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Frog Themed Baby Shower

Frog Themed Baby Shower

Green Froggy Baby Shower Ideas

One of the hottest trends right now is a frog theme baby shower. And why not, your guests will have a hoppin' good time when they see all these toadily awesome ideas at the baby shower your are planning.

The frog theme is easy to incorporate as many online and local party shops sell baby shower supplies that tie it all together. And when it comes to frogs, think green... green food, green partyware, green balloons, etc. In this article, I've put together some clever ideas that will have your guests glad that they hopped on over to your pad!!

Froggy Baby Shower Invitations

Frog Themed Baby Shower

When it comes to baby shower invitations, you have several options including making them yourself, buying inexpensive froggy themed fill-in-the blank invites, or purchasing fully personalized frog baby shower invitations like those shown in the photograph. When deciding which route to take with invitations, consider your budget and creativity. If you don't feel like spending tons of time designing your own invitations, just purchase them online or locally. Remember that customized invitations that are printed with all of the shower details can cost $1.50 to $3 each.

If you are crafty, designing frog invitations can be quite fun. Search around online to find templates or use scrapbook paper or card stock along with frog stickers to create one-of-a-kind shower invitations. Don't forget to add a fun verse like "Hop on over to (hostess name)'s pad for a Baby Shower! We'll be celebrating (mom's name) & (dad's name)'s new baby tadpole so stop on by for a toadily awesome time!"

If you click here, you can get instructions to create a really fun invitation idea!

Another great DIY idea is to buy those foam frog kits from any craft shop or cut-out your own frogs from green foam and add 2 black and white wiggly eyes and pink felt or curling ribbon for the tongue. Add a blue or pink ribbon around the frog's neck to signify that the baby shower invitation is for a little or girl or a baby boy.

Frog Themed Baby Shower

Frog Themed Tableware & Decorations

When it comes to decorations for a frog baby shower, think green!!! Green balloons, a green tablecloth and frog themed plates and napkins like those shown in the photo will set the stage for a great froggy themed event.

Take it a step farther and make your place look like a frog pond. Use shiny blue fabric as the table cover. Decorate with cattails, handmade lily-pads, and plastic frogs everywhere. You can even buy those motion-sensitive frogs that croak when someone walks buy them.

And for the centerpiece, consider having a diaper cake with a frog theme. Diaper cakes are great because they bring the theme together and act as the centerpiece at the shower, but they also do double-duty as a gift that any mom can use - diapers!

Frog Themed Food Ideas

One of my favorite ideas for a frog-themed shower is pond punch. Take one of your favorite punch recipes and doctor it up or add food color to create a blue colored punch. Blue kool-aid works well too. Buy some plastic lily-pads that have clean plastic frogs glued to them to float on top the punch bowl.

For food, again think green. Things like grasshopper pie, the classic green pistachio salad, and even green lettuce salads are great choices. Or how about green veggies like green peppers, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, etc with dip.

Fruit kabobs with green fruit such as granny smith apples, kiwis, green grapes, honeydew melon, and even perfect green pears would work well. Another fun idea are the celery sticks filled with peanut butter, but add some raisins on top to look like flies.

Or how about creating cucumber 'lily-pad' appetizers. Cut cucumbers into 3/8" thick rounds that are topped with a spoonful of soft cream cheese and a gummy frog.

Finally, you can make a large jellyroll pan full of green jello (use several packages) and make the jello according to directions. Once it is set, use a frog shaped cookie cutter to create finger jello frogs for party guests to eat. Cookie cutter baby shower favors in the shapes of frogs are a fun idea too. Just use one of them to make your sandwiches or cookies prior to the party.

Froggy Themed Cake Ideas

Froggy Themed Cake Ideas

Images by Wilton.com

Wilton has tons of fun frog cake ideas along with very detailed instructions that you can get by clicking here. Other easy ideas include baking 9" round cake along with 2 cupcakes. The round cake is frosted green to create the frog face while the 2 cupcakes sit next to the round cake at about 11 and 1 o'clock and are frosted white with black to create eyes. Pipe a pink mouth on the frog or use a piece of red licorice.

Fun Froggy Cupcakes

Frog cupcakes are easy to create as well or just buy some of the frog picks or frog-shaped candles from Amazon. The cupcake idea shown below is neat. Bake your favorite flavor of cupcake and then frost the cooled cupcakes with light-blue tinted icing to make it look like a pond. To create the two frog eyes, cut a great gum drop in half and then press a white chocolate chip or white round piece of confetti candy on each gumdrop, or you can use marshmallows like she did as well.

