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Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun for Kids

Kids love to get involved in making crafts during the holidays. They get swept up in the joy and excitement of the season and want to be able to make cheap holiday gifts they can give out.

Providing craft materials to eager kids and guiding them through the process is not only a fun way to spend time with them, but it's also a great way to develop in them a desire to give from the heart.

Image courtesy of Peter Kaminski on Flickr.

Gingerbread Houses

Tasty & Fun Activity

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Is there anything more enchanting at the holidays than a decorated gingerbread house with Christmas candy? These houses, which originated in Germany, have now become a staple of Christmas in America.

Image by coolmikeol on Flickr

While baking your own gingerbread house may seem daunting, it's really not that hard. But if you prefer, you can buy kits at craft stores that include everything you need to make a completed house-including the baked holiday cookies. These kits are fun because you don't have to run to the store for things you might have forgotten. The walls come together straight and kids can practically do them all by themselves, although you will want to supervise.

Consider hosting a gingerbread house-making party in your neighborhood. Have everyone bring their own kit and let the kids get together and create some holiday magic. Plan to take your children to a local gingerbread house show or festival if there is one nearby. It will inspire them for next year.

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Felt Ornaments

Deck the Halls

The craft stores are now stocking wonderful felt ornaments that kids will find easy to make. Many require no sewing at all (and those that require sewing are simple for an adult). Try making a whole Nativity set out of felt or a set of ornaments in a theme from a felt kit. These are great for around your home, or for giving as neat holiday gifts.

Image by wingingit on Flickr

Many come with sequins and beads that kids can use to embellish their creations. You'll find you will take these ornaments out every year, so mark the date in indelible ink on the backs.

As your kids head off to their own families someday, you can give them a box of ornaments they made as a way to start their own family Christmas holiday decor.

DIY Felt Ornaments

Painted Wooden Ornaments

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Take Time & Make Ornaments

Again, visit a favorite craft store and you will find an array of balsa wood ornaments that kids can paint. These are fun because they have simple lines and include everything you need. You can have them painted, dried, and on the tree in one afternoon. Kids like to see a project that they can complete from start to finish in a short amount of time. And you'll have a beautiful collection of their hand-done artwork to showcase year after year.

Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr

The selection in craft stores has really gotten good. You can now find just about every shape and theme of wooden ornaments you can imagine. Why not do a whole circus menagerie or a scene from The Nutcracker? It's so easy and will look like you spent a long time planning it all out.

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

The Power of Craft Kits

Don't Feel Guilty - These are Great!

Whatever you decide to make with children, don't feel you have to run around grabbing all the materials and building something from scratch. It doesn't make it any more fun for the kids, and it's really not necessary.

Craft kits are perfect for busy families and they simplify the craft-making process. And with the hundreds of kits to choose from, you never have to make the same thing twice. Look online or at dollar stores for great deals on these.

Image from Amazon.com

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Photos - Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts That Match Your Budget

The holidays hit and suddenly thoughts turn to finances. Will you have enough this year to get everyone something nice? The panic starts to set in as you wearily trudge through the malls searching for anything in your price range.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can purchase or make inexpensive Christmas gifts that your recipients will love. You'll feel better knowing you didn't blow your budget and January isn't going to come along with shocking credit card bills.

Make a List

Check it Twice

Start by making a list of everyone you want to give Christmas gifts to. You may decide to get your children what they want from the toy store but then make everyone else's gift.

Once you have your list ready, start thinking of ideas for gifts that will match everyone's personality. If you're stumped, you can always go back when an idea hits you. This list will also keep track of everyone you have to buy for, so you can make sure you don't spend too much on one person and not have enough to buy gifts for everyone else on your list.

DIY Christmas Gifts - Make Them Yourself This Year


For Christmas

Photographs make wonderful holiday gifts for everyone on the list. Digital cameras have made it easy for everyone to take a decent photo. And you don't have to spend money on film or developing. You can do everything right from your home computer.

Plan to take photos that could work for Aunt Rose as well as a friend from work. Your children and pets can always make for great subjects. But you can also take architectural photos of your neighborhood or flowers or anything that catches your eye. Be creative and step outside of your comfort zone.

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift IdeasDo The Dirty Work

Upload, Edit and Print

Upload your photos and see which ones would look great in picture frame favors. Select the same one for everyone or several different ones. Then, print them on the best quality setting onto photo paper.

Photo paper has come way down in price, so you can make a nice bundle of presents for very little cash outlay. Only after you have printed your photos should you begin shopping for frames. You can take the photos with you to the store to see which frames they look best in.

Choose Your Frames

Match Their Decor

If you give baby picture frames, they shouldn't be too large, as a recipient might not have room to display it. Smaller desk sized photos are nice choices as everyone has a mantle or coffee table or desk they can display one more photo on.

