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What is a Butter Cookie and Where Did They Come From?

Published March 05, 2013        by Sarah

adriennf1 150x150 What is a Butter Cookie and Where Did They Come From?Crisp, tender, and delicious, many people associate butter cookies with Christmas. Whether it’s the holiday season, though, or an average rainy Tuesday afternoon, butter cookies are the stuff of legend, and if you’ve never had one, you’re certainly missing something special. What is a Butter Cookie? Butter cookies are sometimes called butter biscuits in other countries. The basic ingredients for any recipe include sugar, butter, and flour, and thanks to the ratio at which you combine them, you get a fairly crispy cookie. It can be tough to work with these kinds of cookies, so most of the recipes you’ll find have you chill them for up to twenty-four hours just so you can create the perfect cookie. You often see these in a number of different shapes, though ovals and pretzels are, by Read more

Convey Your Condolences with Cookies

Published May 07, 2012        by Sarah

marcin wichary1 150x150 Convey Your Condolences with CookiesWhen someone experiences loss, it is often difficult for us to express our condolences.  We don’t want to say the wrong thing, make things worse, or fail to convey our well wishes and desire to help out.  Words often fail us, but there is one thing that does not: thoughtfulness. Being there, and offering your sympathies in whatever form you can, is always treasured by the mourners. For many of us, food says what we cannot: that we are here, that we wish them comfort, and that we care.  It is not only appropriate to convey your condolences with sympathy cookies, it will be very much appreciated. When conveying your sympathies, it is best to do so simply.  For instance, a lovely basket filled with homemade treats will send your message effectively. Some ideas for inclusion: Chocolate Read more

Cookie Tins - An Easy Gift Packaging Idea

Published February 06, 2012        by Sarah

cookie tin1 150x150 Cookie Tins   An Easy Gift Packaging IdeaWhat is the best part about using cookie tins as gift packaging?  It’s easy; you don’t have to worry about your baked goods getting crushed in transit. The sizes and shapes make it possible for you to deliver just the right amount of cookies, brownies, or other goodies for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.  They are reusable; your recipient can use the cookie tin for everything from storing hair accessories and toys to organizing drawers.  Cookie tins are always an excellent gift packaging idea. You probably have more than a few cookie tins laying around the house from long-eaten gifts you’ve received yourself.  Why not put them to use?  With a little creativity and a few craft supplies, you can revamp your cookie tins and get them ready for more gift-giving.  You can Read more

How to Make Chewy Cookies

Published October 12, 2011        by Nicole

shutterstock 36487987 150x150 How to Make Chewy Cookies Cookies are a passion with many bakers. They’re quick to bake and fun to eat and share. But people have different preferences when it comes to cookies. Some like crunchier cookies, some like soft cookies, and some like chewy cookies. So how do you make a cookie that’s chewy, for instance? Baking is a science and one that can’t be rushed or dallied with. You can’t change out ingredients and not affect the whole batter. For chewy cookies, your ratio of wet to dry ingredients is key. For instance, a chewier cookie recipe might include more eggs or an additional yolk. Most chewy cookies have moister ingredients and the batter is more liquid when it comes out. You can, of course, experiment with different batters. Some just lend themselves better to a chewy cookie than others. But use Read more

Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the Day Newsletter

Published September 21, 2011        by Nicole

Martha choco hearts1 150x150 Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the Day NewsletterThose who love baking fresh, tasty homemade cookies will love the Martha Stewart Cookie of the Day Newsletter. You can sign up online at and you’ll get a tasty recipe for a new cookie every single day in your in box. Don’t worry if you’ve missed one. You can always go online to get a recap of the day’s recipe. You can also search previous recipes, too. View by the week or even by the month to get all kinds of great ideas for new cookies you can show up at the next bake sale or cookie swap with. Here are some of the recipes that have been featured in the Martha Stewart Newsletter recently. Sign up today and you’ll always have something tasty in your inbox to look forward to. Chocolate Sweet Hearts These crisp, delicate cookies have less than 50 calories each. Read more