Video of a Cool Looking Frog Cake

Frog Baby Shower Games

Frog Baby Shower Games

When it comes to a frog theme, there are tons of options for baby shower games.

Leapfrog - A great game for a coed shower when the weather is warm and there is lots of room in the yard or park where the shower is being held. There really aren't winners or losers in this game - it is just a way to have some silly fun. Basically all the guests get down on the ground in a line while one person stands at the back and leaps over all the players on the ground (one by one) yelling ribbit if he or she chooses. When he/she gets to the end of the line, they kneel on the ground and the 'frog' at the back of the line jumps over the line in front of him/her. The game goes on and on with each player taking their turn as a frog. It is hilarious to see adults playing this game.

Musical Lilypad - A twist on the musical chairs game. Either make paper lilypads to lie on the floor or decorate the party chairs to look like lilypads with green covers and even some cat tails. Buy a CD with frog sounds to use as the music. There should be one less chair than people to start the game. Once the music starts, guests go round and round the pond until the music stops when they must sit on the closest lilypad. The guest without a pad is out of the game. Another pad is removed and the music starts again. The game goes on and on until just one player is left sitting on the last lilypad and they win the prize.

Number of Flies Game - Fill a jar with fake flies and have guests guess how many flies they think are in the jar. The guest that is closest to the correct number without going over wins the game.

Pin The Tongue on the Frog - Play this one like a classic pin the tail on the donkey game. Create a large poster board sized frog that you hang on the wall. Then make a bunch of frog tongues out of paper and give one to each guest. Have each guest take a turn being blind-folded and spun around a few times and then have them pin their tongue on the frog. The guest that gets there tongue closest to the correct spot wins the game.

Printable Baby Shower Games - An easy way to incorporate the frog-theme is to buy printable games that incorporate the theme in the border like those shown in the photo.

Frog Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Frog Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Send your guests back to their pads with a little something that will leave them hoppin' for joy. Some great favor ideas are frog-shaped soaps that can either be purchased online or homemade. Wrap them in some cellophane and add a personalized hang tag to make them extra special. You can use the same cellophane and tag idea to wrap frog shaped chocolate lollipops.

Many companies sell personalized candy wrappers and mint tins that can be customized with the name of the mom-to-be and the shower date. They have various frog themed designs.

Finally by utilizing stickers or hang tags with a froggy theme, you can make just about anything fit your theme. Consider lip balm, hand lotion, votive candles, small green plants and add one of these personalized stickers or tags to tie it all together.

Photo Credit: Frog Baby Shower Favors

Frog Themed Baby Shower Gifts

Frog Themed Baby Shower

If Mom & Dad are having a froggy themed nursery or if you want a gift that will do double-duty as the shower centerpiece, then consider giving a frog gift basket. These baskets come filled with all things frog including hooded towels, plush toys, onesies and other clothing, bibs, booties, photo albums, security blankets and so much more.

Bathtime baby gifts are also a great choice because many companies sell frog-shaped bath mittens along with matching 100% terry cloth hooded towels perfect for the new little frog prince.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

My Favorite Reblooming Roses

When it comes to roses, I'm all about no fuss, no muss. I'm a lazy gardener that likes all the blooms and fragrance without all the work. So what could be better than easy-to-grow rose bushes that bloom again and again?

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#1 - Heritage

Color - Medium Pink Rose (fading to nearly white around the edges)

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Size - 4 feet by 4 feet

Very Fragrant

Good Repeat Bloomer

This English Rose bred by David Austin was a staple in my Virginia garden and one of the most popular David Austin varieties. The double pink cup-shaped blooms are medium sized, fragrant, and very showy. The bush itself has nice foliage and a great rounded growth habit.

Photo courtesy of David Austin Roses.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#2 - Sally Holmes

Color - Mostly white with pink highlights

Bloom Time Range - Late Spring to Early Fall

Hardiness - Zones 5 to 9

Height - 6 to 10 feet

Sally Holmes is a modern shrub rose featuring deep green glossy foliage and large white flowers that usually have 5 petals. The blooms are slightly fragrant. The roses size make it a good choice to plant up against tall fences and train it as a climber.

Photo from Mooseys Country Garden.

Need Help Growing Roses?

