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Tag: cookie party favors

How to Make Cookie Wedding Favors

Published October 31, 2011        by Nicole

cookie favor heart1 150x150 How to Make Cookie Wedding FavorsCookies are welcome at any party. Everyone loves getting and eating cookies. If you want to include cookies in your wedding, why not make them as favors? With a little ingenuity and a little practice, you can make really fun and adorable wedding cookies. Start with a really good recipe for sugar cookies. Don’t even consider store bought as they won’t taste or look good in the end. Then, decide on a cookie shape. You can choose a cookie cutter that looks like a wedding cake, a heart, a flower, a shoe, or even just an elegant square or oval. Use a big enough cookie cutter so that you get a nice sized cookie out of it that will take decorations well. Each cookie will need to be hand decorated. You can easily make royal icing or use fondant to create a surface layer for your embellished designs. Read more

How to Make an Oreo Cookie Milkshake

Published October 18, 2011        by Nicole

oreo milkshake1 150x150 How to Make an Oreo Cookie MilkshakeLovers of Oreos will want to learn how to make an Oreo milkshake. It’s another way to use your favorite cookie in an innovative way. Many recipes exist for the beloved milkshake. Here is one you can easily commit to memory. Take a dozen Oreo cookies, any flavor. Place them in a blender. Add 1-1/2 cups of cold milk. Swirl it up. Next add one pint of your favorite ice cream and a tablespoon of good chocolate syrup to the blended mix. Swirl. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. It’s so easy to make this milkshake that you can offer Oreo milkshakes at your next party. Set up an Oreo cookie favor bar complete with blender and have ice cream on ice or in a small bar freezer so guests can make their own shakes. Some restaurants offer Oreo cookie milkshakes. They use a vanilla syrup in theirs Read more

How to Make Chewy Cookies

Published October 12, 2011        by Nicole

shutterstock 36487987 150x150 How to Make Chewy Cookies Cookies are a passion with many bakers. They’re quick to bake and fun to eat and share. But people have different preferences when it comes to cookies. Some like crunchier cookies, some like soft cookies, and some like chewy cookies. So how do you make a cookie that’s chewy, for instance? Baking is a science and one that can’t be rushed or dallied with. You can’t change out ingredients and not affect the whole batter. For chewy cookies, your ratio of wet to dry ingredients is key. For instance, a chewier cookie recipe might include more eggs or an additional yolk. Most chewy cookies have moister ingredients and the batter is more liquid when it comes out. You can, of course, experiment with different batters. Some just lend themselves better to a chewy cookie than others. But use Read more

How to Make A Cookie Glaze

Published August 31, 2011        by Nicole

PhotoPin large 4914457599 150x150 How to Make A Cookie Glaze Glazed cookies are different from cookies that are iced with stiff Royal icing. Glazed cookies will appear more glossy when finished. They’ll have a more painted look. You can easily learn how to make a cookie glaze that will have you decorating cookies like a pro. Sugar cookies are one of the best types of cookies for glazing. They take glaze well and they also lend themselves to shapes that are perfect for seasonal cookies. You might want to bake bright butterflies for spring and four-leafed clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. You can tailor your cookie making and glazing to every holiday easily. Glaze is so easy to work with that there’s no reason you can’t make a batch every week in a different theme! When you’re asked to bake for the Girl Scout meeting, PTO bake sale or another Read more

All About Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

Published August 15, 2011        by Nicole

cookie monster1 150x150 All About Sesame Street’s Cookie MonsterThose who grew up in the 1970s know Cookie Monster from the children’s show Sesame Street very well. This loveable fuzzy blue puppet monster made eating cookies an art form. Now, another generation of kids has come to know and love Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster, affectionately known as Cookie, was born on November 2, 1966, and loves eating cookies. But since 2006, he has also come to love crunchy fruits and vegetables like eggplant (so children don’t think they can eat only cookies like the Cookie does). Due to high rates of childhood obesity, Cookie has now been heard saying, “Cookies are a sometimes food.” Jim Henson, who created The Muppets also created Cookie. His voice was the work of Frank Oz until 2002. From 2002 to 2010 Cookie’s voice has been performed by David Rudman. Read more