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Tag: cookie recipe

How to Make Cookie Wedding Favors

Published October 31, 2011        by Nicole

cookie favor heart1 150x150 How to Make Cookie Wedding FavorsCookies are welcome at any party. Everyone loves getting and eating cookies. If you want to include cookies in your wedding, why not make them as favors? With a little ingenuity and a little practice, you can make really fun and adorable wedding cookies. Start with a really good recipe for sugar cookies. Don’t even consider store bought as they won’t taste or look good in the end. Then, decide on a cookie shape. You can choose a cookie cutter that looks like a wedding cake, a heart, a flower, a shoe, or even just an elegant square or oval. Use a big enough cookie cutter so that you get a nice sized cookie out of it that will take decorations well. Each cookie will need to be hand decorated. You can easily make royal icing or use fondant to create a surface layer for your embellished designs. Read more

How to Make Chewy Cookies

Published October 12, 2011        by Nicole

shutterstock 36487987 150x150 How to Make Chewy Cookies Cookies are a passion with many bakers. They’re quick to bake and fun to eat and share. But people have different preferences when it comes to cookies. Some like crunchier cookies, some like soft cookies, and some like chewy cookies. So how do you make a cookie that’s chewy, for instance? Baking is a science and one that can’t be rushed or dallied with. You can’t change out ingredients and not affect the whole batter. For chewy cookies, your ratio of wet to dry ingredients is key. For instance, a chewier cookie recipe might include more eggs or an additional yolk. Most chewy cookies have moister ingredients and the batter is more liquid when it comes out. You can, of course, experiment with different batters. Some just lend themselves better to a chewy cookie than others. But use Read more

Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the Day Newsletter

Published September 21, 2011        by Nicole

Martha choco hearts1 150x150 Martha Stewart’s Cookie of the Day NewsletterThose who love baking fresh, tasty homemade cookies will love the Martha Stewart Cookie of the Day Newsletter. You can sign up online at and you’ll get a tasty recipe for a new cookie every single day in your in box. Don’t worry if you’ve missed one. You can always go online to get a recap of the day’s recipe. You can also search previous recipes, too. View by the week or even by the month to get all kinds of great ideas for new cookies you can show up at the next bake sale or cookie swap with. Here are some of the recipes that have been featured in the Martha Stewart Newsletter recently. Sign up today and you’ll always have something tasty in your inbox to look forward to. Chocolate Sweet Hearts These crisp, delicate cookies have less than 50 calories each. Read more

How to Make and Bake a Giant Cookie

Published August 17, 2011        by Nicole

birthday cookie1 150x150 How to Make and Bake a Giant CookieLove baking cookies but don’t have time to make individual ones? You can make a giant cookie instead. Making one big cookie saves time. And it can be presented as a cake. You can decorate it with piped icing and even write on it. You no longer have to go to the store to buy an expensive cake when you can make a giant cookie cake easily. There are some ingredients that are common to all big cookie cakes. You’ll need really good butter, sugar, and fresh brown sugar. You’ll also need eggs, flour, and vanilla. Be sure to use the freshest ingredients you can find as they will affect the taste of your cookie. That’s where the similarity in ingredients between recipes usually stops. From here you can add chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, and more. One thing every recipe for a big Read more

How to Make Cookie Bars

Published July 21, 2011        by Nicole

peanut butter bar1 150x150 How to Make Cookie BarsIf you love the idea of home baked cookies but not the time required to stand at the counter doling out the raw batter, opt for the cookie bar. It’s a cousin of the drop cookie. Instead of scooping out mounds of raw batter and refilling the cookie sheets when one batch is baked, you do all the pan filling once and forget it. Bake your cookie bars as you would a brownie or other pan cookie. You spread the dough after you’ve prepared it and then bake as directed in the recipe. The real key is to wait until the entire pan has cooled before cutting into the bars. If you cut too soon, you’ll only get messy-edged bars that don’t hold their shape. Have fun with these recipes for cookie bars. Chocolate Toffee Bars (courtesy of These cookies are much simpler to make Read more