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#3 - Dainty Bess

Color - Mahogany stamens with soft pink petals

Hardiness - Zones 6 to 10

Size - 4' tall x 2' wide

Bloom Time - Repeatedly from Late Spring through Mid Summer

Growing like a typical hybrid tea, this rose features upright growth and sparse foliage. The flowers are the center of attention on this plant. Each bloom has mahogany tinted stamens at the center which are surrounded by beautiful soft pink rose petals. Blooms have a slight sweet fragrance.

Photo credit: Fuzzyjay on Flickr

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#4 - Blanc Double Du Coubert

Color - White blooms with golden yellow stamens

Height - 5 to 7 feet

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 7

Bloom Time - Repeats starting Mid-Spring

Featuring fragrant double-white flowers with golden stamens at the center, this rugosa hybrid is attractive all summer long because it has lovely dark green foliage and red rose hips. It is very disease resistant when planted appropriately in full sun. It is also easy to find and can be purchased at Nature Hills Nursery.

Photo from Grow Quest.

My Favorite Places To Buy Roses Online

  • David Austin Roses
    With over 50 years of breeding, the David Austin roses are my favorites for the garden. Easy to grow, fragrant, and many are rebloomers.
  • Nature Hills Nursery Inc.
    Find several of the reblooming varieties listed in this lens. Quick shipping and convenient online ordering.
  • Heirloom Roses
    The largest selection of old-fashioned heirloom roses online. They carry many of the selections listed in this lens.
  • Antique Rose Emporium
    They carry many heirloom roses (including New Dawn). Good descriptions of the roses and easy online ordering.
  • Flower Cookies
    If you've got gardener friends, I love these flower cookies to send for birthdays, holidays or just because.

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#5 - Cornelia

Color - Pink, Yellow, Orange Blend

Hardiness - Zones 6 to 9

Height - 6 to 8 feet

Bloom Time - Mid Spring to Mid Fall

Featuring large clusters of double, pink colored flowers with yellow to copper colored centers, Cornelia is an excellent reblooming shrub rose. It also features dark green foliage that is resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. Blooms are fragrant and long-lasting.

Photo credit: Classic Roses.

#6 - New Dawn

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Color - Light Pink Flowers

Hardiness - Zones 5 to 9

Bloom Time - Mid Spring repeating in Summer

One of the best climbing roses ever in my opinion. The New Dawn rose is an excellent climber/rambler making it my top choice for arbors and very large, strong fences. In mid Spring, it will be covered with double pink flowers that fade to a lighter pink over a few weeks. The flowers are quite fragrant. Dark green foliage is very resistant to powdery mildew, rust and black spot. New Dawn is simply stunning and so easy to care for. Perfect for pink weddings too!

Photo credit Mooseys Country Garden.

Some of My Favorite Rose Garden Tools

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#7 - Iceberg

Color - White

Bloom Time - Late Spring through Mid Fall

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9a

Height - 3 feet

This easy-to-grow rose is legendary for its reblooming characteristics. It manages to cover itself in white blooms for the entire summer, blooming again and again and again. The clusters of white flowers have a sweet wedding honey fragrance with blooms measuring about 3" in diameter. It also has a great round mounding habit which makes it easy to control and easy to pair with other roses in a garden.

Photo credit: Mooseys Country Garden.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#8 - Carefree Beauty

Bloom Color: Medium Pink

Size: 5 - 6 ft. tall

Hardiness: Zones 5-10

Bloom Time: Repeatedly starting Early Summer

Introduced in 1977 by rose hybridizer Griffith Buck, the Carefree Beauty really is carefree. This shrub rose is very disease resistant. Starting in early summer, it is covered with masses of large, fragrant medium pink blooms. Its ability to repeat bloom makes it a surefire way to add color to your garden all summer long.

Photo from Countryside Roses.

Need To Find Out Your US Plant Hardiness Zone?

Just click on this link to go to the arboretum website. There you can click around on the above map to get a zoomed in view of your area.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#9 - William Baffin

Color - Pink

Height - 8 to 10 feet

Hardiness - Zones 3 - 9

Bloom Time - Starts Early Summer

THE best reblooming rose choice for Northern gardeners. This bright pink beauty will bloom from early summer right up until the first frost. William Baffin roses are hardy, disease resistant, and vigorous growers. They feature a glossy light green foliage and they can be trained to cover picket fences or arbors (see photo below). The only drawback of this rose (in my opinion) is that it doesn't have much in the way of fragrance unlike most of my other reblooming selections.

It is also easy to find and can be purchased at Nature Hills Nursery.

