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Tag: glazed cookies

How to Make A Cookie Glaze

Published August 31, 2011        by Nicole

PhotoPin large 4914457599 150x150 How to Make A Cookie Glaze Glazed cookies are different from cookies that are iced with stiff Royal icing. Glazed cookies will appear more glossy when finished. They’ll have a more painted look. You can easily learn how to make a cookie glaze that will have you decorating cookies like a pro. Sugar cookies are one of the best types of cookies for glazing. They take glaze well and they also lend themselves to shapes that are perfect for seasonal cookies. You might want to bake bright butterflies for spring and four-leafed clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. You can tailor your cookie making and glazing to every holiday easily. Glaze is so easy to work with that there’s no reason you can’t make a batch every week in a different theme! When you’re asked to bake for the Girl Scout meeting, PTO bake sale or another Read more