Choose a frame that you think would go with the recipient's decor, not necessarily what you would choose for your own home. If your friend has an ultra-modern home, don't show up with an ornate Victorian frame. She won't want to display it because it will clash with her decor. Instead, choose a plain black frame that will go with everything.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift IdeasWhat Pictures to Use

Make it Fun & Meaningful

For friends, you can give a photo of a place you went together or one of the two of you together. Relatives love to see how the kids have grown every year.

Try to arrange to get everyone in the photo by having a neighbor take a family shot for you. You can send it off in a nice frame to relatives you won't be seeing over the holidays. The flat dimension of a frame makes it ideal to mail cheaply.

Get your mind in gear for other presents you can make with photos. Have t-shirts made for the kids with the dog on the front or have ceramic mugs with funny pictures of you and your friends made for the book club.

DIY Picture Frame Earring Holder

Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

Welcome To My Holiday Gift Guide!

Children get so excited about Christmas that they're just about ready to burst with joy. Sometimes you need to channel that enthusiasm into something useful so that you all make it through the weeks leading up to Christmas with your sanity intact.

Why not get the kids involved in counting down the days until Christmas? That way they'll be in the know as to just when Santa is coming (and they can stop asking you ten times a day!).

Advent Calendar

A Surprise a Day Keeps the Frenzy Away

One fun way to involve the kids is to make an advent calendar. These are calendars with doors for each day until Christmas. Little holiday cookies are waiting behind each one.

You can purchase these from stores or online. Choose one that has fun things behind the door that bear each date. Some come with toy trains or vintage animals. Others come with tiny Christmas trees or ornaments. Still others have candy behind each door. This is by far the most popular for children whose anticipation level is already set on frenzy. They have something to enjoy while waiting for December 25th. Remind children that they are not allowed to peek and see what's behind the dates that haven't arrived yet.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar! - See How

25 Good Deeds

Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until ChristmasBe Kind & Volunteer or Donate

Another way you can encourage children to participate in a Christmas day countdown is for all of you to do 25 good deeds for someone else. You can make a calendar with December 1st through 25th on it. Each day every member of the family does something special for someone else.

It could be that dad warms mom's car up in the morning before she leaves for work. Or it could be that your youngest fed the dog. Any deed either inside the home or out can count. Everyone writes their good turn on the calendar for everyone to see. You can also plan weekend deeds as a family such as working at a soup kitchen for the afternoon or visiting a nursing home to sing carols.

The personal involvement your children have in spreading the cheer will keep them diverted from agonizing over how many days they still have to wait for their presents. You may even find that they want to help others more than open a mound of their own presents. Doing good is contagious.

Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

Give to Those Who Help

Say Thank You

Your children will be as excited for the holidays as your home environment allows. You might try to keep the excitement going by baking a different batch of cookie each day and giving them out to police and rescue workers.

Or you can put a new ornament on the tree each day. You can give each other hand made holiday gifts each day or notes to say how special you are to each other.

Image by craftvisit collective on Flickr

Get everyone involved, even the older children who pretend they're too cool to care. They really do still want to be included even if they act nonchalant.

Interactive Advent Calendar

Make Memories

Pass on Tradition

Your Christmas advent season will be filled with laughter, joy and maybe even cookies if you plan to celebrate each of the days until Christmas. Get out there as a family and do special things for others or just for fun. Your children will have delightful memories of the holidays and may even continue the new traditions with their own families one day.

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Because They're Special

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

It's Christmas morning, and everyone is preparing to open presents. Did you remember to get Fido and Fifi something special this year? Every pet owner wants their little darling to have something innovative and wonderful at Christmastime. Here are some ideas of what you can stuff their stockings with.


Primp Your Pup

There is no shortage of adorable clothes for cats and dogs. You can get your little princess a gown (really!) made especially for pooches that comes in sizes to fit all dogs. You pick up slippers or a raincoat. Or maybe even a pair of flannel pj's. Pet gift baskets enjoy a rather large following.

You can shop for outfits for the little one online and never run out of things to stock her closet with. Get your dog a tuxedo he can wear on New Year's Eve and even a wedding gown for your little tiger.

Gifts for the Pet and the Owner

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Tasty Treats

Nummy in Pet's Tummy

You're in luck if you want to stock up on treats for kitty or puppy. New versions of bones and swat toys come out every year.

Image by Jack Fiallos on Flickr

There are even pet gifts that feature all kinds of great goodies for your pet. Treat kitty to a catnip filled mouse toy or a scratching tower infused with catnip-and designed to keep her claws off your couch. Your favorite dog can enjoy a new bone that is designed to calm his anxiety while he's home alone. Soothing ingredients in the bone make it an all-day treat that will keep him happily occupied until you get home."

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

A New Bed

Rest Up, Young Pup

Forget about an old blanket and a cardboard box. Today's pet beds are good enough for people to sleep in. You'll find microfiber coverings that are soft as suede, fleece coverlets and mattress foam that is thick and plush, and they come in every shape and color imaginable from the canopy kitty bed to the doggie bed that looks like an actual sofa.

