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Category: Thank You

Thank You Gift & Note Ideas

Published March 16, 2015        by Matt

thank you gift and note ideas 150x150 Thank You Gift & Note Ideas Thanks - Gracias - Merci - Danke No matter what the language, we all have occasions when we need to say thank you. Saying thanks using notes, letters, gifts and even e-cards is a great way to let clients, friends and family know just how much you appreciate them and their efforts. Coming up with unique ways to show your appreciation can be challenging so I've put together some of my favorite ways to say THANK YOU! Thank You E-Cards One of the quickest and easiest ways to send a thank you note is via e-mail, but why not make it a bit more special by sending an e-card. Many online companies offer memberships in their e-card clubs for a small fee so that you can send cards for just about any occasion including thanks (see and However, Read more

Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Published December 31, 2014        by Matt

tips for writing Christmas thank you cards 150x150 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards The thank you card has somewhat fallen out of favor. It's time to revive it by writing a thank you card for all the holiday gifts you received. It's nice to teach the next generation how meaningful thank you notes can be as well. It's a nice gesture that shows good breeding and a sense of fine etiquette. Each Gift is Warranted a Thank You Note No if's, and's or but's about it A thank you note, especially at Christmas, can be an unexpected arrival. Most people think that saying thank you in person to a gift-giver is enough. It really isn't. For any Christmas gift sets that you receive, it is proper to send a handwritten thank you note. Just like when you receive a wedding or shower gift. You must write thank you notes for each gift you receive and not think that one note Read more

9 Items to Have Around For Last-Minute Gifts

Published October 16, 2013        by Sarah

last minute gifts for kids 150x150 9 Items to Have Around For Last Minute GiftsIt's nice to have some extra gifts on hand sometimes for those last minute needs. Here are a few ideas for extra gifts to have around in a pinch! For Kids Kids can be tough to buy for, especially these days. When you’re trying to buy a kids gift for someone who you don’t even know yet, it make the situation doubly difficult. Your best bet is to keep gifts for a few different age ranges on hand. Here are some good choices. Plush Toys: These are a great idea for little ones, and they still work for tweens too. The key is to get slightly higher quality plush toys, especially if you’ll be giving them to little ones, as button eyes, noses, and sparkly pieces can certainly create a choking hazard for tiny ones. Coloring Books: With kids as young as two or as old as nine or ten, Read more

How To Prepare Citrus Fruit Gifts For Mail Shipment

Published December 26, 2012        by Sarah

black 30004 640 150x150 How To Prepare Citrus Fruit Gifts For Mail ShipmentWhy is citrus fruit such an excellent gift idea?  This is the best way to send a little bit of sunshine, a touch of summer, to someone who may be buried under a foot of snow or looking out on a gray, rainy day.  Your gift will not only be appreciated – it will be enjoyed!  Purchasing and shipping pre-made fruit baskets or arrangements can be pricy, especially if you fill in the gaps with some gourmet goodies.  If you make your own, you can save money, but will your package arrive fresh and ready to be eaten or spoiled and bruised?  Whether it's a celebratory gift, or a sympathy fruit basket, here are some pointers for preparing citrus fruits for mail shipment. Fruit Selection Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, kumquats, and ugli fruit, are a bit easier to ship Read more

How to Make an Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Published August 08, 2011        by Nicole

8411201 lg 150x150 How to Make an Aromatherapy Gift BasketAromatherapy has been around for a long time. It’s simply the use of scents to target benefits like relaxation, sleep, well-being, headache relief, etc. If you want to give an aromatherapy gift basket, it’s really easy to make one yourself. The first thing you should do is choose a scent. If you’re not sure what scent your friend would like, do some thinking. Have you smelled candles burning in her home? What scent and color were they? Does she wear a certain perfume? What does it smell like? These are some clues into some of the scents she may like. If you still don’t have a clue, go with something like vanilla or buttercream which just about everyone likes. Once you have chosen your scent, choose a vessel to put it all in. Often times inexpensive baskets work well, but you can also Read more