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Category: Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day Gift Ideas 

Published August 25, 2011        by Nicole

gourmet dinner 150x150 Sweetest Day Gift Ideas In the heart of Cleveland, there were some very loving souls who conceived an idea to pay tribute to those who were less fortunate and those who worked the hardest just to survive, and so the Sweetest Day holiday was born. Though this holiday is set to take place each and every October third, those who were responsible for founding it would be strong supporters in giving Sweetest Day gifts any time of year. After all, it is meant to be a joyous tribute, giving thanks, and, therefore, applicable any time of year. Today, the concept has taken a slightly different spin and couples enjoy another reason to exchange little gifts of love and appreciation. There are many gifts that are now manufactured and sold that relate specifically to the Sweetest Day holiday; however, one can also feel free Read more

Sweet Treat Ideas for Sweetest Day

Published July 25, 2011        by Nicole

apple bobbing 150x150 Sweet Treat Ideas for Sweetest DayWhen Sweetest Day hits on the third Saturday in October, will you be ready? This lesser-known holiday actually has a very sweet history. It was started in the early 20th century by candy manufacturers to entice the public to eat more sweets. What may have started out as a marketing ploy has actually become an endearing part of American history. So, what can you do for the sweetest people in your life on Sweetest Day? Think Big Don’t just think of your wife or boyfriend on Sweetest Day. Think of all the people who have been especially important to you over the last year. That could be everyone from your boss to your kids to your coworkers or your neighbor. Make a list of all the people in your life who you’d like to remember on this lovely holiday. Remember doctors and caretakers who help Read more

Sweetest Day History

Published August 20, 2010        by Sarah

CO 247 150x150 Sweetest Day HistoryThis October make sure you do not forget to pay tribute to those you love and those who work hard to provide you with the love and support you need to be successful at life.  The reason for this is because October 16th will mark the eighty-eighth annual Sweetest Day.  If you have not heard of this holiday or you simply don’t know about the story behind the creation of this special day, then this article is intended for you. Sweetest Day is observed each and every third Saturday in the month of October.  Its origins can be traced back to Cleveland, Ohio, where, in 1922, the employee of a large candy company decided that it would be a good idea to honor those who suffered from handicaps, those who were orphaned, or those who were otherwise of need.  The man’s name was Herbert Birch Kingston.  Read more