiful country’s identity.  And there is no denying that an Italian themed gift basket will make the most welcome of gifts.  Perfect for virtually any occasion and any recipient, assembling a thoughtful, complete Italian or pasta gift basket is easy – and you’ll want to make at least two.  One for the gift recipient, and one for you! Let’s build a complete, multi-course Italian feast that your recipient can enjoy.  Begin with appetizers: this could be as simple as including a crusty baggett, a small jar of extra virgin olive oil, and dipping herbs.  Olives are a big part of the Mediterranean diet; Read more

How To Make a Snack Gift Basket

Published October 29, 2013        by Sarah

snack gift basket 150x150 How To Make a Snack Gift BasketThe next time you have a party to go to or are visiting a friend for an overnight stay, bring along a snack gift basket. You will be bringing some good cheer as well as a treat that no one can resist. What are some things you could include in a snack basket? The question really is what can't you include! Snacks of every shape and kind can be incorporated into a basket for a good friend or family member. Choose a Snack Theme Start off by picking a theme. Do you want to go savory or sweet? Do you want a movie themed basket with treats you'd eat while watching a flick? Or do you want a basket that the kids can easily grab from to help themselves at snack time? Containers Start by choosing a container. This can be anything from a galvanized metal tub to a handsome wicker basket. Plastic Read more

9 Items to Have Around For Last-Minute Gifts

Published October 16, 2013        by Sarah

last minute gifts for kids 150x150 9 Items to Have Around For Last Minute GiftsIt's nice to have some extra gifts on hand sometimes for those last minute needs. Here are a few ideas for extra gifts to have around in a pinch! For Kids Kids can be tough to buy for, especially these days. When you’re trying to buy a kids gift for someone who you don’t even know yet, it make the situation doubly difficult. Your best bet is to keep gifts for a few different age ranges on hand. Here are some good choices. Plush Toys: These are a great idea for little ones, and they still work for tweens too. The key is to get slightly higher quality plush toys, especially if you’ll be giving them to little ones, as button eyes, noses, and sparkly pieces can certainly create a choking hazard for tiny ones. Coloring Books: With kids as young as two or as old as nine or ten, Read more