Image by chefranden on Flickr

Make Your Own Pet Gift - Go Green and Save Green

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Carrying Cases

Kitty Crate

If you've got to carry Fifi to the groomer, she's got to go in style. Check out the extensive line of pet carrying bags online for a unique pet gift. You'll be surprised at how far the industry has come. Gone are the days of plastic and metal cages. Your lap dog is going to arrive at the vet in regal splendor. With bags that look as good as expensive handbags, you'll look for excuses to carry it. And the comfortable padded ride will mean your pet may never want to come out.

Image by Pet Ferry on Flickr

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Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Laser Show

Light Up Their Life

Your lovable cat will go absolutely crazy for the laser pointer cat toys that are now on the market. These red laser lights make for a fun way for kitty to pass the afternoon with the enthusiasm and energy of a kitten again.

Image by Hey Paul on Flickr

You point the laser in different areas and kitty chases it. It's fun that never gets old and it provides your pet the perfect exercise they might need after the holidays.

Laser Pointers and Kung Fu Kittens - See it in Action

A Spa Package

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Purr-fect Pampering

Treat the precious one to a pet gift basket of pampering spa products. High end dog shampoos and conditioners as well as dry shampoo for water-leary cats are appearing in better stores. You can keep your darling looking and smelling pretty with rose or peppermint scented soaps. Brush her delicate fur with an assortment of brushes designed to keep her knots at bay.

Finish up with a handful of gourmet treats and a glass of easily digestible kitty milk (sold in cartons in pet stores) or perhaps a pot of cat grass. A new pig's ear will be delightful for the discerning pooch to chew on. And don't forget the toothbrush and paste designed for kitty or puppy's tastes in flavors like peanut butter and tuna.

Image courtesy of minicooper93402 on Creative Commons

Tips for Decorating Your House for Christmas like a Pro

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Decorating For Christmas

Getting The Job Done

The holidays are coming and you're dreading the thought of crouching into the crawl space to pull out boxes of old Christmas decorations. You know the lights will be tangled and the ornaments will be crushed. No one in your family wants to pack everything up when it's over, so you just end up throwing it all in boxes. Sound familiar?

Ornament StorageStoring Your Decor

Tips & Tricks

You can decorate your house for Christmas the way professionals do with a little care and planning.

First off, make a plan for how you will store decorations even before you get started this year. If you repeat the cycle of stashing your ornaments haphazardly, you're going to have the same problem next year which is always stressful, on top of buying holiday gifts but that's another story...

Experts buy tubs in red and green so they can easily spot their Christmas decorations from among the other things stored in an attic or basement. These boxes go on sale around the Christmas holidays and are on clearance come New Year's Day. So pick a few extras up.

Staying Organized

Keep the boxes your bulbs came in. That way, they have a safe home and you'll know if any are missing when you put them away!


Sorting Through

Toss Out or Give Away Unwanted Items

Now, go through all your decorations. Throw out any that are broken or beyond reasonable use. Has anything molded or rusted in storage? Toss it. Any broken glass should be bagged up carefully to avoid cuts. You surely have things in your boxes that are unwanted and unloved. You may have a ceramic reindeer with a broken antler. It's time for it to go.

Or you may have a set of Nutcrackers that you got as a gift which are just not your style. Those can be donated to charity for someone else to love.


Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Label the Storage

Tips for Decorating Your House for Christmas like a Pro

Make it Clear

Experts also label their boxes. If you want to have an easy time of decorating, label each container with what's inside. Simply writing "Living Room Angels" is enough.

Image by CarbonNYC on Flickr

You'll remember and you don't have to get crazy with an itemized inventory list of each box. A quick few words will save you lots of digging in the end.

Get Labels - And Get Organized

 Tips for Decorating Your House for Christmas like a Pro

Mismatched & Old Items

Get Rid

Once you have weeded out all the broken ornaments and busted light strands, you'll feel good about what you have left. Professionals design rooms, they don't just slap up a few decorations and call it a day. They take time to find items that complement each other and work nicely together.

If you have mismatched ornaments and lights in colors that don't work with your decor, give them away. If they have sentimental value, or if they were Christmas gifts of years passed, consider working them into your decoration and making the most of their appearance.

Frugal Christmas Decorating - Do It Like a Pro

Buying New

Christmas StockingsGet Matching Items

Start fresh by purchasing your Christmas decor at the department or big box retailer. Each year, these stores come out with entire collections that are designed to work together effortlessly. Which is always nice in the long run, and especially for the years to come.

Brand name collections are known for offering collections each year that work with the ones from the year before. So you don't have to buy new every year.

Pick a Theme

And Go With It

Pick a theme. Maybe this year you want to do all snowmen or all silver and white. Or maybe you want all vintage Santas or reindeer. It's up to you. Then choose ornaments and decor that sticks within your theme. Don't grab that multicolored lit wreath if you only want to do silver this year. It will clash. But you can spray paint anything that you love and have already that doesn't match.

For instance, you might have some Christmas trees that are perfectly good but in an awful color. Spray paint them gold and they'll fit in with just about any theme. Experts don't use items that don't work in a room. They are selective for the most dazzling results.

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