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How to Make an Oreo Cookie Milkshake

Lovers of Oreos will want to learn how to make an Oreo milkshake. It’s another way to use your favorite cookie in an innovative way. Many recipes exist for the beloved milkshake. Here is one you can easily commit to memory. Take a dozen Oreo cookies, any flavor. Place them in a blender. Add 1-1/2 cups of cold milk. Swirl it up. Next add one pint of your favorite ice cream and a tablespoon of good chocolate syrup to the blended mix. Swirl. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. It’s so easy to make this milkshake that you can

Popular Oreo Dessert Offerings at US Restaurants

If you can’t get enough of Oreos, you’ll want to order an Oreo dessert while you’re dining out. Many restaurants now offer Oreo desserts that are pleasing crowds from coast to coast. Try the Domino’s dessert pizza. You can now order a pizza from your favorite 30-minute pizza place in the flavor of the beloved Oreo. It’s a thin crust pizza made of sugary dough with a vanilla sauce with chunks of Oreos on top. The company originally came up with the dessert because they needed one that would cook as fast as a pizza and at the same temperature

All About Oreos

With it's creamy sweet center and crispy dark wafers, it's no wonder that Oreo cookies is the best selling cookie of the 20th century.  Created nearly 100 years ago (in 1912), the Oreo has changed very little from it's original form.  Oreo cookies are also the best selling cookies in China, although it's not as popular in the UK (the British prefer to dunk their lower-sugar burboun biscuits in tea). Over the years, Nabisco has experimented with Chocolate Creme Oreos, Strawberry Oreos, Mint Creme Oreos, Double Stuff, Mini Oreos and holiday Oreos (the creme is tinted orange for Halloween, pink