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Category: Spring

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Published May 13, 2015        by Matt

shutterstock 133209899 small 150x150 Top 10 Must Have Garden Tools For The Avid GardenerThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Green Thumbs Unite If you have a gardener on your list or if you have just discovered your passion for gardening, there are several tools you'll want to make sure are in the tool shed. All are necessary and can be purchased at hardware stores or garden nurseries. Without the right tools, it's difficult to get the results you want from your garden. If you're choosing for yourself, buy the best. If you're purchasing a gardener gift for a friend, go with what you can afford comfortably. You can always buy a few smaller tools and then go back and gift your friend with a more expensive one later for the next holiday. Here are ten of the most needed Read more

Why Springtime is Many People’s Favorite Season

Published May 16, 2011        by Sarah

shutterstock 160619387 72 150x150 Why Springtime is Many People’s Favorite Season Everyone loves spring. Some people call it their favorite season. If you live in a climate where there are four distinct seasons, you know how long winter can be. It can seem like spring is never going to arrive. But when it does, it brings such joy to those who step out into its splendor. Spring has a beauty like no other. Cherry blossoms bloom, the smallest cracks in the snow reveal themselves as crocuses and daffodils. Soon there is a freshness in the air. The greenness that returns after a gray winter is a sight to behold. The plants are certainly a reason to rejoice. After trees have gone bare over the winter, the return of shades of green is a delightful sight. When the first trees begin to turn green, it is in stark contrast to the dried out branches of the winter. New leaves Read more

Spring House Cleaning Tips

Published May 09, 2011        by Sarah

Dan4th 150x150 Spring House Cleaning TipsAs soon as spring hits, cabin fever sets in. No longer are we comfortable to sit at home cuddled under a blanket. We want to be out and about. We want to clean out our den where we’ve been hibernating for months. We want to throw things out and start fresh. Everyone seems to get the bug at the same time each spring. We all want a refreshed and redone living space. What worked for winter is just not going to cut it for spring. We want the windows open and the bed linens changed. Spring cleaning can be a really rewarding activity. It’s not just busy work. It will actually help you to breathe better and you’ll get a refreshed mentality when you see everything clean and in order too. Spring cleaning should start with the big stuff. If you still have your Christmas lights up come April, Read more

Best April Fool's Pranks - Compiled 2011

Published March 31, 2011        by Sarah

Vandelizer 150x150 Best April Fools Pranks   Compiled 2011Whether it is declared a national holiday or not, we think that it is completely acceptable to celebrate April Fool's Day. So with many people relying on us to provide some great April Fool's day pranks, we've polled Twitter, Facebook, and anyone willing to share. So here are some of the top April Fool's Day pranks, as told by you - the social butterflies. 10. Switching the salt and sugar at breakfast time. Lunch time. Or dinner. 9. Have coworkers bring several sets of clothing to work. Have them change pieces of their outfit after the culprit/victim has seen them in it. Let the confusion begin. (via @Mashable) 8. Put a piece of tape over the laser of a coworker or family member's computer mouse. 7. The famous "rubber band around the sink sprayer" trick. Wrap a rubber band tight around Read more