Photo from Garden Vines.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses#10 - Europeana

Color - Crimson Red

Height - 5 feet at maturity

Bloom Time - Mid Spring through Mid Fall

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

The foliage on this plant is a lovely dark green/bronze color. From mid Spring through mid Fall, 'Europeana' blooms again and again covering itself in clusters of double red crimson flowers that are shaped like rosettes. Flowers are slightly fragrant.

Photo courtesy of Nature Hills


Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Need A Gift For A Gardener?

Or maybe you like eating roses more than growing them...

We sell decorated flower cookie bouquets to look like roses, daffodils, sunflowers and more. Then we artfully arrange them in a container to look like a floral bouquet made from cookies on stems.

My favorites are the red rose cookie bouquets like the one shown in the photo to the right. You can buy a bouquet for yourself or send them to a friend or loved one for their birthday, Valentine's Day or just because. Priced from just $30, you can get anywhere from 5 to 12 decorated cookies.

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Making it a Special Day

Birthdays are always the highlight of a child's year. They look forward to them, they get excited for them, and it's fun to do all the planning and get ready for the big day. On top of that, is there really anything more fun than planning a Sweet 16 party?

What a lovely time in a young lady's life! You can really create a fantasy party for your daughter by planning a theme and carrying it throughout the day. Here are a few sweet sixteen party ideas to get you started.

Image courtesy of Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake

sweet 16 tableware 600x374 Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Pretty in Pink

Pink here, Pink there...

If your daughter loves pink, this is a safe way to go. You can include countless sweet 16 decorations including tablecloths, napkins, balloons, flowers, favors and more in various shades of pink, but to avoid pink overload, select a second color to balance out the theme.

sweet sixteen birthday bouquet

Pink and white are always a good combo. Pink and purple, pink and brown, or pink and aqua also work well. Ultimately, it may be best to simply ask your daughter what she'd like to see, and then you can carry out the pink theme in the cake and other decor throughout the party.

It won't be hard to find pink sweet 16 party favors or items, just use your imagination and don't be afraid to add some glitter and sparkles.

Pink Sweet 16 Cookie Assortment

Yummy Treats for Her Sweet 16

You can extend the "everything pink" rule and even make your food pink! This pink sweet 16 cookie bouquet was made by All About Gifts and Baskets, you can order these online or you can make your own pink cupcakes, birthday cake or pink punch. Use your offset color for straws, silverware, or other simple items if you're worried about overdoing it. These also make for great birthday gifts in case you're short on ideas!

luau theme Sweet 16 Party Theme IdeasLuau

Party Like Hawaii

If you're fortunate to have a summer birthday to work with, have an outdoor luau. If not, you can also add a splash to the doldrums of winter with an indoor luau. For luau apparel, everyone can wear grass skirts over their clothes, shorts, and leis. Have plastic palm trees, coconuts, surfboards and pineapples on hand.

You can also carry the theme into the food. Roast a pig if you're adventurous, or just set up a tiki bar with teen friendly appetizers and drinks. You can add cutouts of sharks and other sea life and have a volcano cake. Offer beach wedding favors in light of the theme. People will never know that they were meant for a wedding, and they'll suit your theme perfectly!

Luau Party Tips - Sweet Sixteen Style

Alice (or Katie or Brooke) in Wonderland

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

A Storytale Adventure

Create your own magical wonderland for the Alice in your life. Every girl loves the magic of Alice in Wonderland. Create a mood with backdrops of woods available on line or make them with the help of her friends on the sly.

Image by Raymond Brown on Flickr

Send out oversized playing card invitations. Offer playing cards as both accents and favors and have white rabbit chocolates on hand. Cheshire cat can appear in balloon form or have him be the guest of honor on the cake.

Provide wigs for the girls so they can take a turn at being Alice. Provide other fun props like the Hatters hat, a pocket watch, twin costumes a la Tweedle Dee and Dum. String lights and use mirrors and silver material to give the feel of another world. Have the movie on hand to play in the background and leave out copies of the Lewis Carroll book.

A Night Under the Stars

sweet 16 princess 400x600 Sweet 16 Party Theme IdeasShoot for the Moon

If you want to have a night party, why not use stars as the theme? You can use black and silver or silver and gold as your theme colors. Use incandescent lights and candles. If you can have it outdoors, even better. But even if you're indoors, you can still light up the night. Choose star silver favors and cut foods into star shapes. Create a star-shaped archway out of silver balloons.

Princess for a Day

Pretty, Pretty Princesses

Use Cinderella themed items to the max. Order or make cutouts of a carriage, provide glass slipper favors, have a Cinderella cake. Include other props like magic wands, sparkly confetti, lots of tulle to drape the tables, and get a princess costume or dress for your daughter. If she won't wear it, why not wear it yourself? The guests will love it.



Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Spa Party

Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas

Relax & Kick Back

You could choose to actually have your party at a spa with several of your daughter's friends, but you can also create the magic of an at-home spa. Hire manicurists (or friends with the talent) to come in and give everyone manicures and pedicures. Provide robes and slippers for everyone to change into or ask them on the invitation to bring their own.

Image by Neeta Lind on Flickr

Provide the materials for facials and help the girls do theirs. If you want to go all out, hire a masseuse and provide massages for the guests. Light candles, play soothing background music, and serve healthy spa foods and bottled water to complete the mood. Make cupcakes decorated with cucumbers (icing or real) to look like cucumber eye treatments. You could even opt to send them all home with a spa gift basket, for pampering at a later date.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

Winnie-the-Pooh is THE most popular theme for baby showers and why not? Pooh is cute and cuddly just like baby! Because of its popularity, it is very easy to find Pooh-themed decorations and baby shower tableware both online and at local party supply shops.

In this post, I give you some ideas that go well beyond just the decorations with tips on creating some clever Pooh themed party food, games, guest favors and of course baby shower gifts. Even eeyore would have fun at the Pooh-rrific baby shower that incorporates all these ideas!

And if you've hosted or attended a Winnie the Pooh baby shower where they had some great ideas, be sure to share them in my guest book at the bottom of this page. Thanks and enjoy!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Invites

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

When it comes to baby shower invitations, you have a couple of choices. Either you can make them yourself or buy some pre-made invitations online or at a local party supply store. Invitations like the one shown to the right are usually designed to coordinate perfectly with the baby shower tableware such as napkins, table covers, plates and beverage cups. The Pooh Baby Days invitations shown to the right are sold in packs of 8 and can be purchased on our website!

Looking to save a little money? Creating your own baby shower invites gives you design flexibility and the ability to use your imagination. It can also save you some money. I found this fun downloadable Winnie-the-Pooh invitation template at this website. They have detailed instructions on how to download the template to your computer and how to print it out.

Alternatively, you can use Pooh themed stickers or clip art that you find online to create some invitations either on your computer or from card stock. Bees, honeypots, Pooh and all his friends are great additions to the cards. In either case, a clever invitation saying is a must so try any of these verses (be sure to also add all the shower details like date, time, location, who is hosting and RSVP info):

[Mommy-to-be's name]'s got a rumblie in her tumblie... It's A Baby Boy/Girl!

From Creative Baby Showers...

Tut Tut Tut Look's like rain! It's a shower!

Join us at the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh and friends to celebrate the cuddly wuddly baby of (Mommy-to-be's name)

For fully customized invitations, Tiny Prints has a wide selection for just about any theme or color scheme.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie The Pooh Themed Decorations

Before buying all your party decorations, you need to decide on your color scheme. Most likely you will be using Pooh themed tableware from a local or online party supply shop. You will find that you have a couple choices - classic primary colored Pooh party ware with the bright blues, greens, red and yellows that many of us think of OR the baby Pooh partyware which features a smaller cuddlier Pooh and friends and a more pastel color palette. Once you decide on partyware, you should purchase streamers, Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower balloons, and wall decor to match.

When your guests open that front door to enter the shower, make them feel like they are entering the Hundred Acre Woods of Winnie-the-Pooh fame. In fact, I like the idea of putting a personalized baby shower banner that you can either make yourself or purchase online that says 'Welcome To [Mommy-to-be's name] Hundred Acre Woods!" Card board cut-outs of piglet, tigger, eeyore, rabbit and of course Pooh are a must on the walls.

Bring in any fake or real trees that you have around your house. You can create a more woodsy feel by adding vines or streamers around the doors or ceilings that are covered in construction paper leaves.

For the gift or buffet table, consider buying or making a Winnie-the-Pooh diaper cake similar to the one shown under the gifts section of this lens. The 4 tier versions of baby diaper cakes often stand nearly 2 feet tall so they make quite an impression.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Supplies

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie The Pooh Food Ideas

One of the great things about a Pooh baby shower is that the food can be quite clever. I suggest using some little place card holders or tent cards so that you can label all the food.

Piglets in a Blanket - wrap up some little smokies or hotdogs cut-in half in Pillsbury crescent rolls to create this twist on classic pigs in a blanket.

Rabbit's Garden Grub - we all know how protective Rabbit is of his prized garden so share some of those oh so delicious veggies with your guests on a large veggie tray (make sure you have carrots) and veggie dip!

Pooh's Snack-To-Go - have a bowl full of honey roasted peanuts.

Tiggers Jello Jigglers - create sheets of orange and blue jello and cut them into cubes. Place them in a bowl for an adorable creation.

Anything with honey would be a Pooh's favorite. For example, Pooh's favorite honey glazed carrots or Pooh's favorite honey chicken wraps. Just find your favorite recipes that incorporate honey and make it Pooh's favorite on the little tent card or sign. Other ideas would be honey buns or scones with honey butter.

Piglet or Pooh's Pink Punch - use your favorite pink punch recipe.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

Image Credit: abbybatchelder on Flickr

You can use honey pot-shaped or teddy bear cookie cutters to give any kind of sandwiches, cheese slices, and cut-out cookies a Pooh theme.

Finally, a Winnie-the-Pooh themed cake is essential so check out the creations and the YouTube video below for some inspiration.

Pooh Cake Supplies on Amazon

 Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower IdeasWinnie The Pooh And Friends Cupcake Rings - 12 count

Winnie The Pooh Cake Video - VERY Creative Pooh Cake Idea!

 Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Game Ideas

Winnie The Pooh Top 40 - Detailed instructions for this hilarious game can be found at Plan The Perfect Baby Shower. The idea is to break your guests into small groups and have them sing their favorite Pooh themed song (lyrics are provided on the website). The mommy-to-be acts as the judge choosing winners based on various criteria like the funniest, the most outrageous, the best-sounding, etc.

Guess How Many - Before the party, fill a jar with either red/blue gummy bears or teddy grahams. You can write 'hunny' on the jar if you'd like. Be sure to count how many you are putting in the jar. Ask the guests to guess how many teddies are in the jar. The one that is closest without going over wins a prize or the jar full of teddy bears.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore - A twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. You'll need to create a posterboard with a picture of Eeyore (download clip art from online) or if you are good at drawing, you can just draw a picture of Eeyore. Hang eeyore at chest level on the wall. See the great sample photo of a eeyore cutout that I found on Coolest Kid Birthday Parties. Cut out a bunch of gray felt or paper tails and as guests arrive (or when the game is ready to begin) hand them a tail. Give each guest some double-sided tape to put on their tale. Blindfold each of the guests and have them place their tail on eeyore. The guests that gets closest to the correct spot wins a prize.

Bees in the Honey Pot - You will need to either buy or paint wooden clothespins in a black and yellow pattern to make them look like bees (you can even add some antennae and eyes if you want). Paint a pot to look like a Pooh honey pot (see the same photo in the favors section - use brown, yellow and white paint). You'll want a pot that has maybe a 4 - 6" hole. Then have guests each drop 10 clothespins from a designated height into the pot. The person that gets the most 'bees' in the pot wins the game.

Sweet Winnie-The-Pooh Game - For this game, you can either make up game cards on your computer or just give each guest a blank piece of paper. Along the left hand side of the sheet, you need to write the word winnie the pooh vertically with blanks next to each letter. Give the guests 5 minutes asking them to write down a sweet or sugary treat that begins with each letter. If they have an alliterative set of words like Pumpkin Pie for the letter P, they would get 2 points. For single words, Oreo for the letter O would get 1 point. The guest with the most points wins the game.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie The Pooh Shower Favor Ideas

Honey baby shower favors are an excellent option for Pooh themed showers. The photo to the right shows just one of the designs available online.

For all you do-it-yourselfers out there, here are some fun ideas that incorporate Pooh's favorite thing... honey!! You can buy bear-shaped containers of honey at your local grocer and then tie either a blue or pink ribbon on each one. Then use your computer to print out personalized favor tags that say "Thanks for celebrating our little 'hunny'!' Punch a hole in the corner of the tag and hang it on the jars of honey for one of the best Winnie-the-Pooh themed favors ever!

Some other DIY ideas include, bees-wax candles (my beekeeping neighbor sells ones that are shaped like bears), honey-scented candles, bee-shaped soaps, or Pooh themed candles from a local supplier. Place any of these items in little clear cellophane or fancier Pooh themed gift totes and add ribbon along with the thank you favor hang tags described above.

And for us older hostesses, we fondly remember bit o'honey candy which would also make a clever baby shower favor. You can always print square Avery labels with the shower details and Pooh clip art to put on the outside of the package.

Burt's Bees lip balm or hand creams make great baby shower favors and tie in well with the Pooh theme too!

If you can find them at a local supplier, buy little honey pots to fill with snacks. Or make your own honey pots. Just purchase mini terra-cotta pots at Michaels or another craft store and paint them brown with a yellow rim that looks like overflowing honey. Then write the word 'Hunny' on the front of the pot using a white paint pen or white paint and a brush. Place some teddy grahams in a small clear cello bag or inside some tulle that is tied closed with a ribbon. Tuck the teddy grahams inside the honey pot and add the hang tag described above for an adorable cheap favor for your guests to take home with them.

Pooh Themed Gift IdeasPooh baby shower theme

When it comes to baby shower gifts, there are endless possibilities that feature a Pooh theme. Both online and at local retailers, you can find baby bibs, clothing, receiving blankets, toys, stuffed animals and so much more with a Pooh theme.

These are the exact types of items that were used to create the Winnie-the-Pooh diaper cake shown in the photograph. If you want to really impress the guests, you can buy some of these things along with diapers and create your own diaper cake gift that can also double as the baby shower centerpiece. Alternatively, you can purchase one online.

Another clever way to display some of the Pooh gifts mentioned above is to hang a clothesline somewhere in the shower area as both a decoration and gift for Mom. Just hang the Pooh-themed bibs, onesies, sleepwear, etc from the line.

If you know that Mom is decorating the nursery in a Pooh theme, you've hit the jackpot when it comes to gifts. You could get the bedding set, Pooh-shaped clothes hamper, themed lamps, a Pooh crib mobile, wall-hangings with Pooh and friends, etc.

Finally, a baby's first Christmas ornament with a Winnie-the-Pooh theme is also a thoughtful gift (especially if baby will be born in the fall).

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Top Ten Old Easy To Grow Roses

Looking for roses that require no muss, no fuss, and no pesticides? Look no further. This list of old roses reveals the cream of the crop .... roses that you can grow without hassles and get fragrant, beautiful blooms. If you've tried growing roses in the past and been beaten down by the amount of work required or the lack of blooms, don't be discouraged.

Newer hybrids require much more work than these old-fashioned roses that you can literally plant and then stand back giving them room to grow and flower. Growing roses can be so rewarding and I hope that you find these ten roses as easy-to-grow as I have!

A rose-covered arbor would be the perfect backdrop for a garden themed wedding! But even if you're just looking to grow them for a hobby, I've got the tips you need to have success this year!

In Search of Heirloom Roses?

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#1 - John Cabot

Color - Deep Pink

Height - 8 to 10 feet (can be used as a shrub or climbing rose)

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 9

This cold hardy rose will reward gardeners from Michigan to Georgia with deep pink ruffle-edge flowers. The flowers themselves have upwards of 40 petals and measure 2" across at maturity. The plant foliage itself is glossy green and in most climates and gardens, it is resistant to powdery mildew and black spot. It has a large flush of blooms in early summer and then it blooms sporadically throughout the rest of the summer.

Photo courtesy of Rose Gardening Made Easy.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#2 Blush Hip

Color - Light Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Height: 5 to 6 feet

Fragrance: Very Fragrant

This early blooming antique alba rose was introduced in 1840. It is rare and therefore difficult to find. However if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you will be rewarded with a flush of blooms in spring that measure about 3 to 4" across and have about 60 petals per flower.

Photo Source: Blush Hip Rose from Heirloom Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#3 - Climbing American Beauty

Color - Vivid Pink

Hardiness - Zones 5 - 9

Height - 12 to 15 feet

The double cup-shaped blooms of the American beauty rose are very fragrant and appear from late spring through early summer (reblooming). Reaching a height of 15 feet at maturity, this climbing rose gets covered from head to toe in a dazzling display of pink rose blooms. Simply stunning!

Photo courtesy of PH Rose Gardens.

#4 - Henri Martin (Red Moss)

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Color - Crimson

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 6' x 4'

Rated by the American Rose Society as the second best of all old (heirloom) roses, this vigorous shrub features mid-green foliage and crimson red blooms with 40 or more petals. The 3.5" flowers cover the shrub during its only bloom. Roses are very fragrant making them an excellent choice for house arrangements where the fragrance permeates the entire home. Introduced in France in 1863. If you love the color scheme of this rose and you are getting married soon, be sure to check out this Midnight Rose Wedding Collection which combines a lovely white satin with red accents on all the accessories. Stunning!

Photo from Heirloom Roses.

Where To Buy Easy To Grow Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#5 - Celsiana

Color - Soft Pink

Hardiness - Zones 7 to 10

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 3-6' X 4-5'

A great selection for Southern gardeners (not hardy in the North), this beautiful bush boasts gray-green foliage along with its semi-double, large pink rose blooms. The golden center of stamen clusters adds a beautiful accent to the blooms which normally have at least 16 petals and measure 2.5 to 3" in diameter. The fragrance is magnificent. Introduced in France in 1750.

Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#6 - Alba Maxima

Color - White

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 9

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 10-15 feet

This gorgeous rose can be grown as a shrub with heavy pruning or as a climber up against a tall fence or support structure. The foliage has a grey-blue color that plays well against the white blooms. The double blooms measure about 3" across. This disease resistant rose is one of the earlier ones on record with introduction prior to 1700.

Photo from Rogue Valley Roses.

The BEST Pruning Shears Ever!

Fiskars PowerGear Softgrip Pruner (377363-1002)

Fiskars PowerGear Softgrip Pruner (377363-1002)

Over the years, I've tried dozens of gardening pruners and these are the best ones by far. Fiskars incorporated some sort of "power gear" technology which means that the shears multiply the amount of power you put in when you squeeze. If you want to cut medium to large sized branches with little or no effort, these pruners are the answer. No more carpel tunnel or arthritis problems for those of you with issues. Personally, I'm all about lazy so the less effort required the better:)

They come with the usual Lifetime Guarantee from Fiskars and they can cut branches up to 3/4" in diameter. I've had my pruners for over 5 years....one of the best Christmas gifts my husband has ever given me. I love them and I know you will too! And no - I don't work for Fiskars.

buy from amazon

 Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#7 - Robert le Diable

Color - Purplish Red

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

Height - up to 3 feet

The purple cup shaped semi-double flowers of this shrub rose perfume the garden with its fragrance. Best planted with several others for dramatic effect, the shrubs grow to about 3 feet tall and feature dark green foliage. Flowers in summer. Variety was introduced in 1831.

Photo from Peter Beales.

#8 - Yolande d'Aragon

Yolande d'Aragon Roses

Color - Bright Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

Very Fragrant

Height: 5 feet x 4 feet

One of my favorite easy-to-grow roses, the Yolande d' Aragon rewards you with large bright pink double blooms and best of all it reblooms all summer. Blooms measure about 4" across and often have more than 80 petals per flower. Introduced in France in 1843.

Photo courtesy of Rogue Valley Roses

Want To Find Out Your Plant Hardiness Zone?

Click through on this map link so that you can zoom in on your region of the country and get a clear picture of what your hardiness zone. Be sure to pick plants in your zone range if you want them to live a long, happy life!

#9 - Duchess de MontebellaDuchesse de Montebello

Color - Soft Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 8 (up to 10 depending on conditions)

Exceptionally Fragrant

Height - up to 4 feet

Blooming once in the summer, this lovely rose has a nice upright habit that gets nearly as wide as it does tall. Double soft pink flowers are set against a back drop of light green foliage. Introduced in 1829 in France.

Photo from Rogue Valley Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#10 - Clementina Carbonieri

Class- Tea

Bloom Color- Orange blend

Hardiness - Zones 7 to 9

Height- 4 to 5 ft. tall

A gem for Southern gardeners, the Clementina Carbonieri boasts blooms with a blend of pink, orange and salmon colors. The modest sized shrub prefers partial sun with at least of few hours of shade when the sun is highest in the sky. Blooms measure about 3" in diameter. Introduced in 1913 by Gaetano, Bonfiglioli and Figlio.

Photo from Countryside Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Looking For A Unique Anniversary Gift?

These Roses are Edible!

This is one gift that combines two of my favorite things - my love of flowers and desserts.

If your loved one is like me, I know that they would enjoy receiving this yummy cookie bouquet that featuring 3 to 12 cookies that are shaped and decorated to look like pink roses.

You can add your personal message on the center cookie so it can be used to say Happy Anniversary, Thinking of You, or whatever you want to express.

Check out the Pink Roses Cookie Gift Bouquet from Cookie Gift Baskets that is priced from $29 and up!

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